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It seems an age since we saw or heard anything from the duo Fear Of Men playing at SxSW in Austin, and that was before they took a four year hiatus after the release of their sophomore album Fall Forever. With a new track ‘Into Strangeness’, our first song and video in 4 years We made the video ourselves during lockdown, co directed by Mikael Johansson. It’s inspired by 16th Century British witchcraft, uncanny dreamscapes and feminine power.

They are back with a new song, Into Strangeness, a sub-3 minute salvo tightly wound with a post-punk energy that recalls the likes of Section 25 and AR Kane. The song opens up with disorientating atonal saxophone, inspired by the opening credits of 70’s neorealist film Fear Eats the Soul, before Jessica Weiss’ vocals paint an ominous picture of tension, possession and affliction.

The band are donating their first week of sales via Bandcamp to The Audre Lorde Project, supporting LGBTQ+ People of Colour in the New York area.

Released July 1st, 2020
Words and music by Jessica Weiss and Daniel Falvey.
Drums by James Davies.

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Brighton based band Squid are happy to be releasing a new track called “Broadcaster”. It’s one of the few tracks we actually had time to road-test before the lockdown! It’s got a real sci-fi vibe which feels pretty relevant in our increasingly dystopian surroundings. We hope you enjoy it…and how could we forget… it’s being released on vinyl with Sludge.

The Brighton rock group Squid have shared their second single of the year. It’s called “Broadcaster.” Give it a listen below.

“Lyrically the track was inspired by the visual artist Naim June Paik and his TV Garden installation,” the band’s drummer/vocalist Ollie Judge said in a statement. “I thought it blurred the lines between a dystopian and utopian vision. I imagined what it must be like living synonymously amongst nature and technology in the most literal way I could imagine, with TVs towering over me amongst forests.”

Earlier this year, Squid shared “Sludge,” which was their debut song for Warp Records. On June 26th, Squid and Warp will release a 10″ vinyl record with “Sludge” and an extended edition of “Broadcaster.”

Taken from the ‘Sludge/Broadcaster’ Limited edition 10″ Vinyl, released 26 June on WARP Records.

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Brighton’s Wax Machine comes at you with a full psychedelic sweep on their debut full length Earthsong Of Silence. The band offers a blend of jazz, folk, funk, tropicalia, and exploratory rock which is an accurate description as this record expands on the great singles and EPs the group has released over the last couple of years and really showcases their growth.

The addictive vocals of Brazilian-born, Italian/English-raised Lau Ro (Guitar/Vocals) is the driving force behind Wax Machine. Her guidance and soft tone immediately catches your ear. It also is not hard to hear how Earthsong Of Silence benefits from the production of Kikagaku Moyo’s Go Kurasawa which also gets another boost from him playing additional guitar, percussions and harmonium on the record. The album definitely has some similar vibes of Kikagaku Moyo’s work except now with a female lead.

The subtle intricacy of the music is where Wax Machine shines. Like in the song “Truth,” the guitar comes in with a really sharp force at times that breaks up the soft delivery of Ro’s vocals. In “Sun Dance,” the music moves and flows with a jam ease in parts, almost like there is no set structure, until it settles back down into its normal mellow pacing that is filled with guitar intricacies. The explosion of sound during “Patterns” is memorable when Ro sings “flying into rays of sun,” with her quiet tone as the track goes from the simple and almost a cappella chorus into the fantastic scorching middle eastern guitar sounds that connect all of the parts. It is just another solid example of Wax Machine’s focus on the details.

If you are into the modern psych scene, then Wax Machine should be in your playlist. This is a fantastic sounding album that you will hear something new with every spin. Its transitions are flawless and Lau Ro’s voice is hypnotic. Earthsong Of Silence could easily been like an album a drift in the sea but don’t shy away because its guitar pieces are the perfect beacon to bring you in!

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SQUID – ” Sludge “

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When Ollie Judge wailed “there’s a place I go where I’m all alone,” I felt that. Fortunately, Squid’s newest single is riotous enough to slap away the cabin fever, if only for five minutes. “Sludge” is our first release through Warp Records. We’ve been playing Sludge for a while so some of you might be familiar with it. It was kind of written about self-isolation before it was a government enforced lifestyle. The new video for their song “Sludge.” It comprises crowdsourced 360º footage from their fans stuck in isolation.

The band shared a statement about the process:

After looking through all the videos it was really interesting to see how spatially different everyone’s situation is but how they’re all tied together through the same feeling of isolation. Some videos were claustrophobic, others showed deserted cityscapes and some even featured other people but they all had a lingering feeling of loneliness and uncertainty.

“Sludge” is the Brighton punk band’s first single since signing to Warp. Squid released the four-song Town Centre EP last year.

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Porridge Radio have the ultimate band trajectory. Step one: Start a band even though you haven’t figured out how to play your instruments yet. Step two: Book your own shows and build up your reputation as a must-see live band. Step three: Spend years perfecting every tiny detail of the songs that will comprise your eventual first studio album. Step four: Release that album to overwhelming critical acclaim and chuckle at how long it took people to realize what you knew from the beginning—that you’re the best band in the world. This Brighton, U.K. foursome recently released their debut studio full-length Every Bad, which follows their 2016 self-recorded first album Rice, Pasta And Other Fillers. After signing to Secretly Canadian last year, it was clear they were going to lose their title as the best-kept secret of their British seaside town. Porridge Radio, led by their entrancing singer Dana Margolin, are headed for the big time.

They put out three of the most incredible singles (“Lilac,” “Sweet” and “Circling”) to kick off an album campaign in a very long time and planned a U.S. tour with noticeable anticipation building for their SXSW debut (the festival was later cancelled). Margolin is glad people have finally caught up with the band, especially now that they’ve unleashed the grand, dynamic rock songs they’ve always wanted to make after years of uploading experimental, lo-fi recordings to Bandcamp.

“Born Confused” has existed in some iteration for at least four years now, both in demo form and as a live staple accessible via YouTube, but the version that appears as the intro to the Brighton ensemble’s Secretly Canadian debut is significantly more three-dimensional. Shaved down a minute, and with its shitgaze production value swapped for pristine strings, accordion, and layered vocals, the intro manages to lean into the same emotive repetition as its demo, setting the listener up for plenty more peaks and valleys over the record’s ten additional tracks.

A welcome addition to any alt-pop lovers ears, Brighton’s indie quartet Orchards are here to bring you their full debut album – “Lovecore”

With a heavy focus on killer melodies and Lucy’s heartfelt poetic lyrical outpourings centred around her experience with loss, mental health struggles, the environment and relationships, the band explore their fusion of math pop time signatures and pop inspired vocals to produce something bigger, brighter and more ambitious than before.

Armed with a slew of bangers and ballads alike, and in a world that needs more love and light they’re a beacon of catharsis, anthems and hope.

Released 13th March

Penelope Isles have released a video for “Underwater Record Store”

Penelope Isles have released a video for “Underwater Record Store,” the track is off the UK band’s debut album “Until The Tide Creeps In”, out now via Bella Union Records. Led by brother and sister Jack and Lily Wolter, the band are about to embark on a American tour.  Additionally, Penelope Isles have launched Penny Isles TV, a new way for fans to keep up to date with the band while they are on the road.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the video, the band’s Jack Wolter had the following to say: “I came across this beautiful underwater footage of sea creatures while looking for visuals for our live show. It was made by some science school in San Francisco I think. I’m pretty sure it’s filmed in an aquarium, but made to look like it’s under the sea. The textures and colours feel really grainy and weird and move with the song perfectly. It was so much fun to make and was pretty nostalgic putting it together on an old train journey route I haven’t done in years; a six-hour trip to Cornwall along the coast line.

We were potentially going to work on video release with a ‘real life’ film maker we had been chatting with, but it felt right to do our last video for this record ourselves, just like all the others we put out. Finishing this chapter ‘in keeping’ with the other visuals we have released. We wanted to share the lyrics to the song within the video too, something we haven’t done before. Some parts and ideas were inspired by Deerhunter’s ‘Helicopter’ and Tweedy’s ‘I Know What It’s Like.”

Of the song itself, Lily Wolter says: “It was only a dream! Well a few combined actually… But the main one is from when I was a young girl. A great battle. Dad and I fought against a herd of great white sharks, that had infested a moat around a big sand castle, which I had proudly made. We won, of course. I have had the same dream a few times in my life, and since have added several quirks to the castle. One being an underwater record store.”

‘Underwater Record Store’ is taken from the debut album by Penelope Isles.

Orchards have announced their debut album. ‘Lovecore’ is due to arrive on March 13th via Big Scary Monsters, with the band’s debut headline UK and European tour set to follow in April. They said:

“It’s our statement, a flag in the ground letting people know we’re here and this is exactly what we’re all about. It’s the product of years of touring, meeting new people, hard times, good times, loss, friendships and growth. We’re starting a party and everyones invited.”

Alongside the announcement of the record, the quartet have shared a new single. “Sincerely Overwhelmed” features their unique, upbeat blend of math-rock and pop, complete with endearingly candid lyrics.

Band Members
Sam Rushton – (Guitar)
Dan Fane – (Bass/BVs)
Will Lee-Lewis – (Drums)
Lucy Evers – (Vocals)

Tue April 07th 2020 – NOTTINGHAM Bodega Social

Brighton post-punk act Thyla has dropped the music video for “Lenox Hill” where we see frontwoman Millie Duthie hit various spots across the city in funky outfits. The video looks like Millie is the only earthling existing and she’s having a grand time cavorting cements to grass. It’s chic and feels like every hermit’s dream come true:

“The urge to put ‘Lenox Hill’ to video was too strong to ignore so we decided to try and shoot something essentially for free. We bought a gimbal stabiliser off amazon and used Danny’s iPhone to shoot the whole thing, turns out all you need is some outfits, a willingness to look a bit silly to passers by and a whole load of patience for editing in iMovie and you’ve got yourself a music video! We had a lot of fun making it and we hope it sheds some light on the song and how it makes us feel,” shared Millie.

“Lenox Hill” is from Thyla’s sophomore EP Everything at Once, which will be out on February 7th.

With the release of their exceptional debut EP, “What’s On Your Mind” and a second one on the way, things are only looking up for Brighton four-piece ThylaWhat’s On Your Mind highlights like “Only Ever” and “Blue” cultivate a misty dream-pop wonderland with frontwoman Millie Duthie’s enigmatic lead vocals as their euphoric centerpiece. Then add a framework of palatial, lush guitars and a dash of moody post-punk for good measure, and you have all the bearings of a band worth obsessing over.


we are throwing a release party where it all began at Brighton Electric – this year has been about focus and channeling everything that Thyla has become. Big thanks to Joy. for helping us curate what we promise to be a statement of intent for 2020.

single’s from “What’s On Your Mind” EP out 1st February 2019 on REX Records.