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The Tiny Desk is working from home for the foreseeable future. Introducing NPR Music’s Tiny Desk (home) concerts, bringing you performances from across the country and the world. It’s the same spirit — stripped-down sets, in an intimate setting — just a different space. Bob Boilen July 21st, 2021 Tori Zietsch, aka Maple Glider, is in her Australian home surrounded by her bandmates and friends. Comforting landscape paintings cover the walls: Tori’s first vinyl album, Melanie’s 1971 album “Gather Me“, hangs alongside the pictures. She fingerpicks her guitar and sings “Mama It’s Christmas,” the closing track to her debut album, “To Enjoy Is the Only Thing“. As she sings the words: “Oh it’s Christmas time again / Where is my brother / Where is my friend / Mama it’s Christmas time, again / Doesn’t he know I’ve got ribbons to wrap him in.”

Looking at the camera’s wide shot, I sense her watching bandmates and those landscape paintings morph into a warm, comforting blanket. Tori grew up steeped — and trapped — in a restrictive, religious home. Music was her way out. She was part of a duo known as Seavera, and when that disbanded, she moved to Brighton in the U.K. She wrote a stockpile of solo music and came back to Melbourne with what she describes as a SoundCloud packed with demo tunes. I first became enchanted by the second song here, “As Tradition.” It’s the first single she put out as Maple Glider, and it speaks to the loss of identity in both relationships and religion. On the lighter side, she refers to her talented band as “The Yeeehawwws” because they sing ultra country versions of her songs during rehearsals. There may come a time when levity becomes part of Maple Glider; for now, these heavy tunes, packed with thoughtful words and sung so longingly, are here to enjoy.

Set List: “Mama It’s Christmas” “As Tradition” “Baby Tiger” “Good Thing”

The band: Maple Glider: guitar, piano, vocals Bridgette Winten: piano, vocals Adam Heath: guitar, vocals Jim Rindfleish: drums Malachi Milham: bass Hannah McKittrick: vocals

After the universally enthusiastic reception of her first couple of singles, we are pleased to announce the debut LP “To Enjoy is the Only Thing” by Maple Glider. It’s an album full of brittle intimacies and effortlessly balanced instrumentation (not a note wasted). In the singer-songwriter tradition, the solo project of Tori Zietsch (‘peach’ with a z) is centred around the lyrics, exploring deeply personal themes and often serving as a self-catharsis.

Over plucked acoustic guitar or deftly weighted piano chords, Maple Glider shares vignettes of her life; growing up in a restrictive religious household, falling in an out of love, interstate and international relocations, the new perspectives travel can bring along with the alienation of being away from the familiar.

All songs’ music videos were made with creative collaborator and housemate Bridgette Winten, in tight radius around their Brunswick home (a limit due to COVID lockdown measures). Working with colour and contrast, and shot on Super 8, Maple Glider plays off her surroundings, whether it’s lush creek-beds, neighbourhood rose gardens, or a party for One at home.

This is what the album looks like to me:
walking past tinsel covered trees in mid-September, swimming along the calanques in the south of France, car-bonnet frost, darkness at 4pm, lightness until 10pm, a muted feeling, the perpetual grey fog that swallows the Silver Coast, the colour red, this ugly green dress, red wine, red blood, red lips, red is the colour of the cardinal’s robe, Switzerland, my mother’s diaries, a coroner’s report, the sun on my face, the end of love, “To enjoy is the only thing. BTCH$” – Maple Glider

Maple Glider – “Swimming (To Enjoy is the Only Thing)” LP 2021 out June 25th.

Maple Glider’s aka Tori Zietsch striking emotionality is at the centre of her performances, leaning into an intimacy that is achieved by way of deeply personal reflections and velvety melodic compositions. Her vocals melt into layers of plucked acoustic guitar and lulling piano, drawing on the sombre styles of folk contemporaries with a stark tenderness and introspection that assumes the listener is inside her bedroom as she plays for herself. After experiencing falling in and out of love, traveling extensively, writing non-stop, and basking in the lengthy European summer hours, Tori returned to Melbourne late 2019 with a soundcloud account full to capacity of demos. Maple Glider was officially set to take flight.

Tori enlisted Tom Iansek (Big Scary, #1 Dads, The Paper Kites, Lisa Mitchell, Hockey Dad, ) to produce and record some of the many, many songs she was ready to get down. During the shared time spent at our studio BellBird, the wider team (Jo & Tom F. lol) got to fully appreciate the wonderful artistry and beauty of Maple Glider, and welcomed her to the family.
To date Maple Glider has released two gorgeous singles – “As Tradition” and “Good Thing”.

 Both songs’ music videos were made with creative collaborator and housemate Bridgette Winten, in the 5km radius around their Brunswick home (a limit due to COVID lockdown measures). Working with colour and contrast, and shot on Super 8, Maple Glider plays off her surroundings, whether it’s lush creek-beds, neighbourhood rose gardens, or a party for One at home.

We’re also very happy to announce we’ve teamed up with the very passionate Partisan Records (Laura Marling / Fela Kuti / Cigarettes After Sex / John Grant) to release Tori’s music all over the world!

Great songwriting, wonderful arranging and a great voice. electric first moment when you hear a song for the first time that sounds like a classic that’s been part of your soundtrack for years but you know you haven’t it’s just perfectly constructed. a restorative for the soul.

One of those special occasions when a new song becomes an instant classic in the blink of an eye – Triple J Unearthed

Beautiful and devastating… ‘Good Thing’ is a gorgeous indie folk number and a perfect example of that uninhibited, vulnerable quality. – American Songwriter

A series of hairs-on-the-back-of-your-arm moments – For The Rabbits

 ‘Good Thing’ is a delicate ballad, but with all the emotional resonance of a greek tragedy – The Rodeo

Channelling a rich and supple aesthetic throughout, her bold yet tortured voice reigns supreme on this light and airy composition – Mystic Sons

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Maple Glider is the project of Lismore-born, Melbourne-based songwriter Tori Zietsch, a brand new face on the scene. She’s also a brand new signing to Pieater, the Melbourne record label home to Big Scary, #1 Dads, Airling, and more. 

Zietsch originally rubbed shoulders with the label during their Pie School initiative, where she entered a winning demo and ended up recording a track with label head Tom Iansek and the crew. The single unfortunately never saw the light of day – it was recorded under a two-piece band Zietsch was in at the time which has since folded. The music I create as Maple Glider exists because I write to make sense of my experience, to learn, and because to me, it has always felt like my easiest form of communication. However, it wasn’t to be the end of her story. In 2019 Lansek was enlisted once again to produce and record a series of songs Zietsch had written for her solo project, Maple Glider. “As Tradition” was the first song to be released from that collection of tunes, and you can see why the label wanted to sign her.

My songs centre around the lyrics, exploring intimate themes that are often cathartic to write. I don’t have rules when I make music. I play around, express freely, let go of my expectations, have fun, and stay open

Many of you will know I started working with Pieater last year and it has been the best ever. More recently, I have signed to the incredible Partisan Records to release these songs worldwide. I am so grateful to be working with such a hard working and passionate group of people!!! I want to say a massive Thank You to everyone who has worked on the release of “Good Thing” and supported it thus far. It is a song very close to my heart and I’m damn lucky to be able to do this.