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After becoming enmeshed in the Los Angeles underground scene after 2013’s The End of ComedyRaw Honey (Michael Collins second album as Drugdealer) sees Collins once again leading an ace crew of collaborators to coalesce the spirit of Drugdealer’s classically modern pop with lush arrangements, memetic melodies, and a vulnerable tunefulness that tries to make sense of self-doubt and connected loneliness in our shared simulacra.

Raw Honey features contributions of Josh Da Costa (drums), Jackson MacIntosh (guitar), Danny Garcia (guitar), Michael Long (lead guitar), and Benjamin Schwab (backing vocals, guitar, organ, piano, wurlitzer), as well as guest vocalists like country balladeer Dougie Poole (“Wild Motion”), Harley Hill-Richmond (“Lonely”), and frequent collaborator Natalie Mering (Weyes Blood) whose dulcet tones sing low before soaring on “Honey,” a track as silky as the nectar itself.

This one is particularly meaningful to me, and maybe touches on some complicated, but real themes between people. I wanted to lay out a ballad dedicated to the treacherously emotional, ‘in your feelings’ weirdos that can’t turn it off. No one better to vocalize this type of heart on your sleeve stuff than Natalie, who’s voice has brought me to tears more than anyone I know – and thankful to incredible harmonies by Michael and Brian of The Lemon Twigs

Drugdealer“Honey” from the new album ‘Raw Honey’, out April 19th on Mexican Summer.

Drugdealer“Fools” from the new album ‘Raw Honey’, out April 19th on Mexican Summer.

Meet Michael Collins: formerly known as Run DMT then Salvia Plath, Also currently one half of Silk Rhodes, and now his latest project, Drugdealer. As a producer and songwriter, he might be one of the most underrated prolific musicians of our time. And though his aliases often reference drugs – some more direct than others – I get the idea from listening to Collins’ music that he’s more interested in promoting music as a stimulant than promoting the use of actual drugs. Lyrics from “The Real World”, on The End Of Comedy – Drugdealer’s  is outstanding debut, also seem to hint at this idea. “Every day I wake up and fill my dreaming cup anew. I couldn’t find what the others were singing. Everywhere I look there’s more reasons to be feeling free, but still I had to keep myself from leaving. But please don’t ever turn your face from the real world. It’s such a psychedelic place – the real world.”


It’s possible to tell from a first listen that Collins doesn’t create drugged out music. He actually creates incredibly well-written pop songs that pull from classic rock and psychedelic eras, But The End of Comedy has to be his most concise and cohesive effort so far, as Collins somehow manages to combine classic rock, baroque elements, soul, and psych pop into a smooth blend of timeless songs. It’s almost as if Drugdealer’s debut is the soundtrack to a mystery film from the 70s that never actually happened

“The End of Comedy” is the debut album by Drugdealer, a new project conceived and conducted by Los Angeles artist Michael Collins (formerly of Run DMT, Salvia Plath) who guides a group of Angelenos including Ariel Pink and Natalie Mering (Weyes Blood) through a whimsical world informed by Jean Baudrillard, social media perception, Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western vistas and Collins’s endless travels.

Drugdealer – ‘Easy to Forget (feat. Ariel Pink)’ taken from ‘The End of Comedy’, a new album by Michael Collins and friends. Out now on Weird World.


The End of Comedy – to be released through Weird World – is a collection of vignettes – lucid, lysergic and organic – featuring homespun explorations of Carole King­-esque piano ballads, Bacharach-ian orchestration, the psych-­folk of Ultimate Spinach and Hendrickson Road House and even New York City subway jazz, all pulled together by Collins’s deft AOR auteurship and keen sense of humour.

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Mike Collins (aka Salvia Plath and Run DMT) is launching another project with a name referencing illicit substances, and he looks primed to reach a far wider audience than ever before, Collins is back with help from a slew of folks under the project name, Drugdealer. The debut Drugdealer album Ariel Pink-produced, titled The End of Comedy, it features guest appearances from Pink, Weyes Blood, Sheer Agony, Mild High Club, and members of Mac DeMarco’s band. setting sail with this breezy summer tune “Suddenly,” featuring the serene vocal abilities of Natalie Mering aka Weyes Blood while watching her in the video just having fun walking in the woods!. Strolling piano and well-paced drumming. The base-line that strikes again and again. Into a melting computer. Not to ignore the fact that Weyes Blood looks like she’s about to laugh the whole time until leaving you in the woods at the end. Staring at the camera’s floating spirit.

Drugdealer – ‘Suddenly’ taken from the album ‘The End Of Comedy’ available 09 Sep 2016.