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At the start of 2020, it looked as if Arre! Arre! had the year all mapped out; plenty more touring to come in support of last year’s incendiary Tell Me All About Them LP, as well as a new EP, the riotous Heavy Breathing, set for a summer release. Then, in March, the pandemic changed every-thing, and suddenly – like millions of others worldwide – the Malmö punks unexpectedly had plenty of time on their hands.

Singer and bassist Katja Nielsen has been putting it to good use. “After COVID-19 hit and gigs were being cancelled,” she says, “I found myself in a vacuum that needed to be filled with creativity.” Isolation lent itself naturally to the start of a solo project, She/Beast, to be written and produced entirely by Nielsen herself – which suited the subject matter. “Because of the personal nature of what I was writing about, I felt that I would not be able to share ownership of the songs the way I do in Arre! Arre! I wanted every little detail to be exactly the way I wanted it to be.”

About a year before she began work on She/Beast material, Nielsen was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder after over a decade of suffering from it. Music, she says, was a crucial outlet for her to channel the rawness of her emotions, to spill her feelings into words and melodies. “Writing music has always been a coping strategy for me. Feelings get bottled up in a very destructive way if I don’t write a song about something I’m going through.”

The result is a pair of EPs, In the Depths of Misery and This Too Shall Pass; both titles are quotes from Vincent Van Gogh, another artist to have had bipolar, and taken together, they represent the emotional arc of the songs, which encompass despair, resolve and hope: there’s frustration in ‘Devil on My Mind’, resignation on ‘A Fragile State of Mind’, and fizzing anger on ‘Take My Pills’. “Just imagine being told that some of your personal traits are symptoms, and if you take your pills those traits will disappear,” Nielsen explains of her diagnosis. “Some of them I was happy to get rid of, and some I still mourn. Making sense of what’s a symptom and what’s a part of my personality – that’s what can be so tricky with having a mental illness. But by writing these songs, I could process one piece of the disorder at a time.”

Written and arranged entirely in Nielsen’s living room, the ten songs over the two EPs were recorded in conjunction with producer Joar Anderson. They mark a dramatic departure from the furious pace of Arre! Arre!’s output, instead evincing a lo-fi, pop-rock sound; the DIY nature of the songs strongly recalls Kathleen Hanna’s 1997 solo record Julie Ruin, whilst the instrumentation – growling bass, scuzzy guitars, snarled vocals – take their cues from both riot grill and post punk. “The DIY thing is just imprinted in my genes. If I could choose, we’d all still record songs in our garage, with just a tape recorder.”


Taken together, In the Depths of Misery and This Too Shall Pass represent an impressively accomplished first solo statement from an artist who, were it not for COVID-19, might not have re-leased one this soon – ten songs scored through with a palpable darkness, in keeping with Nielsen’s vision for the tracks to feel “uneasy and on the verge of despair, kinda like a silent horror film.” There should be more to come, too, as she continues to write on her laptop. “I usually do it in front of the tv – it’s kinda like knitting to me!” 

Releases December 11th, 2020

I never imagined that The Radio Dept would produce a 1960s girl group cover. For me, You’re Lookin’ at My Guy only confirms the fact that genre aside, The Radio Dept  are fantastic songwriters. Whether it’s indie-pop or lover’s rock, the strength of their music is in the quality of their writing and delivery, particularly their choice of melody.
Could You Be the One is the perfect TRD ballad. That Bacharach-esque call and response between Johan’s vocals and that horn-sounding synth is heavenly. Pure genius.

By now, the Radio Dept. can do whatever they want and I’ll probably buy without even listening first. The A-side is a cover of the Tri-Lites 1964 single. The cover brings to light a 60’s soul influence that I hadn’t really noticed before now. It’s done in their own unique style. They seem to reach deep and go for throwback to Lesser Matters with more blown out guitars that gives it a more raw and lo-fi feeling. Even when they decide to pull a deep cut from the 60’s, this group continues to keep it fresh


The Radio Dept have chosen to release a series of singles this year instead of an album, though they say that they’ll all be compiled onto one record when they’re done. So far they’ve just been digital singles but today, as part of Bandcamp Friday, they’ve offered up an actual 7″Vinyl. The a-side is a cover of The Tri-Lites 1964 single doo-wop-y “You’re Lookin’ at My Guy,” which they transform into jangly indie-pop a-la The Go-Betweens, complete with a lovely violin line. The b-side is an original, “Could You Be the One,” which is reminiscent of their early hushed, melancholy singles: “Guilty of wishing / You’ve been wishing away / Aching to be led astray / Anything to be the one that got away.” Both tracks are pretty great.

Band Members:
Johan Duncanson
Martin Carlberg

Released July 3rd, 2020

Malmo’s much-praised quartet of Caroline Landahl, Måns Leonartsson, Adam Agace and Lukas Thomasson release two glorious new tracks hot on the heels of ‘Siesta’, their excellent second album of last year on Fire Records.

“Swoony Swedish indie-pop.” Record Collector

“Too noisy to be indie pop, too sweet to be post punk.” Clash

‘Four Tries Down’ and ‘It’s A Mess’ further hone the band’s dream-pop adding extra allure through the musical interplay that coagulates behind Caroline Landahl’s ethereal vocal.

“Perpetually swaying between comforting and devastating” Gorilla Vs Bear reckoned of their debut album, ‘You Tried’ from 2016, and last year’s ‘Siesta’ was celebrated for being “nostalgic for ‘90s indie-pop innocence” by MOJO.

As their reputation gathers global attention, Hater have continued to blossom making a compelling slice of angular pop music that’s dysfunctional, dreamy, tempting and teasing.

‘Four Tries Down’ presents an acute hand-tooled angular rasp, with its chiming guitar chopped out against a disengaged rhythm, topped with the dreamy ambience of Caroline Landahl’s whispered confessional that cuts through the mesmerising hum.

‘It’s A Mess’ is more subtle, with a teenage Nico admitting to inevitable boyfriend trouble. Drums rattle before cutting down to the basics to let Landahls pontificate as it all goes wrong – it’s a beautiful mess. Beautiful.

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Hater was coming to Dijon 3 days before the gig.. so FD contacted the band via facebook very quickly for a session at the end of soundcheck and the answer was « yes ! ». We recorded the tracks twice, in live condition. Really nice people, great LP with great pops songs. A lot of emotion in the vocals.

Session #186 : Hater (07/11/2018).

New album ’Siesta’ out on Fire Records on the 28th of September.

Tracks :

Fall Off ,Things to Keep Up With,

Venue : L’atheneum, Dijon. Recorded: 2018, november, 07th.

Recorded in live conditions at the end of soundcheck at the venue ‘L’atheneum’ in Dijon. Thanks to the band for their kindness, Fabrice for the lights, and to the wonderful Sabotage crew,

Echo Ladies make expert use of ghostly vocals, a style employed by everyone from Ian Curtis to CHVRCHES, where the words feel far away—like they’re coming through a radio in another room. Echo Ladies, like Makthaverskan and Agent blå are part of a flurry of post-punk-leaning pop to flood out of Sweden. New on the scene and released by the excellent U.K. label Sonic Cathedral, “Pink Noise”could be the soundtrack to a dark high school comedy (called Pink Noise, of course) that follows an all-girl post-punk band trying to make it. It’s their liberal use of synths, classic pop song arrangements, and simplistic drum machine beats that set this album apart.


Released June 8th, 2018

All songs by Echo Ladies

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Last year Swedish indie rock outfit Hater released not only their great debut album “You Tried” (which was among my best albums of the year list) but also the EP with Red Blinders.

The band recently stopped into the Danish studio Tapetown to record a “Live At Tapetown” session, giving us a heavenly version of Red Blinders track “Blushing.” Fans of Alvvays should look no further, these guys will be  among your new favorite bands. Hater performed the set in Aarhus a few weeks back for a headlining set in TAPE.  They were positively grinning from ear to ear  when Hater was up for doing a Live At Tapetown session .  If you were one of the lucky few who happened to be there, you got a great lil’ show. It might have been the first time they’d performed in Aarhus . The rest of the indie-savvy scene is catching on to them. This might help if you’re new to the ball.

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You can imagine John Peel’s hurriedly inaccurate summation of a cold and unforgiving Swedish winter as he juxtaposes the big-jumper-like welcoming warmth of Hater. Their lush and tempered guitars are an almost Marr-approved Smiths-like foil for Caroline Landahl’s beautifully accented and accentuated vocal – it’s a heartwarming brew.

“We know little of their home town, Malmo,” Peel might have mused, caught up in Hater’s minor chord world weariness, “ Indeed. Hater are new to the game. This year’s well-received debut album, ‘You Tried’ earned comparisons to Alvvays, The Pretenders and even Jefferson Airplane, eclectic for sure, but that’s just incidental.

Their new EP distinguishes their very own super polished and intricate guitar-led dreamy pop. Featuring their first single for Fire Records, the wonderfully forlorn and truly lovesick ‘Blushing’ (we’ve all been there) and ‘Rest’ with its haunting monosyllabic guitar break, a super-clean chiming motif that seems like a closing salvo before it regains momentum and brings proceedings to a suitable climax, welcoming back Landahl for one last chorus.

The echoey eeriness of ‘Red Blinders’ could have come right out of the bubble blowing indie pop hey days of the early ‘80s, while ‘Penthouse’ is a chunkier c86 groove with a wind blowing through its motorik rhythm.

Hater release their new EP ‘Red Blinders’ on December 1st on Fire Records.


“Their ability to effortlessly write songs that are devastating in their lyrical impact yet bewitching to hear is only rivaled by a few.” Revue

“Their unique take on rock music feels familiar and lived-in, taking bits from indie-pop, post-punk, and classic rock.” Stereogum

“Gorgeous, achingly bittersweet vocals, perpetually swaying between comforting and devastating.” Gorilla Vs Bear

Hater New EP ‘Red Blinders’
Out December 1st

It’s been a quick rise for Swedish indie pop quartet Hater. Formed last year by friends in Malmö, the band released an EP in July with PNKSLM Recordings (the label responsible for keeping Sweden weird, learning them comparisons ranging from The Pretenders to Alvvays. They now return to PNKSLM for their full length debut, proclaimed by many blogs, to be their favorite album of 2017 so far, citing frontwoman Caroline Landahl’s “gorgeous, achingly bittersweet vocals, perpetually swaying between comforting and devastating.” An assured and consistent record, “You Tried” blends jangle with grit.
Hater was formed this spring by Caroline Landahl, Måns Leonartsson, Adam Agace and Lukas Thomasson, all musicians based in Sweden’s third biggest city Malmö, just across the strait from Copenhagen, who’d all had their share of experience in other local acts before deciding to strike out as Hater. They quickly set to recording what would become their debut EP Radius, working with Joakim Lindberg, and soon signed with PNKSLM Recordings who released the EP in early July. Taking their musical cues from the likes of Alvvays, The Pretenders, Neil Young and The Radio Dept, all led by Landahl’s gorgeous vocals, Hater soon drew a lot of attention, including praise from international music publications.


Among those to declare themselves fans were the band’s heroes in The Radio Dept. who asked them to open for them on their first Scandinavian tour in five years. After spending the summer and early fall recording “You Tried” while touring around Sweden and making their UK debut show in London, Hater will be touring with The Radio Dept. later this year ahead of a full UK and EU tour around the album release this spring. With You Tried Hater easily establishes themselves as Sweden’s most exciting new indie act, offering up a sound that’s both instantly accessible and grows with every listen.

Digitally released Hater’s debut EP “Radius” earlier this year to critical acclaim, which is also included for the first time pressed to 7″ vinyl in this Limited Edition Deluxe Package. Only 50 of these packages are available, which also includes the exclusive T-shirt, designed by Caroline, the band’s lead singer. Hater are from Malmö, Sweden.

It takes something very special to get us this psyched about indie pop but in Hater’s case, that is the raw emotional heft of frontwoman Caroline Landahl‘s gorgeous, achingly bittersweet vocals, perpetually swaying between comforting and devastating.
“Lead single “Mental Haven” is awash with chiming guitar chords and shimmering synth embellishments, an old-school rock song shrouded in indie-pop softness. Second single from Hater’s debut LP You Tried, out March 10th via PNKSLM Recordings.


OUR NEW VIDEO FOR 100 GOOSEBUMPS IS HERE ⚠️ check it out over at @diymagazine (link in bio) x

While most bands are birthed in dingy basements and musty garages, the seeds of FEWS were sown on a MySpace page circa 2006. It was on the social networking site that the post-punk outfit’s founding members Fred, a Bay Area native, and David, a Swede, crossed paths and forged a musical kinship despite being thousands of miles apart.

The two bonded over what they described as “outsider” music like Television Personalities and Ian Dury and the Blockheads, as well an obsession with Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler. After five years of online exchanges, they finally met face to face in Stockholm to drink beers and talk music. Not long after, David delved deep into electronic music and Fred made it a point to fly out and join him on his Berlin club-going excursions. They eventually got a place together in Malmö, a city in southern Sweden just a train ride away from places likes of Copenhagen and Berlin, and recruited two additional musicians to make their ideas officially come to life as FEWS.

As a band, FEWS echo Fred and David’s musical friendship over the years, the times they spent poring over the likes of Antics and Our Love to Admire and sweating the night away at German dance spots. Take for example the band’s latest single “If Things Go On Like This”. Produced by veteran Dan Carey (The Kills, Bat for Lashes), the three-minute cut takes its cue from bleary post-punk, but drives with the contagious pop pulse of a club jam.


Of the song’s backstory, “We’d been working on this on and off for a while, we had so many new songs it almost got forgotten. During the album sessions (producer) Dan remembered it from the first demos he heard and asked where it was so we tried it. On the original recording you can hear everyone at the end saying, ‘Shit! That sounded great!’”


“If Things Go On Like This” is taken from FEWS’ Carey-produced debut album, “MEANS”, due out May 20th via PIAS (Play It Again Sam). For more, check out early singles “The Zoo” and “100 Goosebumps”.