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Beck has announced the upcoming release of his new album “Hyperspace”, accompanied by the release of a brand new single ‘Saw Lightning’.  The track is an eclectic, percussive-heavy alt-pop ditty with some lovely slide guitar, riddled with melancholic harmonica and schizophrenic lyricism – another incredible addition to Beck’s extensive back catalogue of experimental jams.

Co-produced by Pharrell, who also contributed drums and mumbles, the track sets a seriously hyper-energetic tone and will satiate the hunger of any Beck fanatic in the lead up to the album release.

Hyperspace will mark Beck’s 14th album release, following the success of his Grammy-winning 2017 record Colours. No release date is set yet however, you can expect it to arrive at “some point in the space-time continuum”, according to Capitol Records

BECK – ” Dreams “

Posted: June 21, 2015 in MUSIC
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Last week, Beck teased new track “Dreams” on social media, before revealing that it’d feature on an upcoming record, the follow-up to last year’s Grammy-winning “Morning Phase. That track is now available .

Whilst last years beautifully crafted album, Morning Phase was a timely remind that BECK can tug at the heart strings as well as any balladeer on the planet, if there’s one Beck doesn’t ever do, it’s the same thing twice in a row! So perhaps it should come as no surprise that his latest single, Dreams is a huge summer dance anthem!

Whether this is the first taster of a new album, or another one off single in the mould of Defriended, Gimme or I Won’t Be Long well we’ll have to wait and see

In an interview he said that “Dreams” “started out as a heavy garage rock thing and became much more of a dance — some other kind of hybrid.” He also revealed that the new album doesn’t have a name or a release date yet.


Conan held a week-long tribute back in September to honor one of the world’s most famous and inspirational musicians,George Harrison to mark the arrival of The Apple Years 1968-75, an eight-disc release of George Harrison’s work. The first artist to give a nod to the legend was “Beck”, and his cover was so on point that the rest who stepped onstage that week never quite managed to top it. The genre-spanning giant is easy to recognize for both his gritty lo-fi production and lush acoustic numbers, but his rendition of “Wah Wah” fell snuggly between the two. The “All Things Must Pass” cut was a direct rock take that saw Beck cutting two minutes off the original version in favor of some extra tambourine action while still keeping things clean. Perhaps the best part was the subtle shift between key changes in the chorus. As per usual, Beck’s band backs him up with a blissful accuracy, nailing every layered part so well that it’s easy to think there’s a backing track playing behind them. Instead, it’s just a heartfelt tribute by one of today’s icons paying his respects to one of the past.

BECK – ” Morning “

Posted: December 13, 2014 in MUSIC
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I’ll admit, the one Beck album I put on more often is “Sea Change”, its the slowest and prettiest of all Beck records. The same crew got together nearly a dozen years later to make this new album tilted “Morning Phase”,  with orchestrations from Beck’s dad, David Campbell. This album that feels like its companion and may be my second-most-listened-to Beck record.

with her third album to be released soon and the first in three years Singer and songwriter and partner of jonathan Rice and former Rilo Kiley band member, the new album titled “VOYAGER” was co produced with Beck and Ryan Adams