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The first thing to jump out about Fanclub’s “Leaves” is the run of sharp little synth stabs, each of which injects the song with a tiny hit of sugar. Influences dating back as many as 40 years make their way into the mix — the synth-pop of the early ’80s, the smeared-out shoegaze of the early ’90s, the twee bedroom pop that’s taken off in the Internet era, and so on — but they’re all in service of hooky, timeless pop songwriting and the charming vocals of Leslie Crunkilton.

Band Members
Leslie Crunkilton, Mike Lee, Daniel Schmidt

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Buck Meek’s songs are for the lost dogs of honest mechanics, good guys and girls born into a life of crime, runaways, snow spirits, the ghosts of Central Park, unsung diving-board stars, the affection shared through gambling, and so on. Bred in Texas, more bread in New York City, Meek spins outlaw ballads and quotidian fairy tales into a yarn,

Songwriter and guitarist Buck Meek has released his first bit of new music since putting out his self-titled solo debut on Keeled Scales last year. The song, titled “Halo Light,” is a sweet, folky rumination on eternal love and loss that finds Meek moving in a softer, more contemplative direction, recalling the slow, measured cadence of early Leonard Cohen and the pastoral quality of Harvest-era Neil Young. Before releasing his debut album last year, Meek put out a solo EP in 2015 called Heart Was Beat. He was also the lead guitarist and backup vocalist in Big Thief, and he released a pair of collaborative records with bandmate Adrianne Lenker in 2014 titled “a-sides and b-sides”. 

“Halo Light” is a gently rumbling rumination on “the afterglow of loss, humanity’s ephemera, and the eternal nature of love.” Written by Alexander Buckley Meek,

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There’s softness in the trippy funk of Khruangbin’s “White Gloves” that has wrapped around me, and I have no intention of letting it go. Delicate psychedelics spin into velvety rock that’s rooted in ’60s Thai funk and surf music. It might not be what you’d expect from a primarily instrumental Houston trio, two of whose members started out playing gospel music together, but it works.

“This is the first song with lyrics we’ve ever written. We never really thought of ourselves as having a “singer” but we knew that we wanted a voice for Khruangbin. We decided to write about something close to us, tell a story as simply as possible, and sing it together. We created the footage for ‘White Gloves’ many years ago by creating a video feedback loop with a vhs camera and an old television. We always wanted to use it in some way with Khruangbin, and after all of this time, it found what it was missing. It lets the story and the song speak for themselves. ” – Khruangbin

Even the name Khruangbin, which means “engine fly” in Thai, adds another color to the band’s story and sound. After discovering the group through its contribution to Bonobo’s Late Night Tales compilation, I have Khruangbin’s debut album,The Universe Smiles Upon You, in my personal heavy rotation

Band Members
Bass: Laura Lee
Guitar: Mark Speer
Drums: D.J.

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On her third album, singer-songwriter Jess Williamson is a giant, throbbing valentine, so taken by her new romance that she has become tenderness itself. “Love is my name now / Love, darling” she coos at the top of “Love On The Piano.” It’s a far cry from where she left us with 2016’s Heart Song, a stormy, brutally beautiful collection of prose about gnarled matters of the heart. Cosmic Wink a journey, a reckoning, choosing a path, dealing with it, learning, growing, disappointing, finding, evolving, being cruel, being crueled, wildness, loving, turning toward, turning away, fool energy, finding, pleasing, past lives, future lives, soul mate, twin flame, Home, new Home, old Home, fate, luck, chance, new love, old love, Ancient love, being in love, being Love, being loved, Dream wisdom, death, rebirth, sacred everyday, sacred every damn DAY. Y’all…. this is my baby. Her name is Cosmic Wink. All my life she’s been waiting to be born and now she is finally here. Worldwide. Thank you

Jess WilliamsonI See the White From the upcoming album Cosmic Wink Available May 11th via Mexican Summer Records

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The Holy Knives is the sonic vision of brothers Kyle and Kody Valentine, a band that infuses the sultry sounds of rock’n’roll with a tinge of desert psychedelia. The Holy Knives is the sonic vision of brothers Kyle and Kody Valentine, a band that infuses the sultry sounds of rock & roll with a tinge of desert psychedelia. Their debut EP was recorded at Sonic Ranch with Latin grammy-nominated producer Manuel Calderon (The Chamanas, Nina Diaz).
The 4-song EP is a curated tour of The Holy Knives’ sonic possibilities. Drawing inspiration from acts like Portishead, The Doors, and The Afghan Whigs, the band hones a collection of hypnotic, introspective anthems over dark, groovy dreamscapes, allowing the music to feel simultaneously familiar and fresh.
Their recorded music is bolstered by their live quintet performance, a refined ritual that is relentless in its pace and religious in its fervor. 


Band Members
Kody Valentine | Vocals, Guitar
Kyle Valentine | Guitar
Skyler Ellis | Drums
Jaime Ramirez | Keyboards
Ian Miller | Bass


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Summer Salt is a rock’n’roll three-o of best pals. With influences of bossa nova and oldies, we create the perfect soundtrack for chillaxin’ by the pool. Matt has the voice of an angel, Eugene has that in-the-pocket drummin’, and Phil’s bass is funny.


Summer Salt are a trio from Austin, Texas, who describe their music as, “that much needed breeze for maximum relaxation”. Returning with their first material since 2015’s Going Native, the band are next week set to put out their brand new EP, So Polite, via ATH Records. Thankfully you won’t have to wait for that, as ahead of that release .


Band Members
Matt Terry, Eugene Chung, Phil Baier

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The sibling due of Maggie and Tyler Heath (and a bunch of their friends), known as The Oh Hellos, are back with another album of gang vocals and hand clapping. The other day they announced a robust North America tour in support of the album. It is worth noting, though, that this album is even more ambitious than their previous folk salvos; it shows off a band who has seen success and can bring more “tricks” to the dynamic folk-pop sound that has made their name. Notos feels like a natural evolution of a sound that can be at times “down home” and other times feel quite modern and progressive.

“On the Mountain Tall” feels like an old time gospel set of lyrics put to a modern mix of music. Some of the electronic and rock elements are considerable divergence from the sound original Oh Hellos fans have come to expect. But as this is normal for a sound to change over time, this does feel like a logical next step. The vocal on the following tracks “Torches” really takes off for the chorus. The lyrics are so complicated, you almost have to stop and read them to understand them. In a world of simplified music.