JUST MUSTARD – ” Boiler Room with Jameson Connects ” Live Session

Posted: September 8, 2022 in MUSIC
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Just Mustard are a 5 piece band from Dundalk, Ireland. Five friends from a mid-size town in Ireland Katie Ball, Shane Maguire, Mete Kalyoncuoglu, David Noonan, and Rob Clarke, from Dundalk—are pushing out what is quite possibly the most unexpected and exciting sound in rock ‘n’ roll today.

They are the five parts that make up Just Mustard (named for the colour and not the condiment), a band that has played with The Cure, toured with Fontaines DC, and is about to release their highly anticipated second album, “Heart Under”, on Partisan Records, on May 27th. Their first album, 2018’s “Wednesday”, gave us tracks like ‘Tennis’, ‘Pigs’, and ‘Deaf’ this last song packing a melody that sneaks into your eardrum oozing strife and release, with a crunchy, voided finish.

The record is brimming with hypnotism and Lynchian discomfort. It is an album that sounds like it knows you at your worst, and lets you be worse—a comforting sort of uncanny musical companion. 

Accolades don’t come higher than being hand-picked by Robert Smith himself to support The Cure. Just Mustard up next in tonight’s St. Paddy’s Day show with Jameson.

Just Mustard’s forthcoming album tilts its head, living somewhere slightly above and harder to find than its predecessor, indecipherable and undiscoverable in a midnight mist of fuzz and stalking pedal noise. ‘I Am You’ lumbers, throbs, and thrusts its momentum at you, as Katie’s voice tantalizes, raising you up to some strange blue height only to set you back down again. “Heart Under” pushes the band’s technical ability with bolder drum patterns and a more unexpected approach to guitar arrangement and effect implementation, while revealing thoughtful yet simple lyrical imagery. 

Just Mustard – “Deaf”, Taken from ‘Live In Dreams’ concert film.

Following the release of their stunning second album ‘Heart Under’, thrilling Irish quintet Just Mustard bring their genre-pushing soundscape to Nottingham on 21st September.


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