NANCY – ” 7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues “

Posted: February 3, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Nancy Brighton based is a one-man, psych-pop delight. The B3SCI Records signee channels the glam-rock swagger David Bowie in his recent five-track EP “Happy Oddities”, which spawned the seriously catchy single “Call Me On Your Telephone”. Nancy could well be my favourite new artist!.

Last year was not normal so why try be normal? Warping into psychedelia land from the ashes of Brighton band Tigercub, two EP’s in and he’s nailed it with a mini album that drags you into an Alice In Wonderland of wobbly warped sound that is weird and wonderful as fuck.

He explains…“7ft Blues is bi-polar”, Nancy explains. “The tracklist swings from suicidal, to cartoonishly happy, to self-deprecating, back to Alan Partridge pretentious (my spiritual home)… I think it’s a full portrait of me in that particular moment of my life, warts an’all. Before Nancy my main thing was writing songs for a rock band called Tigercub. In Tigercub I feel I had a tendency to hide my true self under a borrowed alt-rock, slacker introversion. It’s a pose that is easy to adopt and can easily trick you into a false sense of security when expressing yourself, wearing Kurt Cobain’s angst as a mask if you will. Striking out on my own has given me nowhere to look but inside, I think with 7ft Blues I’m really being myself, I’m actually talking about me now, what it’s like to be me, and I have never done that before, and it’s terrifying”.

He returned with a new song, the scuzzy foot-stomping “7 Foot Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues”, in November, followed up by the outstandingly brooding “Pleasure Pen”, further solidifying his status as an artist you need to be on board with. Detailing his cut, the enigmatic figure explained: “‘Pleasure Pen’ is based on the Sacher – Masoch novella Venus in Furs, it’s dark and dirty and needs to be listened to whilst engulfed in red light. Break out those assless chaps cos it’s about to get disgusting”.

“In the past I had an anxiety to make everything as immediate and explosive as possible, which I think is cool but being fearless in what you do and having courage in your convictions is way cooler”,said Nancy You can’t argue with that.

“Don’t Pass Me By” is back in Bolan territory, an amazingly written glam tune that has a killer chorus which floats in and out. A spine tingling piece of work full of fuzz and some great guitar work that has hints of Santana without the noodling bollocks. Class.  Clic Clac is a speeded up lo-fi bit of madness with dark lyrics I presume are about suicide? I may be wrong. It’s a fuck off slab of pysch madness that resonates. Psycho Vision is an acid tinged slice of madness yet again. Insane whistling, loads of fucking about with that wobbling sounding. It like listening to glam rock when you’ve necked 100 mushies and having a 50/50 good/bad trip.

I keep thinking a clown’s gonna fucking jump me from behind the telly! Deathmarch ends the album in style. He’s defintely influenced by Mark Lanegan on this one. Funereal keyboards with some great guitars and dark lyrics of the end of your life. An excellent foreboding track that is dark yet sounds fuckin’ massive. A song that Lanegan would easily put his name on if he heard it. 

We hope! A great album that raises the bar.

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