The COATHANGERS – ” The Devil You Know “

Posted: December 31, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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On December 4th, Atlanta punk rockers The Coathangers acknowledged an upcoming 15 year milestone for their previously out-of-print self-titled debut album by releasing a Deluxe Edition of the collection with Suicide Squeeze Records, featuring remastering of the tracks and bonus material. A timely and punchy music video has also been released for one the tracks, “Nestle in My Boobies”, drawn from footage of a sweaty live performance in 2011. Watching the video now definitely promotes a vicarious thrill, aware that no concert like that one could occur at this time, but that also highlights The Coathangers’ particular magic as a band, always conscious of the value of capturing specific, unique, moments in time in all their glory. 

Coathangers singer/guitarist Julia Kugel recently discussed this reflective moment in time for The Coathangers, what life was like for them around the time of recording that first album, how they fit into the musical scene at the time in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, Oddly enough, we were planning on taking this year off. But we were so lucky to get to play that Coachella show with Blondie. Our only show of 2020 was the highlight of my fucking life, all of our lives! That’s pretty much 2020 in a nutshell, asking, “What the fuck?” But we hadn’t been home much in 12 or 13 years, so we were going to take some time off anyway. 

we never called ourselves Punk, because that’s kind of un-Punk to do that! When people would shout at shows, “They’re not Punk!”, I would shout back, “I never said I was Punk Rock, bitch!” I think we’re Punk in attitude and inspired by it, but there was not a formula of sound that we tried to follow. Punk is fast, though, fast and short, and that shit’s awesome, it pumps you up! The best description we ever got was “Psycho-Pop”, so we called ourselves Psycho-Pop, No-Wave, and a bunch of others. We used to throw things out at people just to confuse them.

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