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Milly Los Angeles rock group is back with more of their signature shoegaze-tinged alt rock soundscapes. “Birds Fly Free” is the second single from their upcoming “Wish Goes On” EP, which is coming later this year. It follows “Denial”, their single from February of this year. ‘Milly produce a slow-grooving track filled with resounding progressions in “Birds Fly Free.” Boasting ’90s vibes, the track’s accompanying music video sees singer Brendan Dyer go about his day. From the vocalist being chased by a dog to almost getting killed by an action figure that’s come to life, the cinematic imagery complements the track’s builds and drops seamlessly. “Birds Fly Free” will be featured on their upcoming EP, Wish Goes On, which drops April 9th via Dangerbird Records.

‘Watch the video below!

You can see Milly live in concert (on your computer) when they play Baby TV, hosted by Williamsburg hot spot Baby’s All Right! Check their event page for tickets and streaming details

Official video for “Birds Fly Free,” from Milly’s new EP ‘Wish Goes On’ coming April 9th, 2021.

Milly is a rock band from Los Angeles led by principal songwriter Brendan Dyer and backed by Spencer Light on guitar, Yarden Erez on bass, and Zach Capitti Fenton on drums. In January, 2020, Milly drove to rural Colorado to record their new five song EP, Wish Goes On, with Corey Coffman of Gleemer at his home studio. With its sweet bounce of a melody carved into a wall of dense guitars, “Denial” is the second single released from these sessions. Milly’s new track is sadder and more subdued than their previous Wish Goes On single “Star Thistle Blossom,” which Lizzie Manno described as “the most straightforward rock song they’ve released so far” and a “delectable wash of grunge-tinted shoegaze guitars” upon its October release. “Denial” is more of an off-speed pitch, albeit one with hooks aplenty. “Galaxies wish you well / Come back again, come back alone / Do you wish that you could come back here?” sings frontman Brendan Dyer, longing for something he can’t bring himself to acknowledge that he can’t have. “We’re gonna wish on it,” he insists over a comforting blend of acoustic and electric guitar fuzz, cymbal crashes roiling as the song crescendoes, only to collapse.

‘Denial’ is about the idea of being fixated on something but knowing deep down it’s gone,” Dyer explains in a statement. “I was living in N.Y. at the time I wrote it and was going back and forth between there and Connecticut. I was really trying to capture the feeling of being alone and why it was hard for me to digest how that felt. My hometown spots feeling different after leaving, people moving on with their lives, 

L.A. slowcore quartet Milly’s first new material of 2021 is the second single from their forthcoming Wish Goes On EP, due out April 9 on Dangerbird Records. “Denial” arrived Friday alongside a surreal music video, directed and animated by Mark Cheche.

Official video for “Denial,” from MILLY’s new EP ‘Wish Goes On’ coming April 9th, 2021.