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Ryan Pollie Announces New Self-Titled Album

Inspired by the warm, inviting sounds of ’70s singer-songwriters like Jackson Browne, Carole King, and Graham Nash, Ryan Pollie is the most personal music of the seasoned songwriter’s career to date. Leading the showcase is the video for “Aim Slow,” a touching clip featuring childhood home videos and footage taken during Ryan’s recent chemotherapy. The song is the lyrical centerpiece to the album and addresses the paradoxical nature of life and death, good and evil, yin and yang. Weaved throughout the song is a story of a struggling romance, the beauty and pain of what goes into love, and “Aim Slow” proves to be successful to Pollie personally – it tells his story which is one of love and searching.

Ryan Pollie had released two albums as Los Angeles Police Department, and working on his soon-to-be-released, self-titled studio album, he prepared himself to shed the protective barrier of his old band name — to make music, simply, as himself.

And then he got cancer. Nearing the end of his twenties, Pollie had already been mulling over the big questions: spirituality, purpose, the fleeting nature of existence. “I just wrote a record about mortality and whether or not I believe in anything, and then I’m faced with the biggest challenge of my life,” he says. Open, searching, and vulnerable, Ryan Pollie takes full advantage of the language of 20th century California pop to bolster its queries on the perplexing nature of being human. Piano, guitar, and bass intertwine with banjo, pedal steel, and saxophone to support Pollie’s sugar-sweet hooks.

Bolder and crisper than the albums he’s made as Los Angeles Police Department, the new album emerges from a deeply collaborative place. As Pollie went through chemotherapy in the summer of 2018, he relied on the support of his friends to finish the album. “Mixing is where it all came together for me,” he says. “Because I was sick, it was this new challenge — ‘I have to finish this record. I have to get out of bed. I don’t feel too well, but I’m going to go down the street to the studio and I’m going to give my notes and overdub some piano.’ I finished the record while I was sick, and that was a big thing for me, being sick and being able to finish something. It made me feel strong.”

One song, “Only Child,” addresses that period directly. Ironically, it’s one of the more upbeat tracks on the record, tackling the fear and uncertainty of illness with Pollie’s characteristic levity and humor. “My hair is falling out/My parents are calling now,” he sings amid a buoyant bassline and trills of flute. Other songs work through periods of loss, confusion, and ultimately triumph. The delicate, synth-driven “Raincoat” traces the end of a relationship with careful empathy. Against a briskly strummed guitar, “Leaving California” fleshes out his relationship with his parents and his childhood home in New England, while “Getting Clean” makes use of a glowing West Coast pop palette to articulate the frustration of trying to break out of a deep rut.

Living through illness becomes just one chapter in a record that celebrates living in general, and all the difficulties and surprises that come with it. More than anything, Ryan Pollie is a testament to the power of vulnerability — to the magic that happens when you open yourself up and invite the world inside, no matter how frightening or uncertain it may be.

Los Angeles Police Department -

Ryan Pollie is gearing up to release his second album as Los Angeles Police Department, also called Los Angeles Police Department (just like the first), and so far we’ve heard “Grown” and “The Plane 2” from it. Today, he’s shared another new song called “If I Lied,” and it’s a plaintively-strummed and twangy song that sees Pollie playing with different perspectives (he says it’s “the story of a train hopper in denial of how he’s mistreated the love of his life – unsure if he’s losing her or if he’s lost her already”), and it’s a sorta pathetic but desperately sweet plea to engage in a conversation: “There are still so many things to say that day/ And if I walk, then you might run away, no way,” Pollie sings with a backing drum that sounds like the rumble of the train tracks.


Newly signed to the Anti- label, Los Angeles-based Ryan Pollie – better known under his moniker of Los Angeles Police Department – sets out his second, self-titled album on April 28th.

The follow-up to his 2014 debut (also a self-titled effort), was produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado (Whitney, The Lemon Twigs) and mixed by Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith, Foo Fighters), Pollie describes the album – which addresses suicide and addiction, anxiety and bereavement – as “a coming-of-age story.”:

“You always think of coming-of-age stories as something that happens to kids, something like Stand By Me or Catcher in the Rye, but in my twenties I realized that I was always going to face this vulnerability and this anxiety. I’m never going to be that wise old person who’s cold-hearted and knows everything. So this record is about learning to face up to those fears and be emotionally responsible.”


Music & Lyrics by: Ryan Pollie
Produced by: Jonathan Rado

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Ryan Pollie is gearing up to release his second album as Los Angeles Police Department, and so far we’ve heard I Absolutely adore this sincere songwriting style . The tracks  “Grown” and The Plane 2 from the album. Today, he’s shared another new song called “If I Lied,” and it’s a plaintively-strummed and twangy song that sees Pollie playing with different perspectives (he says it’s “the story of a train hopper in denial of how he’s mistreated the love of his life  unsure if he’s losing her or if he’s lost her already”), and it’s a sorta pathetic but desperately sweet plea to engage in a conversation: “There are still so many things to say that day/ And if I walk, then you might run away, no way,” Pollie sings with a backing drum that sounds like the rumble of the train tracks.


“If I Lied” by Los Angeles Police Department from the self-titled second album, available due April 28th

“I’m a student of the album, so it was important to make this more than just a collection of the best songs I had written,” says Pollie, who started Los Angeles Police Department in 2013. “It had to be a journey for me and for the listener.”


We named Los Angeles Police Department as a band to watch based on the strength of their debut album released in 2014 , and they followed that up with a string of singles over the last year, including Insecurity,” “Water And Wine,” andHard.” Today, Ryan Pollie has announced that LAPD has signed to Anti- Records for a full-length coming later this year, and has since shared a new single called “The Plane 2.” It’s the most lush and ambitious thing that Pollie’s put out under the name yet, a gleaming declaration of devotion that crackles past the four minute mark before cutting out abruptly for a warm piano outro.


SoCal songwriter Ryan Pollie expertly weaves bedroom pop under the moniker Los Angeles Police Department. and is now gearing up to unveil his follow-up LP later this year.

Pollie’s first for label ANTI- (Japandroids, Neko Case), the record is being teased today with a new single called “The Plane 2”. A press release writes that it’s a love song “deeply adventurous in arrangement,” an apt description considering the loops and layers of twinkling xylophone, dusty percussion, and elastic synths.


“The Plane 2″ is out now. A full-length is due out later this year

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Ryan Pollie has been quietly releasing music under the moniker Los Angeles Police Department since the debut of his debut self titled album way back in 2014. For a tender new number called “Hard,” Pollie linked with Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado for some production assistance. The song offers some low-key, lackadaisical comfort for anyone feeling anxious about the pitfalls of love—just in time for Valentine’s Day, a holiday that’s come to be enshrouded in cynicism. It’s hard to be in love, he sings. It’s reminder that while being single can be lonely, having something to lose can be even scarier.

“I remember writing this song outside in back of my house drinking with Samuel Adams on a pretty day,” Pollie said “Things were getting more serious with my girlfriend, so naturally with all the good feelings came being terrified of our future, all the possible complications that could arise, and ruin everything. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the good parts of life without thinking about how they could eventually turn bad,” he wrote. “I think getting out negative thoughts in my music helps me work things out and be more positive in general if that makes sense.”


The Los Angeles Police Department released their debut self-titled LP late in 2014, but don’t worry if you missed it. The project’s mastermind Ryan Pollie already claims to have another effort written and ready to unleash on the world. That’s a lot to take in for fans of his first album, which hits on both melody-driven indie rock from the past decade and home-recorded, DIY sensibilities that never really go out of style.

Ryan Pollie’s debut album is mostly about a girl, albeit a different one, and over 11 tracks, he bears his soul in an intimate and thoroughly charismatic way. Los Angeles Police Department is built on regret, on making mistakes, or perhaps the even greater pain of not doing anything at all. There’s talk of caving too soon, of letting go, of biding time.  There’s a sense of playfulness to the instrumentation that betrays his personality and helps lighten the mood.  Dark as the subject matter ofShe Came Through (Again) is, lush guitar work keeps it bobbing along at a satisfying pace. The album is never a chore to listen to, as some albums born out of sadness can be — in fact, the boldfaced emotional punch it packs is pleasant … cathartic, even.

Pollie recorded the album alone in his bedroom, with every effort made to create the illusion of a full band, and that insular nature is what makes it so successful. The album is a singular vision and, for all its specificity, it’s instantly relatable and heartrending. The emotions expressed are sometimes ugly: He often puts the blame on others before himself. It can be selfish at times, compassionate to a fault at others, but it’s never dishonest.


Los Angeles Police Department is the solo project of Ryan Pollie, a songwriter who never hesitates to up share his innermost insecurities. This quiet act of bravery allows listeners to feel very close to Pollie, like he’s handing us a tiny piece of his heart without asking for anything in return. That quality is one of the reasons we named LAPD as a Band To Watch, and it’s evident in his latest song. “Water And Wine” is the B-side of Ryan Pollie’s new 7″, out next week on Fat Possum Records. We’ve already heard the A-Side, Insecurity.”  Now listen to the equally lovely “Water And Wine”.


Ryan Pollie has maintained a steady output since he began releasing material under the moniker of Los Angeles Police Department. He quickly followed up last fall’s home-recorded self-titled debut with a downer Christmas single called “Oh Lonely Night”. Now, he’s back at it again with a new 7-inch single out February 24th via Fat Possum Records.

Entitled “Insecurity”, the track is marked by copious guitar distortion and booming drum tones, with Pollie’s self-deprecating lyrics even harsher overtop the crackling, lo-fi production. Los Angeles Police Department – aka Los Angeles-based songwriter Ryan Pollie We have been watching/listening to Pollie’s (ex-Warm Weather) fuzzy, lo-fi works for a year now since he first dropped ‘Waste’ our way last February from his California bedroom, followed by his self-titled eleven-track debut album, which was released in September thru Forged Artifacts/ChillMegaChill.

Now signed to Fat Possum, his debut single for the label, ‘Insecurity’, is a three-and-a-half minute morning after reflection on a one night stand. Introspective lyrics run with distorted guitars and far-out drumd in a typical LAPD lo-fi production.’


We loved LAPD’s debut record so much that we ended up handling the UK release of the record via our off-shoot tape label  Gold Flake Tapes  and even included it in our end of year album list. A few months on from that release and Ryan Pollie’s ascendency continues in mighty fine style with the release of a brand new track, Insecurity, which will be release later this month on a 7″ via the wonderful Fat Possum Records label.

A more dense affair compared to the sprightly indie-pop showcased on his debut LP, “Insecurity” once again handles small-town afflictions and transforms them in to affectingly sumptuous bursts of endlessly addictive pop songs. A down-trodden pave its way through the tracks three-and-a-half minute running time, worn and slightly ragged it brings out a new side to LAPD, a more warped and other-worldly display than the one we were initially so enamoured with, but one that’s just as rewarding.