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“Take You There,” the stunning centerpiece to Natalie Mering’s third release as Weyes Blood, is a 7-minute hymn that approaches longing with self-conscious scarcity. “Losing touch with time,” she doles out her words slowly. “You take me there/ I’m so scared…” Each languorous note mimics the feeling of allowing yourself to fall for someone completely; every hesitant howl is a reminder of how vulnerable doing that makes you. What’s most remarkable about Mering’s compositions here and on the rest of the tracks on Cardamom Times is her skill to make everything sound vivid and grand, even with so few moving parts. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that feel the most elegant, a lesson that Weyes Blood’s spectral folk knows well.

Check out this new Super 8mm film made by Laura Lynn for the last track off Cardamom Times, “In the Beginning”. Filmed in the devastatingly epic region of Thunder Bay, Canada, eh? Take a trip up North and smell the pines


Different to the sprawling studio affair of her 2014 epic “The Innocents”, Weyes Blood’s newest foray, the track Cardamom Times, alters tropes of classicist folk arrangements with echo chambers, flutes, organ, and manipulated tapes to locate ‘timeless romance’ in the face of digital envelopment and urban decay.

Listen to the lovely title track below which has plenty of echoes of classic British folk, even touch of Jethro Tull and in which her mesmerising vocals grip like a vice.

Welcome to Treehouse Sessions: twice a month, we present exclusive live performances recorded directly to analog at Chicago’s Treehouse Studios.
Today’s episode brings you an exclusive two-song performance from the indie-folk band Weyes Blood, led by singer/songwriter Natalie Mering. They play “Summer” (also called “Summer’s Gone”) from the band’s newest album, “The Innocents”, and a brand new song called “Just Give”. Mering also sits down for an interview and discusses her time as an herbalist’s apprentice in New Mexico, living in Baltimore, and why Queens, NY should be the new Brooklyn.



Weyes Blood – Bad Magic  From the LP, The Innocents (LP|CD|MP3) The invention of the drone camera may have changed low budget music videos, and, for that matter, low-budget filmmaking forever. A few years ago, you would’ve needed a helicopter to get these scenes of sweeping natural beauty. And for some reason, the shots of Natalie Mering adoringly lifting the drone into the sky just kill me. Weyes Blood’s new album ‘The Innocents’ will be available in LP / CD / Digital formats was released October .

Ocassionally you hear a piece of music that tries to break through those constructs of the norm, and even the most open minded of music nerds have to shift how their ears listen to things to understand what the hell is going on. That’s what I had to do in listening to the music of Natalie Mering, who records under the moniker Weyes Blood.

With her newest album The Innocents, Mering is making something closer to modern day chamber music tinged with an indie rock/folk feel it. It’s eerie, yet beautiful, and its music coming from a vulnerable place, influenced by experimental music of many ages throughout musical history.


a self taught guitarist and a powerful singer with a strong resonating vibrato vocal, the second album released on Mexican Summer Records as Weyes Blood aka “Natalie Mering” and the new album title “The Innocents” starts with the bleak song “Land Of Broken Dreams” an emotional dense record throughout,She has toured as a member of Jackie O Motherfucker and alongside Nautical Almanac although most fans will recognise her voice from the band Ariel Pink Haunted Graffitti