SPRINTS – ” Drones “

Posted: March 20, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Sprints are another band leading the charge of thrilling post-punk originating from Dublin. Sprints are a four-piece alternative rock group. Combining emotive honest lyricism with raw and raucous guitars, their unique rock sound takes influences from post-punk and beyond.

Led by frontwoman Karla Chubb, their ferocious brand of punk is packed with hooks and tonnes of attitude, while recent release Drones suggests they’re about to take a darker direction. Check out these rising Stars Sprints

They’re signed to Nice Swan Records, home to Sports Team, Malady, Pip Blom, Courting and Hotel Lux. Great company indeed! Give me some Sprints tracks.

I can’t wait for their first album. In a landscape filled with weedy posers it’s such a relief to hear such perfect brilliance – the video alone is sensational but the music and lyrics give you that rare feeling nowadays, that you are watching genius in its formation. The band are so tight, too – wonderful rhythm and terrific dynamics hold the song together, a song that’s just bursting out of itself in its potential. Just how did she do it, become as good if not better than Chrissy Hynde and Deborah Harry in a bare single or two? – this band has few current equals – thanks guys for helping us to remember what passion and guts and brilliance sound like.

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