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With a really different sound, kinda dreamy electronic surf music also check out the song “Ghost In The Machine” also check out the new EP “Vampyr”



The SeeSee are a power pop psychedelic band based in London the new album due out in October “Once Forever and Again” they have just finished a small tour with Joel Grion



Temples Live on KEXP with songs… Sun Structures, Move with the Season, Keep in the Dark, A Question Isnt Answered, Shelter Song, the young band from Northampton have made one of the best albums this year, shimmering guitars and kalediscopic keyboards bright pop melodies

one of the greatest singles from last year, Temples are from Kettering nr Northampton.

QUILT – ” Quilt “

Posted: March 28, 2014 in MUSIC
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QUILT from Boston have been constantly on my playlist this is one of my albums of the year next to the WAR ON DRUGS I have not heard anything much better,


the Coffee Sergeants are a Fat Angel favourite, Influenced by REM, Buffalo Springfield and Pink Floyd, with slices of Paisley Pop this Austin based band play quality Psychedelic Pop if they had been around in the 80’s everyone would know them by now,
this latest album is just a testament to this great sound.


what a great track from the band WOODS, originally the songs were honed in the small Brooklyn apartment by Jeremy Earl with his pure falsetto vocal spilling dark secrets and twisted images, sun soaked pop and psychedelic sounds the band released “Songs of Shame” in 2009 to critical acclaim, with James Taveniere guitar playing the band have got stronger and this new album looks to be their best yet.

what a great psychedelic pop band THE SEE SEE are , with bands like Tame Impala and Temples treading a similar path this British band jangles far more the new compilation for the USA market “DAYS NIGHTS and LATE MORNINGS” has so many great tunes, Late Morning Light, the Rain and the Snow, and That’s My Sign are all with great harmonies and superb musicianship,

AXXA ARBRAXAS, is the music project of Ben Asbury from Atlanta Georgia GA. ben grew up as music obsessive and honed his influences to produce this psychedelic pop sound citing Neil Young, Television Personalities, the Elevators, and 60’s pop. He enlisted Jarvis Taveniere of the band Woods to record and produce this dreamy guitar pop.