The SPRINTS – ” Swimming “

Posted: March 8, 2021 in MUSIC
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The riff to this track is EXPLOSIVE! Here we have the awesome post-punk band Sprints from Dublin, offering us an action packed and mighty single, which also includes some really well put together lyrics. Sprints sound tight but incredibly wild, which allows this song to be so much fun but still filled with punk attitude. This is a wicked live version of the song, that shows off their worth as the performance is incredibly impressive and fun!.

Sprints embody our favourite sounds right now. Brimming with presence and intention, “Swimming” is a raucous introduction to one of the most intriguing post punk acts active. Their energy reminds us how much we miss live music. We covered them before, and they only seem to get sharper, grittier, and tighter with each track we hear. In genres like these, it is easy to coast – losing your edge along the way. But if the past twelve months have given us anything, it is plenty of reasons to smoulder intensely. Sprints knows the time in which they live and they capture it beautifully and with precision.

Sprints blew the roof off the Button Factory when they played TiLT a few months ago. Here is their track ‘Swimming’! Massive thanks to Sprints & all involved! Tilt Dublin, Sound Training Productions, Totally Irish 98FM Button Factory. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for many, many more!

Sprints (Karla, Colm, Jack and Sam) from Dublin in Ireland.

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