MILLY – ” Star Thistle Blossom “

Posted: November 2, 2020 in MUSIC
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Milly is a rock band from Los Angeles fronted by songwriter and multi-­instrumentalist Brendan Dyer. Their sound melds together elements of classic shoegaze, slowcore, and lo-­fi indie rock, coalescing into an intense, singular musical impression. Milly began as Dyer’s home recording project in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut before finally taking its current form as a band in Los Angeles. “Star Thistle Blossom,” from MILLY’s new EP ‘Wish Goes On’ coming 2021.

The band is fresh out of the gate, running at a fast pace with two singles being released from their contribution to the Microdose series via Dangerbird Records.

Milly also recently announced that they have been picked to support shoegaze/dream-rock veterans Swervedriver on tour. In support of this exciting news, Milly are releasing a cassette comprised of their two Microdose singles, the sonically shape-shifting “Talking Secret” (with entrancing B-side “Crazy Horse”), and their first-ever two songs, including the hypnotically droning “People Are Forever”.

This cassette EP will come out on November 6th, and in the meantime we are pleased for the premiere of the video for “People Are Forever”, a track that showcases the budding potential of this young group. 

The video (and the song as well!) is a dreamily yearning, slowcore treat, focusing at the start on Dyer and a girl he seems to be interested in. He moves through a market, gazing at a plethora of items for sale while she picks out a particularly yummy-looking ice cream cone to munch on.
The video lens soon fades on those scenes and shifts its attention to the band performing in someone’s living room, conjuring up laid-back ’90s indie rock vibes. The footage then alternates between these two environments, spotlighting the music life of the outfit/Dyer, as well as life outside the sometimes insular world of being in a band.

released October 9th, 2020

Written and performed by Brendan Dyer, Spencer Light, Yarden Erez, and Zach Capitti Fenton

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