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Arny Margret proudly announced the release of her debut album, ‘They Only Talk About The Weather’ , out October 21st. The gorgeous new single ‘sníglar’ is out now. With poetic proficiency and a knack for composing melodies that bury themselves deep into the subconscious, Arny writes of loneliness and existentialism with stark relatability. Musically she draws inspiration from folk and blues roots, utilising a less-is-more approach to convey openness, choosing to rely mostly on the delicate strumming of acoustics and her dulcet voice.

Arny Margret has spent the last year making waves, not only in her Icelandic hometown but across Europe and the US, touring extensively, supporting Leif Vollebekk, playing Reykjavik Calling, Iceland Airwaves and more. She released her anticipated debut EP to critical acclaim in February and now she’s proudly announced the release of her debut album, ‘They Only Talk About The Weather’ out October 21st. 

‘They Only Talk About The Weather’ is an album of acute emotional exploration. It’s Arny’s coming-of-age journey, from writing in school, staring out of dorm room windows, being on the road, to today. With poetic proficiency and a knack for composing melodies that bury themselves deep into the subconscious, Arny writes of loneliness and existentialism with stark relatability. There’s a quiet confidence that comes from these tracks; crystal clear in their conception, completely honest, and masterfully arranged. She walks us through her relationships growing up and her realisations about other people as well as herself. We listen as she unpacks herself to a backdrop of vividly painted natural landscapes.  

The album’s relationship with weather is noteworthy. Examining her surroundings is how Arny puts to words her feelings. The sparsely populated and confined Westfjord peninsula in north-western Iceland is its own character here, and the bitter but playful snow colours her deeply personal prose across the whole LP.

In this sense, “They Only Talk About The Weather” can be a warming comfort to those who need it most as ice forms outside and nights fall earlier in the evening. She tells us; “I like to use the weather, in one of my songs I even make it a person, I sing “I am blinded by the light of winter, but it comes and goes away, I don’t like her very much, you can’t depend on anything she’ll say”. Musically she draws inspiration from folk and blues roots, utilising a less-is-more approach to convey openness, choosing to rely mostly on the delicate strumming of acoustics and her dulcet voice. On two tracks, ‘Cold Aired Breeze’ and ‘Ties’, Arny plays with a full band for the first time on record, adding layers of shuffling drums, soaring lap steel and synth padding to emphasise impact. Elsewhere on the album minor flourishes reveal themselves constantly, rewarding repeat listens.

Taken from new album ‘they only talk about the weather’ out on October 21st One Little Independent Records

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Jonsi and Liz Fraser…two great voices that sound great together. Jonsi of Iceland’s Sigur Rós is releasing his first solo album in 10 years, “Shiver”, on October 2nd via Krunk Records. Early this morning he shared another song from it, “Cannibal,” which features the unmistakable guest vocals of Elizabeth Fraser (formerly of Cocteau Twins). Jónsi co-directed the video with actor/director Giovanni Ribisi. Jónsi had this to say about the song in a press release: “When Sigur Rós was starting, we were always compared to Cocteau Twins and I really didn’t like that. I hated being compared to anybody. Then I got really into Cocteau Twins like two or three years ago. They’re so good. I now understood the comparison .

“Shiver” includes “Exhale,” a new song Jónsi shared in April via a video for the track he co-directed with Ribisi. When the album was announced, he shared another new song from it, “Swill,” via a Barnaby Roper-directed video for the track. Shiver also features guest vocals from Robyn and was co-produced by A. G. Cook (of PC Music).

It’s been 10 years since Jónsi’s last solo album, 2010’s debut solo album Go. Since then he’s kept busy, including contributing songs to the How to Train Your Dragon films and teaming up with Stockholm-based visual artist/electro-acoustic composer Carl Michael von Hausswolff as Dark Morph (the ambient project released a second album in May). Sigur Rós has also released two albums in that period, 2012’s Valtari and 2013’s Kveikur.

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Iceland Airwaves will be held for the 21st time November 6th. – 9th. 2019. Iceland Airwaves is the world’s most northerly music showcase and industry festival, situated halfway between North America and Europe.

Every year Reykjavík comes alive with music and for four nights in November; music fills every corner of the city and large internationally renowned acts share a stage with up and coming talent from all over the world.

Reykjavík’s annual Iceland Airwaves is one of the world’s best music showcasing festivals, and one of our favorite music festivals, period. Their expertly-curated lineups feature ample Icelandic talent, rising international newcomers and big-name artists, and this year’s lineup is another impressive offering. The 2019 edition will feature 130 bands from 20 countries, and it’s the second consecutive year they’ve achieved a 50/50 artist gender balance. Notable artists playing this year include Of Monsters And Men, John Grant, Whitney and Mac DeMarco. The shows are spread out across the city’s music venues and are in easy walking distance, and you might even want to supplement your experience with some of Iceland’s famously relaxing outdoor excursions.

Our 2016 Iceland Airwaves travel guide recommended The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, Mountain Guides’ Walk on the Ice Side glacier tour and The Northern Lights Mystery Tour. Icelandair offers travel packages to Iceland Airwaves from all over North America and Europe, so if you’re a music fan looking for an unconventional, progressive festival experience in a uniquely beautiful location,

Æ Mak – Agent Fresco – Akkan – Alexandra Stréliski – Alyona Alyona – Amanda Tenfjord – Anna of the North – Aron Can – Ásta -Auðn – Auður – Axel Flovent – aYia – Bagdad Brothers – Berndsen – Bessie Turner – Between Mountains – Biggi Veira (GusGus DJ Set) – Blanco White – Blóðmör – Boy Azooga – Bríet – Cautious Clay – Ceasetone – Detalji – Elín Sif – Free Love – Gabríel Ólafs -GDRN – Georgia – girl in red – Glass Museum – Grísalappalísa – Hatari – Helge – Hildur – Hrím – Hugar – IamHelgi – Ivan Dorn -JFDR – John Grant – Just Mustard – Kælan Mikla – Konfekt – Krassasig – Lydmor – Mac DeMarco – Mammút – Matthildur -Morpholith – Moses Hightower – Murkage Dave – Niklas Paschburg – Of Monsters And Men – Ólöf Arnalds – Orville Peck – PAVVLA – Penelope Isles – Pillow Queens – Pink Milk – Pip Blom – Pottery – Rokky – Seabear – Shame – Siv Jakobsen – Snapped Ankles -SONS – Svavar Knútur – Sykur – The Garrys – The Holy – The Howl & The Hum – Tiny Ruins – Une Misère – Vök – W. H. Lung -Warmduscher – Warmland – Whitney

Check out some of the following bands perfoming this year:

Girl In Red

Who: Buzzy bedroom pop singer/songwriter
What: Wistful, lo-fi songs of young love and angst
Where: Oslo, Norway
Key tracks: “summer depression,” “we fell in love in october”

W.H. Lung

Who: Three-piece guitar band, debut album Incidental Music out now
What: Krautrock-laced synth-pop and indie rock, approachable yet complex
Where: Manchester, U.K.
Key tracks: “Inspiration!,” “Simpatico People”

Free Love

Who: Dance-pop duo formerly known as Happy Meals
What: Moody synth-pop with ’80s and ’90s pastiches
Where: Glasgow, Scotland
Key tracks: “Pushing Too Hard,” “Playing as Punks”

The Holy

Who: Five-piece band with a 2018 debut LP Daughter
What: Melodic heartland rock meets driving post-punk
Where: Helsinki, Finland
Key tracks: “Ramses the Evil Brother,” “Land Before Time”

Just Mustard

Who: Rising, acclaimed five-piece guitar band
What: Flowy, eerie shoegaze and harsh noise-pop guitars
Where: Dundalk, Ireland
Key tracks: “Seven,” “Frank”

Kælan Mikla

Who: The Cure-approved trio, avant-garde poets and performance artists
What: Gothic dream-pop and ethereal darkwave
Where: Reykjavik, Iceland
Key tracks: “Næturblóm,” “Nornalagið”


Who: Five-piece band signed to Partisan Records, SXSW standouts
What: Wonky art rock meets bluesy post-punk
Where: Montreal, Canada
Key tracks: “The Craft,” “Hank Williams


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Pale Moon is a band that can be described as psychedelic rock. They cite their influences as The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac and The Doors. Although they draw inspiration from classic rock era musicians, they band has a modern dreamy indie-rock sound to them. Their debut song is titled “Exile” and features a tight sounding band and vocals that are coated in excellent sounding reverb. The guitars sound bright, the drums and bass carry the track, and the vocals fit perfectly on top of the track to really make the listener get carried into a psychedelic music trance. The song is chill in mood but also feels quite uplifting to the spirit. The music definitely is moving to all who listen. “Exile” is a very strong debut for Pale Moon and we cannot wait to hear what this duo has in store for us next. Pale Moon is made up of Árni Guðjónsson and Natalia Sushchenko.

This song is written by me, Árni and the core of the song, which is the guitar strumming was born while our month-long trip to Mexico. We live in cold Iceland ,so we were very high on vitamin D at that point and enjoyed just being outside. The choir element comes from my obsession of Gospel music while ago. I used to go to see Gospel in a small town in Iceland, Gardabaer and I loved the sound of it. Lyrics are a bit abstract, but there’s a line, “They called me Jesus”, that actually happened in Cuba, I guess because of my long mouse-gray hair. Hard it pinpoint all the influences, but I was listening a lot to Beach Boys at the time and read Keith Richards biography that summer and both things shaped the song a bit in its own way.” – Árni, Pale Moon

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The London/Icelandic trio Dream Wife have a lot of things going for them, and one of those things is their fun, irreverent visual sensibility. Dream Wife released their Fire EP a couple of months ago, and we posted their videos for “Somebody” and “Fire.” Early next year, they’ll follow it up with their self-titled debut album. They’ve just shared their video for the giddy, punked-up new single “Let’s Make Out.” The clip, from director Aidan Zamiri, takes place at a gauzy, ’80s-style prom, with the band performing as couples frantically play tonsil hockey. The band members wear makeup that appears to be an homage to the 1982 cult film Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains. 

Bella Union are very pleased to share with you all the new album from Icelandic quintet Mammút. Kinder Versions’ intense character is obvious from the get-go, with opening tracks ‘We Tried Love’ and the title track the album’s two longest, at over seven and six minuted respectively, embodying everything that is thrilling about Mammút’s ebbing and flowing dynamic. “With those lyrics and the soundscape, those songs had to be the introduction,” Katrína vouches. “And with the [the sparser, gentler] ‘Bye Bye’ following, it’s the most honest way into the album.”



Band Members
Alexandra Baldursdóttir, Andri Bjartur Jakobsson, Arnar Pétursson, Ása Dýradóttir, Katrína Mogensen


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This compellingly tender track features two sets of vocals, both twisted in a kind of union. This duet melts the talents of Ryan Karazija and prolific musician Jófríður Ákadóttir, with scrapes of electronica and warm, soothing pop – everything sounds as if underwater, trapped in a personal bubble, whispered vocals and stabbing, heartbeat percussion.

“It’s funny the first line of ‘Bones’ is ‘first of March’ given the timing of writing this,” says Karazija. “This is a duet I wrote based upon the final text messages between me and my ex girlfriend. The opening line was the last day I ever saw her. This was also the day I realised what this album was going to be. So this date now, one year ago today, symbolises both the ending and beginning of something.


Ryan Karazija,  an integral part of Samaris, Pascal Pinon, and GANGLY. had a busy 2016 after legendary Japanese video game creator Hideo Kojima used Low Roar’s music on trailers for upcoming game. Karazija spent much of 2016 travelling before settling in Poland and sculpting his third album. The final product was recorded in London with Mike Lindsay (Tunng) and in Wales with Andrew Scheps (Adele, Hozier).

Low Roar has also confirmed a healthy heap of UK and Europe shows.


“Each day brings a storm that I am simply not prepared to face/ And I sleep and I dream between my grave and your sweet face,” Ryan Karazija sings clearly on the chilling introduction of Low Roar’s new single “Waiting (10 Years).” Refracted, glittering synths back his calm, high-pitched vocals. Then there’s a pause. Everything is still.

“Waiting (10 Years)” has an enimagtic build as more and more instruments join Karazija’s gentle coos — a rustling tambourine, stoic horns, and a bassline that mimics the elasticity of a rubberband. It’s quite lovely and somewhat melancholy. The single comes off of Karazija’s third album Once In A Long, Long While…,



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“I tell you what I want, what I really really want. I’m gonna fuck you up!” scream this indie-punk Icelandic/Brightonian trio. This re-construction of the Spice Girls is true grrrl power.. Elsewhere, their cut ‘Hey Heartbreak’, taken from EP01, seems to reference ’70s new wave of Blondie and infuse it with fat glam rock riffs. It’s a potent combination that can’t help but endear millions to want to go and discover them live where they’ll be creating some riotous scenes. , longer version of a song that was previously on the Haus of Pins‘ cassette compilation MYTHS in primitive form.

GANGLY – ” Holy Grounds “

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Icelandic trap super-group GANGLY add more colour to their blistering sound with “Holy Grounds”

Nearly two years after the haunting “Fuck With Someone Else,” mysterious trio Gangly return with their second offering. “Holy Grounds” is an oh-so-enticing slow-burn that hears skittering trip hop beats enveloped in lilting Icelandic incantations. But speculation kills the mystery and we waited it out until their Icelandic Airwaves set to confirm our suspicions that it actually Samaris’ Jofridur, Sin Fang/Seabear’s Sindri and Oyama’s Ulfur pulling the strings behind the enticing slow electro Pop .Think Massive Attack if they were fronted by Björk and you’re almost there. This is a band and a sound to get very excited about – and they’re back forIceland Airwaves in November too.