WEYES BLOOD – ” Seven Words “

Posted: August 10, 2016 in MUSIC
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Weyes Blood Announces New Album, Shares Video For “Seven Words”

Natalie Mering aka Weyes Blood is returning with a brand new album her third album for Mexican Summer titled “Front Row Seat To Earth”.

returns with her third album for Mexican Summer, Front Row Seat To Earth.

For the record’s introduction she is sharing a video for the gorgeous single “Seven Words.” The Charlotte Linden Ercoli Coe directed clip weaves a narrative of leaving somewhere and something that may feel comfortable to get back to where one belongs melding perfecting with the enveloping warmth of the soundtrack. In a statement about the song Mering said,
“‘Seven Words’ is a wanderer’s tale, a well-worn subgenre in the tradition of farewell songs. The tune itself is trying to evoke the familiar act of leaving somebody in order to save them, or continue seeking. ‘These seven words’ are actually ‘these seven words I say to you,’ implying that words cannot express the feeling of leaving somebody you love.. Likewise the video takes a sideways glance at the weathered symbolism of transforming into a creature that can no longer survive in its previous form.”
Watch the endearing and at times goofy video here and check out the album’s cover art .

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