PILLOW QUEENS – ” In Waiting “

Posted: November 6, 2021 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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“In Waiting” is Pillow Queens’ debut album, the result of four years of brotherly love in a sisterly unit from Ireland’s most urgent, yearning, rock band. Crafted from our lives, and honed in a studio in rural Donegal in the northwest of Ireland, this is a record by queens in waiting and kings in the making. It’s an album about love; self-love, queer love, the anxiety- inducing fault lines of romantic love, and the love for a city and a country that simultaneously has your back and is on your back. For fans of early PJ Harvey, Waxahatchee and Hop Along.

‘In Waiting’ couldn’t have come at a better time for the band. The album was mostly finished just before the pandemic hit. They were kept busy over lockdown with the final mastering and admin. Creating their own label meant spending lockdown doing a lot of paperwork to get their “ducks in a row”. I was very excited when the Pillow Queens announced their debut album last year. I think they really embody a message of female power and fun. Tracks from this record are always wiggling their way on to my playlists. Pillow Queens stand loud and proud on the shoulders of so many amazing female artists that have paved the way for women in music and so many artists that I love. Plus I just think they are so bloody cool. I’m psyched to catch them live at the next possible opportunity.

Pillow Queens have truly captured lightning in a bottle. All the magic and energy of their live performances is maintained in this recording, while softer and more intimate moments are spread throughout adding an intense range of emotions while maintaining their distinctive sound. In particular, the transition from “HowDoILook” into “Liffey” took my breath away on my first listen, and continues to give me chills to this day. Cannot recommend this album enough.

A year after same-sex marriage was made legal in Ireland, Sarah Corcoran, Pamela Connolly, Cathy McGuinness, and Rachel Lyons formed Pillow Queens: an all-queer DIY outfit named for a slang term referencing somebody who takes more than they give in bed. Unafraid to tackle thorny subjects like politics and religion, the quartet dropped its debut EP Calm Girls in 2016 and its debut album In Waiting last year. Cloaked in catchy choruses, both works are equally pugnacious and anthemic, as fun to blare with the windows rolled down as they are substantive. 

All songs written and performed by Pillow Queens.

Pillow Queens are a 4-piece from Dublin, Ireland. Their debut album ‘In Waiting’ the debut album was released September 25th

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