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GANGLY – ” Holy Grounds “

Posted: September 27, 2016 in MUSIC
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Icelandic trap super-group GANGLY add more colour to their blistering sound with “Holy Grounds”

Nearly two years after the haunting “Fuck With Someone Else,” mysterious trio Gangly return with their second offering. “Holy Grounds” is an oh-so-enticing slow-burn that hears skittering trip hop beats enveloped in lilting Icelandic incantations. But speculation kills the mystery and we waited it out until their Icelandic Airwaves set to confirm our suspicions that it actually Samaris’ Jofridur, Sin Fang/Seabear’s Sindri and Oyama’s Ulfur pulling the strings behind the enticing slow electro Pop .Think Massive Attack if they were fronted by Björk and you’re almost there. This is a band and a sound to get very excited about – and they’re back forIceland Airwaves in November too.