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False Advertising release the limited edition 7″ Single ‘Give It Your Worst’ on Too Pure Singles Club. Featuring the as-yet unheard B-Side and future new-grunge-anthem ‘Scars’ on medicinal-green vinyl. Recorded by Chris Warr in fellow band member Jen Hingley’s dad’s garage in Oxfordshire and produced by the band themselves. ‘Give It Your Worst’ is fuzz-laden and gritty, shedding light on a tumultuous time that the band experienced last year.

Both sides of the release showcase the band’s knack for instrument-swapping, with ‘Give It Your Worst‘ featuring Chris on guitar up front, and ‘Scars’ seeing them switch with Jen coming forward from behind the drum-kit and taking the lead. Backed up and unified by Josh Sellers‘ characterful bass parts all the way through. With artwork by band-member Jen Hingley, a graphic designer by day (who has worked with the likes of Royal Blood, The Charlatans and Franz Ferdinand). The release showcases the full extent of the band’s DIY-chops.


Too Pure Singles Club have unveiled their next single for April instalment: “Off The Hook” by Weirds.

Weirds, a noise-rock troupe hailing from Leeds, combine intergalactic road-trip rhythms, Hookworms savagery and swirling dervishes of a sandy desert rock on “Off The Hook”, which is a relentless bout of loud sounds. It will be backed by “the perfect soundtrack for a nuclear apocalypse”, a B-side entitled “Heavy Rain”.