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New Year, New Lockdown, New Single.“Believer” is coming out soon, We are so excited to share our new song and video with you all! We filmed the video back in the summer of 2019 and have been wanting to show you for aaaages! Black Honey have released their first offering of 2021, new single, ‘Believer’.

‘Believer’, taken from the Brighton-based band’s upcoming second album ‘Written and Directed’, set for release on March 19th, follows the previous ‘I Like The Way You Die’, and is a foot-stomping, cathartic outing. “’Believer’ is a song to accompany your existential crisis,” she explains. “I wanted a religious satire that was eye rolling at all the patriarchal nonsense of spiritual sense of self. I wanna believe in me, the outsider and the underdog. It’s like coming of age, coming out and coming up.”

The accompanying video is set in a dusty, deserted Mexican village, with a ‘dead behind the eyes’ Izzy B. Phillips.

It features the final performance from our beloved Tom Dewhurst, nuns, the desert, a beautiful drag queen and kidnapping. Everything you’d want from a Black Honey video: Set to appear on the band’s upcoming album ‘Written & Directed’, the band’s first release of the year features percussive acoustic guitars, reverb-drenched surf guitar and brass. Speaking of the new LP, lead singer and guitarist Izzy B. Phillips said that she “made this record for young women to feel invincible”.

Written & Directed, the new album released March 19th

Following the 2018 release of their self-title debut album, Black Honey return with this special zoetrope picture disc edition of their sophomore album ‘Written & Directed’.

The Brighton four-piece have been one of the rising stars of the UK indie-scene and this album feels like a return to their Tarrentino-inspired roots. The Brighton four-piece have travelled the world following the release of their Top 40 debut; graced the cover of the NME, become the faces and soundtrack of Roberto Cavalli’s Milan Fashion Week show; smashed Glastonbury and supported Queens of the Stone Age, all without compromising a shred of the wild, wicked vision they first set out with. ‘Written & Directed’ is Black Honey’s second album. It follows their outstanding self-titled debut released back in 2018 when the world that surrounded the Brighton fourpiece looked and felt like a very different place. Black Honey however are still the bad-ass, truly original band they have always been, they’ve just graduated from the intriguingly anomalous newcomers to becoming one of UK indie’s most singular outfits.  It’s now time for the next instalment of their story – ‘Written & Directed” – which see’s Black Honey deliver one, very singular, message – a 10 track mission statement that aims to unashamedly plant a flag in the ground for strong, world-conquering women. For fierce frontwoman and album protagonist Izzy B. Phillips – it’s the most important message she could send to inspire her cult-like fanbase and fill the female-shaped gap that she felt so acutely when she was growing up and discovering rock music for the first time.

Written throughout 2019 and recorded in fits and spurts between touring, ‘Written & Directed’ is drenched with a hedonistic, anything-goes attitude. It’s also the most full-throttle collection of music that Black Honey have ever-written – egged-on by their run of shows supporting long-term friends and collaborators Royal Blood. Exploring everything from womanhood, to identity and power, it’s an album that revels in the rich history of pop culture, throws a wink to its rock-and-roll heroes, but ultimately (and in true Black Honey fashion) it stands on its own two feet. With a typically hyper-visual world referencing grindhouse cinema, kitschy pulp films and a flip-reverse of female cinematic representation all primed to unfurl and explode around them, ‘Written & Directed’ is the sound of Black Honey strapping in and saddling up, of harnessing their quirks, and, as the Phillips has always hoped, riding them joyously into the sunset.

With animated zoetrope artwork from Drew Tetz, this record comes signed and hand-numbered on a first-come-first-served basis.

  • Exclusive Zoetrope Picture Disc Edition
  • Limited to 1000 copies
  • Signed by the band and hand-numbered

Blood Records is a pre-ordering platform, the expected release date of this record is 29/01/2021

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Black Honey have shared a new track called ‘Beaches’ The song is the first material to be released from the Brighton outfit since their self-titled debut album, which arrived back in 2018. Clocking in at three minutes, the stomping indie rocker sees frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips express her desire to enjoy some sunkissed seaside fun. “On the beaches/ On the beach“, she repeats in the chorus over bursts of horns.

Beaches is a cheeky twisted collage of all things weird, set to a playground clapping song,” Phillips explained. “It’s all eye rolls, punk gigs and girls in polka dot bikinis. A nonsense filled retro world I wanna disappear into at times like these.” Shot and self-directed under lockdown, the clip is dubbed “a quarantine production”. “No expense was spared in the making of this video,” the band said.

Beaches’ arrives with a vintage-inspired official video, which sees Black Honey lark about in front of various sandy settings, while portraying “Joe Exotic, Dolly Parton’s daughter and Elvis Presley”. It’s not yet known whether the new single will appear on Black Honey’s second studio album

The Band:

Izzy B Phillips, Chris Ostler, Tommy Taylor, Tom Dewhurst,

Photo Credit Lauren Maccabee

“Things you thought you’d never see but glad you did Black Honey shaking their disco pants at Studio 54. Well, sort of! That’s what Brighton’s Black Honey look like they’re doing on their latest video ‘Midnight.’ After a string of acclaimed releases, the band are set to release their self-titled album and if the musical landscape wasn’t quite so fractured ‘Midnight’ could do for them what ‘Heart Of Glass’ did for Blondie. A word of warning the video does contain content which may disturb some people. Yes, the sight of Chris, Tom and Tommy’s synchronised dancing is something that may harrow some viewers to the very core of their being. The video is the sequel to ‘Dig’ . ‘Midnight’ is classic Black Honey, full of film noir B-movie references and stylised Tarantino-esque violence.  You half except Al Pachino playing Steve Burns to make a cameo.

Black Honey are now in a position where they can cleverly traverse and meld genres without alienating their existing fanbase or appear to be jumping aboard the trend bandwagon. The reality is, it’s Black Honey who are the trendsetters and their refusal to be pigeonholed, From the previous clip, it appears that a suave, blond, mustachioed man is the next on the kill list and a disco nightclub makes for the perfect, seemingly unsuspecting murder scene. Black Honey frontwoman Izzy Bee Phillips has enlisted the help of a few male accomplices (her three bandmates) to carry out the dirty deed—after all, you’d think she wouldn’t want to get any blood on her impeccable, sequined clothing. Though by the end of the disco ball-filled, Shaun James Grant-directed video, it’s clear that Phillips isn’t fazed by the sinister and isn’t afraid of getting her hands dirty.

And‘Midnight’ delivers a disco-rock motherload like a laser-guided missile which in any right-thinking world should be this year’s summer anthem. It also demonstrates yet again what a fine songwriter Izzy B. Phillips is.  When the album drops we predict world domination for this Brighton four-piece who have never let us down from day one.

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Black Honey have never been shy when it comes to creating full technicolour landscapes and with their new offering – the opening track from their finally-announced debut album(!) – they really have upped the ante. Doused in Hollywood melodrama, ‘I Only Hurt The Ones I Love’ packs in swaggering guitars and crooning vocals from the off, with frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips taking on the role of our heartbroken but wickedly ambitious narrator once more. After the curveball that was their vocoder-drenched ‘Bad Friends’, this may be musically closer to the Black Honey that we’ve come to know and love through their early EPs, but if anything, it shows off their cinematic vision clearer than ever before.

Black Honey, the debut album released 21st September:

Leave it to the Brits to do American pulp fiction right. Black Honey’s debut video for “Hello Today” is a mini cinematic gem of three-and-a-half minutes.

Directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, “Hello Today” finds Black Honey’s frontwoman, Izzy B Phillips, living out her Quentin Tarantino fantasy—all the way down to the neon pastel orange nail polish. An unnerving human heart follows her around like an annoying shadow. Try as she might to get rid of it and set her sights on newer, fresher heights, the heart just won’t quit. “‘Hello Today’ is a Western set in Joshua Tree,” Phillips tells us . “It’s about a girl who is trying to put her demons behind her. She is followed by an omen that is symbolized by an ever-present human heart. The omen drives her to delirium, and in an attempt to escape her past, she drives into the desert to bury the heart before the sun sets.” You know, as one does.

As for the song, it’s big and the video does its boldness justice. If you’re hankering for some costume ideas, look to Phillips. Her Tarantino alter ego is as badass as they come—just like the song itself.


Black Honey have capped off the week in style by unveiling their excellent new single ‘Corrine’.

Twinning Western-spiked guitars and femme fatale vocals, Black Honey are Brighton’s brightest hopes for 2016. While singer Izzy B Phillips’ stage presence has led to lazy comparisons to Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell, in reality she’s a different beast altogether, obsessed with Nancy Sinatra, Debbie Harry and Lana Del Rey.
The Brighton quartet, have had quite an elusive existence to date, which included selling their early double-a-side single, ‘Madonna’ on Ebay themselves – but after a couple of spins of their hook-heavy new single ‘Corrine’ – the feeling is it has all the hallmarks to catapult them deservedly into the spotlight.



We’ve been waiting for this one for a while to be honest, our excitement heightened after catching Black Honey live a couple of times earlier in the year. supporting various bands,  ‘Spinning Wheel’ was the bands set opener and the slow seductive one minute Nancy Sinatra style intro holds your ears captive prior to  singer Izzy Bee letting loose a demented banshee shriek that signals a dramatic change in change in tempo as the band conjure up a mesmerising mix of guitar driven pop fused with cinematic Tarantino-style surf rock.  There’s even the addition of a ghostly Mariachi band somewhere in the background on a tune that pretty much ticks all our musical boxes.

‘Spinning Wheel’ forms a double A-side alongside previously streamed track ‘Madonna’ and is released via Duly Noted Records.  The first five copies of this CD were originally only available on e-bay and where going for silly money


Brighton’s Black Honey are setting themselves up to be music’s newest myth-makers. Last year, with no information online about the band, they posted their second demo ‘Teenager’ along with a phone number, encouraging the curious-minded to drop them a text. Recently, they sold initial physical copies of their single ‘Madonna’ on eBay, with bidding reaching up to £20 a piece. ‘Spinning Wheel’ is the double A-side on that release, and it finds front woman Izzy B Phillips starting things off elegantly with her best Nancy Sinatra impression. “Love is just a spinning wheel, turning like the tumbleweed/Burning in the cobwebs of my heart,” she sighs before kicking things up several gears in a fit of screams and searing spaghetti western guitars. It’s a heart-racing bolt of brilliance; the perfect mix of sad, cinematic sophistication and wild-eyed energy that will have you craving more, try to seek them out they are playing a handful of festival appearances across the summer.