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There’s a new Rilo Kiley covers compilation titled No Bad Words For The Coast Today: The Execution Of All Things Covers Comp, out today via Bandcamp. The compilation features Sad13, Mannequin Pussy, Diet Cig, Adult Mom, Lisa Prank, Anika Pyle, Gladie and more. Half of the proceeds will go to the artists and the other half will go to G.L.I.T.S., a NYC-based non-profit, social justice, advocacy and service organization addressing the health and rights crises faced by transgender sex workers.


No Bad Words For The Coast Today: The Execution Of All Things Covers Comp is a compilation featuring 14 artists, celebrating Rilo Kiley and their seminal 2002 album.

Released November 6th, 2020

No Bad Words For The Coast Today: The Execution Of All Things Covers Comp is a compilation featuring 14 artists, celebrating the band Rilo Kiley and their seminal 2002 album release. From now until November 6th, 100% of proceeds from Bandcamp (pre-order/digital downloads) will be donated to G.L.I.T.S., a New York City-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting transgender people, offering asylum and urgent care for community members. After that date, 50% of the proceeds will go to the artists and the other 50% will go to G.L.I.T.S.

Mannequin Pussy shared a new cover of Rilo Kiley’s “The Execution Of All Things,” with the band giving a darker rock spin on the classic title track. It’s the latest glimpse from the forthcoming Rilo Kiley covers compilation, No Bad Words For The Coast Today: The Execution Of All Things Covers Comp. Previously, Sad13 had shared a cover of “Paint’s Peeling” for the compilation’s first single. Other artists who appear on the compilation include Diet Cig, Adult Mom, Lisa Prank and many more.


Mannequin Pussy’s Marisa Dabice said of their cover: Rilo Kiley is the band where I can confidently say that they are simultaneously one of my favourites but they also give me musical amnesia. By that, I mean I can obsessively listen to their discography for months because then I remember how much I love them, it’s like discovering them again for the first time, that sense of wonder for the songs never goes away – no matter how many times I’ve gone through their albums. I’m awestruck by Jenny’s gift for prose and poetry and her expressive voice, Blake’s tremendous capacity to create “noodly” riffs that never sound cheesy but that always perfectly complement and elevate every song. Listening to this band you can sense the collaboration. Collaboration between talented people can create magic and that’s what they are to me – musical magic.

“No Bad Words For The Coast Today: The Execution Of All Things Covers Comp” 

Releases November 6th, 2020

Rilo Kiley have announced plans to re-issue their extremely rare self-titled debut album from 1999. The recording, originally pressed only on CD and sold exclusively at the band’s early shows, has been out of print since its original pressing 21 years ago. Rilo Kiley will be made available on limited edition vinyl and digital DSPs on October 2nd via Little Record Company, the label started by Rilo Kiley’s own Pierre de Reeder. The vinyl package includes gate-fold and coloured vinyl. Previously only available on CDs that Jenny Lewis and company sold at their early shows, prior to the release of their “official” debut LP, 2001’s Take Offs and Landings.

The Los Angeles four piece arrived on the music scene in 1998 with their very first show at Spaceland in Silverlake. In the audience was comedian Dave Foley who was so impressed with their performance that he introduced himself and immediately encouraged them to record some of their music. Recalls Foley of this first encounter with the fledgling Rilo Kiley:

“January 1998, I was a young man, young compared to now, hanging out in L.A’s alt. rock club scene. One night in particular, I found myself at Spaceland, at the bar drinking when a band started playing. They were good, so good that I stopped fighting for the attention of the bartender and turned to see who it was. On stage was a very young, delightfully unpretentious group named Rilo Kiley. Between songs they were charming, smart and funny. During songs they were brilliant. After the set I introduced myself and learned that this was their first public performance. I was astonished. They invited me back to their rehearsal space for Thai food and to hear some songs they didn’t have room for in the set. Dreamily, I filled my belly with noodles and my head with one great song after another. I was in a full on, pop music fan swoon. Having decided to force myself into their lives, I suggested (insisted) that I should fund a demo recording. They relented. I also tried to talk them into changing the band’s name. They were unrelenting. A lot of years have passed. I remain proud to know Rilo Kiley and grateful that I had the opportunity and ability to be of some help”.

Some of the songs from that initial Foley-funded demo session formed the foundation for Rilo Kiley and the band handmade copies of the CD to sell at shows before signing to Barsuk Records and going on to release some of the most influential and acclaimed albums of the era. Rilo Kiley officially disbanded in 2013 following the release of their RKives compilation. They recorded four more albums together, the last being 2007’s Under the Blacklight.

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RILO KILEY – ” Dreamworld “

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Late-era Rilo Kiley getting synthesized and glossy, just like late-era Fleetwood Mac, who they were constantly compared to. As a California band fronted by romantically involved songwriters who split years before their band did, Blake Sennett and Jenny Lewis had a leg-up in the back story department too. Here, they share a lead à la Buckingham/Nicks over spangled guitars, singing of crumbled love and dreams, two of their elders’ lyrical trademarks.

with her third album to be released soon and the first in three years Singer and songwriter and partner of jonathan Rice and former Rilo Kiley band member, the new album titled “VOYAGER” was co produced with Beck and Ryan Adams