LOW ROAR – ” Bones / Waiting “

Posted: April 2, 2017 in MUSIC
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This compellingly tender track features two sets of vocals, both twisted in a kind of union. This duet melts the talents of Ryan Karazija and prolific musician Jófríður Ákadóttir, with scrapes of electronica and warm, soothing pop – everything sounds as if underwater, trapped in a personal bubble, whispered vocals and stabbing, heartbeat percussion.

“It’s funny the first line of ‘Bones’ is ‘first of March’ given the timing of writing this,” says Karazija. “This is a duet I wrote based upon the final text messages between me and my ex girlfriend. The opening line was the last day I ever saw her. This was also the day I realised what this album was going to be. So this date now, one year ago today, symbolises both the ending and beginning of something.


Ryan Karazija,  an integral part of Samaris, Pascal Pinon, and GANGLY. had a busy 2016 after legendary Japanese video game creator Hideo Kojima used Low Roar’s music on trailers for upcoming game. Karazija spent much of 2016 travelling before settling in Poland and sculpting his third album. The final product was recorded in London with Mike Lindsay (Tunng) and in Wales with Andrew Scheps (Adele, Hozier).

Low Roar has also confirmed a healthy heap of UK and Europe shows.


“Each day brings a storm that I am simply not prepared to face/ And I sleep and I dream between my grave and your sweet face,” Ryan Karazija sings clearly on the chilling introduction of Low Roar’s new single “Waiting (10 Years).” Refracted, glittering synths back his calm, high-pitched vocals. Then there’s a pause. Everything is still.

“Waiting (10 Years)” has an enimagtic build as more and more instruments join Karazija’s gentle coos — a rustling tambourine, stoic horns, and a bassline that mimics the elasticity of a rubberband. It’s quite lovely and somewhat melancholy. The single comes off of Karazija’s third album Once In A Long, Long While…,


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