BATHE ALONE – ” Curbside “

Posted: November 6, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Bathe Alone is the dreampop solo project of multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Bailey plays everything from drums, guitar, bass to vocals on the project and aims to create songs you can “lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling to.”

A couple of months ago, we were introduced to Bailey Crone’s dazzling world called Bathe Alone. The moniker is fitting since Crone’s shoegaze-infused approach is a whole-of-body experience akin to swimming in one of the planet’s most lavish lagoons, as demonstrated on the scintillating “Calm Down”. The Atlanta native, though, can also create soundscapes that feel like an out-of-body experience, shooting listeners to the stars and beyond. So sit back and enjoy the intergalactic ride that is “Curbside”.

With hints of the shoegaze greatness of Lush, Crone at first seduces with a soft, melancholic approach. The lightness of the music is both intoxicating and relaxing, and the gliding mood is interrupted occasionally by the fireworks that ignite from her reverb-drenched guitar. Her voice, though, is angelic, floating through space just like we are. Just as our minds begin to fade away, Crone awakens our senses as her guitar sears and electrifies. This moment is not frightening nor menacing, but rather it represents the start of something new and exciting. It is us entering a new dimension that is full of awe and wonder. It is us awakening to the realization that the next great shoegaze artist lies before us.


“Curbside” is Bathe Alone’s heaviest offering from her upcoming debut LP Last Looks. The song is a duet in many ways between DI and analogue. There’s clean crisp digital drums delicately intertwined with dirty, grungy, almost trash-can sounding acoustic drums. Then there’s Bathe Alone’s signature clean reverbed-out DI guitar playing alongside a nasty, fuzzy amped guitar with tons of room mic to get that grit. The vocals were inspired by Billie Eilish, where her instrumentation can get intense yet her vocals remain eerily relaxed while layered with tons of harmonies.

Released September 9th, 2020
Bailey Crone – Songwriter, vocals, guitar, drums, bass
Damon Moon – Synth, guitar

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