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Hello Forever: Whatever It Is: Limited Edition Pacific Blue + White Ink Spot Vinyl + 7

Just announced! New recruits to the Rough Trade label come in the shape of Californian group Hello Forever, with a remarkable debut that fuses elements of the 60s West Coast sound with a steadfast DIY approach, recorded over the hill from After the Gold Rush, where Captain Beefheart laid down the tracks for Trout Mask Replica .

Limited Edition Pacific Blue & White Ink Spot LP w/ Bonus 7” featuring new single ‘Everything Is So Hard’. CD edition includes new singles via download code. Both LP and CD packages include lyrics and behind the scenes photos. Rough Trade Records are excited to release the debut album by Californian group Hello Forever.

Based in Topanga, California, the band live together in a pastoral setting high above the Pacific Ocean – not far from where Neil Young recorded After the Gold Rush or Captain Beefheart laid down the tracks for Trout Mask Replica, the group forever expanding and contracting, with members coming and going as they please. They fuse elements of the 60s West Coast sound with a DIY approach to music and creativity which has spawned their remarkable debut album, the aptly titled Whatever It Is. Samuel Joseph and company have created a contemporary throwback to a vibrant era with a set of songs that establish the collective’s exquisite harmonies and colourful instrumentation.

Band Members
Sam Joseph,
Andy Jimenez.
Joey Briggs,
Molly Pease,
Anand Darsie,
Jaron Crespi,
Lina Kay,

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A long-loved love child of the 4AD-Domino constellation, heart throbbing Californian songwriter Cass McCombs rocks up to Anti- (sister label to Epitaph), continuing his streaking succession of albums with “Tip Of The Sphere”. Providing a ninth solo LP in total, this latest record keeps up with guitarry-and-garrish themes of Mangy Love (2016), however richly purporting melodic songs that paint wheatgrass imagery of stretching plains, distant cross roads, and beachside trails to the rivermouth. With fingerpicking expertise to reflect both John Fahey (and Chris Isaak in parts) jangly pianos from a far western saloon making their way into “Absentee”, alongside a pinch of Neil Young’s soul (“Prayer For Another Day’) . With flashes of Alan Vega and Martin Rev to be heard in “American Canyon Sutra” too, to more hippy Buddha Bar vibes in “Real Life” thanks to them tablas,

Tip Of The Sphere follows 2016’s Mangy Love, which was named a “Best Rock Album Of The Year” by Pitchfork. While most of McCombs albums have been pieced together in different studios over an extended period, Tip Of The Sphere was recorded quickly and with a strong sense of purpose at Shahzad Ismaily’s Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn. This new approach for McCombs brought his songs a raw immediacy and a special balance of compassion and experimentation with the intent of making a more consistent statement. The rock songs have more fervor, the ballads are more beautiful, the explorations more confident; the sounds of jazz and Latin music creep in through the back window. The thematic centerpiece, “Sleeping Volcanoes,” is a rousing, rock and roll number that uses a distinct lyrical approach to intensify the narrative. On the main refrain, a key phrase of the song is repeated continuously and taken through its possible meanings, almost like a jazz musician repeating a musical phrase through key and chord changes.

As described by McCombs, “Sleeping Volcanoes” is about “people passing each other on the sidewalk unaware of the emotional volatility they are brushing past, like a sleeping volcano that could erupt at any moment.” [Deluxe LP comes in an embossed cover and features three bonus tracks, a poster and a ‘Castillo de la Esfera’ created by fellow Northern California artist and contemporary Tahiti Pehrson as an homage to Brion Gysin’s dream machine. When the ‘Castillo de la Esfera’ is placed on top of the record player, and as the record is played (with or without a lightbulb cantilevered in the center), thoughts are encouraged to wander.

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Californian garage-psych overlords Thee Oh Sees are one of the most dependably badass live bands on the indie rock touring landscape, and they continue to crank out new records like there’s no tomorrow, hiatuses be damned. The band’s new album “Mutilator Defeated At Last” is the band’s ninth studio full-length, and that’s not counting the many smaller releases they’ve scattered like sand across the world. On first listen, the album has a funkier sense of rhythmic push and pull than we’re used to hearing from this band, but it’s as dependably strange and muscular and all-over-the-map as always. Check out tracks “Web” and “Withered Hand,”



Dateline: California- 1969- Charles Manson & Altamont, the hippie utopian dream was over, the end of the 60’s gave way to the excess of Kim Fowley’s 70’s Hollywood- hitchhikers, runaways, outlaws, wanderers, draft dodgers, punks & rock n’ roll as lifestyle/religion.
Death Valley Girls remember Kim Fowley’s Hollywood, Rodney’s English Disco, the Starwood and Jeffrey Lee Pierce.
Death Valley Girls are a Californian rock n’ roll band, a gang of five. Bonnie on vocals/guitar & feedback, Jessie on twilight zone vocals. Bobby on teenage delinquent bass. Larry on proto-punk fuzz guitar and the kid on detention & drums. They’ve all done time in other bands- Feeding People.Gap Dream, Flytraps, Witnesses, Flesheaters, maybe more but that don’t matter anymore.They’re a family now.

They have releases on Burger Records & Lolipop Records, live shows have been a constant- L.A. clubs/all ages/house party’s and tours. They’re a travellin’ band prepared for end times, guitar, drums & tambourines are stocked away in Death Valley for the celebration, Death Valley Girls are gonna have a real cool time while they’re here, join them.