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“Teach Old Dogs New Tricks” is the name of the fourth track of Milly’s new EP, but it could easily double as a musical statement of purpose from this band, which has taken some well-worn sounds of mid-’90s indie rock and made them sound thrillingly, unexpectedly alive again. Borrowing from the thick, heavily distorted vibe of grungy American shoegaze like Catherine, and wedding it to slowcore rhythms of the time (think Rex, Codeine, or the more dreamy of the Chicago post-rock acts), the group fuses these styles with a distinctively modern ennui, thanks to the lovely, searching lyrics from singer Brendan Dyer, whose understated drawl makes for a perfect accompaniment to the catch-and-release musical tension. “You eyes, like your smile / It’s fucking with my life,” he sings on “Denial,” a great blend of rolling, Buffalo Tom-like jangle and spare, strummy intensity. Each of the songs fits like a puzzle piece with the others, creating a coherent whole that nonetheless erupts into singular moments of expansive, blissful beauty.

Official video for “Star Thistle Blossom,” from Milly’s new EP ‘Wish Goes On’ coming April 9, 2021.

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Los Angeles-based quartet Milly have shared their second EP via Dangerbird Records, following their 2019 debut “Our First Four Songs”, whichwas hailed as one of that year’s best EPs. “Wish Goes On’s” five tracks include October 2020’s Star Thistle Blossom and February 2021’s “Denial.” Milly make gauzy slowcore that vacillates between guitar-rock crunch and emotive dream pop, and on Wish Goes On, they do with it a noticeable new cohesion, as principal songwriter and guitarist Brendan Dyer is now joined by Spencer Light on guitar, Yarden Erez on bass and Zach Capitti Fenton on drums. Their new songs reckon with change, assuming perspectives both collective (“Star Spangled Banner”) and individual (“Denial”), and changing themselves, shifting instrumental gears with newfound fluidity. Ultimately, Wish Goes On is about finding a flicker of hope to light the way, like when Dyer sings on the EP’s closer, “When her birds fly free / This life goes on / Could it be all you want?” 

Milly is a rock band from Los Angeles fronted by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brendan Dyer. Their sound melds together elements of classic shoegaze, slowcore, and lo-fi indie rock, coalescing into an intense, singular musical impression. Milly began as Dyer’s home recording project in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut before finally taking its current formation as a live band in Los Angeles.


1. Star Spangled Banner
2. Denial
3. Star Thistle Blossom
4. Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
5. Birds Fly Free

“Wish Goes On” soundtracks the (re)birth of a band called Milly. It is something new emerging from something old; something old from something older, made new again. In 2019, Milly hit the road with labelmates and fellow fans of fuzz, Swervedriver. At the time, their line up was rotating consistently as Brendan Dyer, Milly’s principle songwriter, searched for permanence in the form of a live band. It was on this tour that something clicked for Dyer, who recalls the feeling as nothing short of cosmic. He remembers thinking one day, simply, “This is the band,” and so it was. Spencer Light on guitar, Yarden Erez on bass, and Zach CapittiFenton on drums, with Dyer playing guitar and singing the songs.

The dynamic that burst into existence on this tour only deepened in the following months. “So much of it for me are those in-between moments,” Dyer says about the band’s blossoming friendships, “driving in the car listening to music, or being on break from rehearsal getting something to eat from Lassens.” Dyer would bring sketches of songs to the group, most of which he’d already been developing for years. “This release marks the transition from Milly as a solo project to Milly as something more unified,” Dyer explains. CapittiFenton, Erez, and Light were invited to dissect and rework his demos  a process that continued right up until the time they found themselves in rural Colorado actively recording Wish Goes On with Gleemer’s Corey Coffman. Coffman, who engineered and produced, also became involved in the song writing process at this point, offering ideas the band would take home and play with before returning to the studio the next day.


The result is five songs which complement one another artfully. By the time Dyer sings, “But it’s different now, feels like the same old town but I know it’s not” on the EP’s second track, “Denial,” it is not only a hometown that has disappeared in change, but also the sordid illusion of US supremacy as it is incessantly propagandized, especially to children — a notion which opener “Star Spangled Banner” openly unsettles. Dyer wrote “Denial” and the three songs that follow at around the same time in his life, with “Star Spangled Banner” coming significantly later, sometime after Milly’s formative tour in 2019. There is something to be said about these conversations across time, the album receding in a sense into the past even as one advances through it. Maybe it has something to do with the idea that longing, wishful thinking, and hope are always reaching both backwards and forwards. Maybe when Dyer sings that he “can’t get past denial,” he’s referring in a sense to the denial of anything but the present moment. Maybe, in the way of Alan Watts, Wish Goes On furthers the idea that “The only way to make sense out of change is to plug into it, move with it, and join the dance.” Dyer describes something to this effect when he says he’s been “trying to keep my head down and follow my path, knowing things will work out.” In the same conversation, he openly acknowledges that “even if that’s not true, it still feels helpful,” which is to say, of course, “Wish Goes On.”

Released April 9th, 2021

Written and performed by Milly

Milly is a rock band from Los Angeles led by principal songwriter Brendan Dyer and backed by Spencer Light on guitar, Yarden Erez on bass, and Zach Capitti Fenton on drums. In January, 2020, Milly drove to rural Colorado to record their new five song EP, Wish Goes On, with Corey Coffman of Gleemer at his home studio. With its sweet bounce of a melody carved into a wall of dense guitars, “Denial” is the second single released from these sessions. Milly’s new track is sadder and more subdued than their previous Wish Goes On single “Star Thistle Blossom,” which Lizzie Manno described as “the most straightforward rock song they’ve released so far” and a “delectable wash of grunge-tinted shoegaze guitars” upon its October release. “Denial” is more of an off-speed pitch, albeit one with hooks aplenty. “Galaxies wish you well / Come back again, come back alone / Do you wish that you could come back here?” sings frontman Brendan Dyer, longing for something he can’t bring himself to acknowledge that he can’t have. “We’re gonna wish on it,” he insists over a comforting blend of acoustic and electric guitar fuzz, cymbal crashes roiling as the song crescendoes, only to collapse.

‘Denial’ is about the idea of being fixated on something but knowing deep down it’s gone,” Dyer explains in a statement. “I was living in N.Y. at the time I wrote it and was going back and forth between there and Connecticut. I was really trying to capture the feeling of being alone and why it was hard for me to digest how that felt. My hometown spots feeling different after leaving, people moving on with their lives, 

L.A. slowcore quartet Milly’s first new material of 2021 is the second single from their forthcoming Wish Goes On EP, due out April 9 on Dangerbird Records. “Denial” arrived Friday alongside a surreal music video, directed and animated by Mark Cheche.

Official video for “Denial,” from MILLY’s new EP ‘Wish Goes On’ coming April 9th, 2021.

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Milly is a rock band from Los Angeles fronted by songwriter and multi-­instrumentalist Brendan Dyer. Their sound melds together elements of classic shoegaze, slowcore, and lo-­fi indie rock, coalescing into an intense, singular musical impression. Milly began as Dyer’s home recording project in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut before finally taking its current form as a band in Los Angeles. “Star Thistle Blossom,” from MILLY’s new EP ‘Wish Goes On’ coming 2021.

The band is fresh out of the gate, running at a fast pace with two singles being released from their contribution to the Microdose series via Dangerbird Records.

Milly also recently announced that they have been picked to support shoegaze/dream-rock veterans Swervedriver on tour. In support of this exciting news, Milly are releasing a cassette comprised of their two Microdose singles, the sonically shape-shifting “Talking Secret” (with entrancing B-side “Crazy Horse”), and their first-ever two songs, including the hypnotically droning “People Are Forever”.

This cassette EP will come out on November 6th, and in the meantime we are pleased for the premiere of the video for “People Are Forever”, a track that showcases the budding potential of this young group. 

The video (and the song as well!) is a dreamily yearning, slowcore treat, focusing at the start on Dyer and a girl he seems to be interested in. He moves through a market, gazing at a plethora of items for sale while she picks out a particularly yummy-looking ice cream cone to munch on.
The video lens soon fades on those scenes and shifts its attention to the band performing in someone’s living room, conjuring up laid-back ’90s indie rock vibes. The footage then alternates between these two environments, spotlighting the music life of the outfit/Dyer, as well as life outside the sometimes insular world of being in a band.

released October 9th, 2020

Written and performed by Brendan Dyer, Spencer Light, Yarden Erez, and Zach Capitti Fenton

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Connecticut-via-Los Angeles band Milly is the lo-fi slowcore project of Brendan Dyer, and they recently dropped their debut EP on cassette, “Our First Four Songs”, via Dangerbird Records. The EP is a collection of three singles plus a previously unreleased eponymous track, and it’s a slow-drip of steamy guitars, casual yet heartfelt vocals and ephemeral, abstract love songs. “Milly” and “Talking Secret” lean into warped guitar ferocity while “People Are Forever” and “Crazy Horse” embrace crawling tempos and dazed, cinematic lo-fi, their warm-hearted, syrupy rock songs make them a band to watch in 2020.

As the title suggests, this cassette EP contains Milly’s first four songs. The first two songs “Milly” and “People Are Forever” were originally self-released by Dyer in 2018 and the following two songs “Talking Secret” and “Crazy Horse” were originally released by Dangerbird as part of our Microdose single series.

“Talking Secret” is the A-side of Milly’s installment in Dangerbird Records‘ Microdose monthly music series.