The LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT – ” She Came Through Again “

Posted: February 27, 2015 in MUSIC
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The Los Angeles Police Department released their debut self-titled LP late in 2014, but don’t worry if you missed it. The project’s mastermind Ryan Pollie already claims to have another effort written and ready to unleash on the world. That’s a lot to take in for fans of his first album, which hits on both melody-driven indie rock from the past decade and home-recorded, DIY sensibilities that never really go out of style.

Ryan Pollie’s debut album is mostly about a girl, albeit a different one, and over 11 tracks, he bears his soul in an intimate and thoroughly charismatic way. Los Angeles Police Department is built on regret, on making mistakes, or perhaps the even greater pain of not doing anything at all. There’s talk of caving too soon, of letting go, of biding time.  There’s a sense of playfulness to the instrumentation that betrays his personality and helps lighten the mood.  Dark as the subject matter ofShe Came Through (Again) is, lush guitar work keeps it bobbing along at a satisfying pace. The album is never a chore to listen to, as some albums born out of sadness can be — in fact, the boldfaced emotional punch it packs is pleasant … cathartic, even.

Pollie recorded the album alone in his bedroom, with every effort made to create the illusion of a full band, and that insular nature is what makes it so successful. The album is a singular vision and, for all its specificity, it’s instantly relatable and heartrending. The emotions expressed are sometimes ugly: He often puts the blame on others before himself. It can be selfish at times, compassionate to a fault at others, but it’s never dishonest.

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