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With “The Prettiest Curse” Hinds shrug off any remaining lo-fi accusations and unveil a widescreen beast of an album, not so much a shift as a quantum leap in their evolution as a band. This is a record positively bursting with life, with the band finally harnessing the full extent of their pop prowess and unleashing songs which sound bigger, bolder, and more complex than anything they have done before. Which isn’t to say they have turned their backs on being Hinds – quite the opposite in fact! Here, they double down on what, precisely, makes them so special – the bright melodies betraying heartbreaking themes of isolation and betrayal, the empowering, don’t mess with us all-girl gang glow – while going even further.

You know how people say that a drop of balsamic vinegar makes strawberries taste more strawberry-ish? Well, on “The Prettiest Curse”, Hinds sound even more Hinds-ish, and marvelously so.


as the sleeve would suggest, the spanish quartet are fully embracing their most colourful, most joyous outlook on life with ‘the prettiest curse’…and we in turn are fully embracing our sunny sides (not something that’s known to happen too often to be fair!).

Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar) – Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar) – Ade Martin (bass)
Amber Grimbergen (drums).

A message from Hinds about Leave Me Alone Deluxe:

“hi! we are Ade, Amber, Ana and Carlotta and this is HINDS. Our first ever album is called Leave Me Alone but this is the deluxe edition. So you can listen to songs you might not know we had and demos recorded with a cellphone. about the demos, first of all, they are not demos. but we couldn’t find the correct way to call them. they never were thought to be shown to the world. while we are writing we record ourselves with our cellphones so we can listen to it again on the bus or wherever and we think new ideas and how to make the song better.

ALL OF THE DEMOS we’ve chose happened when the song was just born, so we are making up English (?) words, or hardly reading the notebook while trying to remember the chords and the structure.

but mysteriously, even thou all this shit, we love them. ’cause they take us exactly to the moment we wrote them. like a time machine. and we seriously hope this magic happens to you too and brings you to drink sangria at 1am sitting on a carpet with us”. 


Lo-fi Spanish indie band Hinds have been on and off the road since releasing a deluxe edition of their debut full-length, Leave Me Alone, last October. That means that the last thing the Madrid-based four-piece released was a cover of Los Nastys’It was Hinds‘ first Spanish-language song. Now, ten months on, they’ve returned with another cover. This time it’s a version of Kevin Ayers’s 1973 song “Caribbean Moon.” The original was heavy on woodwind, and Ayers affected a cringey Caribbean accent through the whole thing, Hinds switching the flutes into a surf-rock guitar lick with a background whistle. The vocals trade off between Carlotta Cosials’s intentional absurdity and Ana García Perrote’s straight(ish) delivery.

Original song by Kevin Ayers (1973) we fell in love with this song the first time paco loco showed it to us in the studio (while recording our second album!!), we didn’t think we needed stronger reasons to do a cover of it 🙂

HINDS – ” Bamboo “

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Hinds at Fever- Shot by Mitch Ikeda

With their first ever album by the Spanish all girl band HINDS called “Leave Me Alone”, now are releasing a Super Magic Deluxe Edition. What is it gonna have ? Look, we don’t wanna spoil the party but… it will be full of amazing songs you’ve never heard, demos we probably shouldn’t be sharing and much more.

Why we shouldn’t be sharing those demos..? the thing is that – they’re not properly demos hahah. but we couldn’t find the correct way to call them. They never were thought to be shown to the world. while we are writing, we always record ourselves with our cellphones so we can listen to it again on the bus or wherever, and we think new ideas an how to make the song better and stuff.

All Of the demo’s we’ve chosen happened when the song was just born, so we are making english words up or hardly reading the notebook while we’re trying to remember the chords and the structure. But mysteriously, even thou all this shit, we love them. ’cause they take us exactly to the moment we wrote them. like a time machine. and we seriously hope this magic happens to you too and brings you to drink sangria at 1am sitting on a carpet with us.


Hinds, four young women from Spain writing music that is both sunny, catchy, but most of all startlingly authentic feeling.  In my opinion authenticity is at a premium in this year of our lord, and any group that can effortlessly evoke something like real, actual life should be worth their weight in gold.  If anything, the lesson to be learned from Hinds is that writing a good song is something very rare, but you know it when you hear it.  How simple it might be hardly enters the equation.

The band are also releasing an animated video with our song “Bamboo”!! do you like cartoons? ’cause you’re gonna love this toon version of Hinds haha.


Leave Me Alone Deluxe

Image of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Benzaiten

The Acid Mothers Temple

In typically fine form, The Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Pairaiso UFO have delivered another smoker to Important Records. Double LP pressed in an edition of 1000 copies. Benzaiten is an In C style homage to the the classic Osamu Kitajima record of the same name. The Acid Mothers Temple covers the title track and reprise using Kitajima’s original composition as a departure point to explore the outer realms of AMT territory. Further instrumental explorations reveal textures of the original composition while launching out further into the cosmic domain. Numerous Acid Mothers original tracks are scattered in between. Benzaiten!

1. Benzaiten
2. December Stops
3. Etekoraku
4. Etekobushi
5. Benzaiten Reprise
6. Benzaitenshu
7. Benzaiten Coda

Image of Pete Astor - Spilt Milk

Pete Astor  –  Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk is the brand new album from indie auteur Pete Astor (The Loft, The Weather Prophets). It was recorded onto ½ inch tape at the home studio of James Hoare of Ultimate Painting, The Proper Ornaments and Veronica Falls, with James playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and singing backing vocals. “He was”, says Astor, “an amazing band.” Other contributions came from members of Astor’s live band, with Pam Berry (Black Tambourine, Withered Hand) supplying vocals, Jack Hayter (Hefner) on pedal steel, Alison Cotton (The Left Outsides) on viola, and Robin Christian (Male Bonding) and Susan Milanovic (Feathers) on drums.

The album has all the hallmarks of a future Pete Astor classic, drawing together key strands and tributaries of his work over the years, blending intuitive songwriting, acute lyrics and incisive melodies. After many years making more experimental, electronic music Astor has come full circle to the sound that made his name. From the opening track “Really Something” to the recent single “Mr Music” (a favourite of Marc Riley and Gideon Coe on BBC 6 music) the album’s re-connects Astor’s bespoke guitar pop with his long-standing embrace of The Velvet Underground’s musical DNA. Other standout tracks include “My Right Hand”, a hymn to everyone’s best friend, with guest appearances from Tony Hancock, Marvin Gaye, Philip Larkin and a host of ex-girlfriends; the slow burning drama of “The Getting There” recalling the atmospheres of Astor’s 80s kindred spirits, The Go-Betweens. Also, there is the wry drive of “Very Good Lock”, summed up by Astor as “a description of an injurious medical condition that often affects the male of the species”.

Elsewhere there are the gorgeous harmonies of the grown up country lament “Good Enough”, which wouldn’t be out of place on one of George Jones’ most heartbroken albums. Spilt Milk is part of a continuum: from Astor’s beginnings with The Loft and The Weather Prophets on Creation Records in the 1980s, via his solo work through the 1990s and his more left field albums with The Wisdom of Harry and Ellis Island Sound on Matador Records, Heavenly and Peacefrog, through to his return to solo work with the Songbox album in 2012.

Image of Jehnny Beth & Julian Casablancas - Boy / Girl

Jehnny Beth and Julian Casablancas –  Boy Girl

Pop Noire Records are pleased to announce the release of a collaboration between Julian Casablancas (The Strokes/The Voidz) and Jehnny Beth (Savages). The two joined forces to duet on a cover of “Boy-Girl”, originally released by seminal Danish punk band, Sort Sol featuring Lydia Lunch. “Sort Sol are cult in Denmark, and today very influential in the Copenhagen scene (Iceage etc…). I would be pleased to make their name known better”, adds Jehnny Beth.

The collaboration stems from the pair’s mutual admiration after meeting while on tour in South America, and having an interest in finding a way to work together. The idea to collaborate became to take shape when Johnny Hostile (Savages producer) suggested the song to Jehnny. “It really made sense when I heard it for the first time. It was the perfect song for Julian and I” says Jehnny who recorded the bulk of the song with Johnny Hostile in Paris, before it was handed to Julian to perfect.

Casablancas notes: “I had never heard the song before and still have no idea what the hell the words are talking about. It sounds like a Danish dude trying sound like he’s saying English sounding words”. The video, that pays tribute to the original version released in the 80’s, was directed by long time visual collaborator and Cult Records’ creative director, Warren Fu. Shots of Jehnny Beth were filmed in London by Giorgio Testi. Pop Noire is an independent record label based in Paris, established in September 2011 by duo of artists, Johnny Hostile and Jehnny Beth, along with French director and graphic designer, Antoine Carlier.

Image of David Bowie - ★ (Blackstar)

David Bowie  –  Blackstar

Spring 2015 brought the announcement of the off Broadway theatre production Lazarus, a collaboration between Bowie and renowned playwright Enda Walsh, to be directed by Ivo Van Hove. Lazarus is inspired by the novel The Man Who Fell To Earth by Walter Tevis, and centers on the character of Thomas Newton, famously portrayed by Bowie in the 1976 screen adaptation. It will feature new Bowie songs alongside fresh arrangements of music from his back catalogue.

On October 6, 2015, an excerpt of Blackstar, a brand new original Bowie track, was revealed in the opening credits of The Last Panthers, a major new crime drama premiering across Europe on Sky Atlantic on November 12th.

On October 25 it was confirmed that Blackstar would be the title of both the forthcoming single and album from David Bowie. The single will be released on November 20th and the album will follow on David’s birthday, January 8th 2016.

Throughout his 50-year career, David Bowie’s work has always surprised, captivated and exhilarated. 2016 will be no exception.

Image of Hinds - Leave Me Alone

Hinds –  Leave Me Alone 

Since bursting onto the DIY scene last summer, HindsAna Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen – have mastered a raw and playful sound all their own. With just a handful of released singles under their belt, Hinds have already earned early support from BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music, NME, Guardian, Beats 1, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The FADER, Gorilla vs. Bear, and many more. Now with the release of their eagerly awaited debut album, Hinds are firmly establishing themselves as one of the most exciting emerging acts of the year and show no sign of slowing down.

Kicking things off with their new single “Garden,” Hinds take us on a badass rock & roll ride on their debut full-length Leave Me Alone. Weaving sun-kissed, 60’s-inspired melodies, executed with a genius call-and-response between co-vocalists and band co-founders Perrote and Cosials, Hinds create the ultimate soundtrack to the best day ever – from start to finish – spent with your four best friends. In addition to previously released fan favorites including the band’s first-ever single “Bamboo,” “Castigadas En El Granero” – which translates in English to “Grounded In The Barn” – and the band’s first new song of 2015 “Chili Town,” Leave Me Alone only gets better with each song. Featuring bright surf-pop tune “San Diego,” the mixed-tempo “Fat Calmed Kiddos,” and a bitter ode to shitty boyfriends in “And I Will Send Your Flowers Back,” Leave Me Alone is guaranteed to bring the Mediterranean sun to you wherever you are in the world at any time of the year.

Image of Wavves / Cloud Nothings - No Life For Me

No Life For Me is the highly anticipated collaborative album between Nathan Williams of Wavves and Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings via Williams’s own imprint, Ghost Ramp. The album was recorded at Williams’s home during sessions in March and June of 2014, with production from Sweet Valley.

“For all their differences, a Wavves / Cloud Nothings collaboration makes a good deal of sense, and fans have been eagerly anticipating an album since it was officially announced back in March…. [The album] is a summery slice of punk that’s more SoCal than Ohio, even if Baldi can’t help but smear his unique brand of melancholy all over standout tracks like ‘Nervous’ and ‘Nothing Hurts’…. “No Life For Me is deeply indebted to early 1980s Southern California punk, a scene that’s probably buried deep in the soil of Williams’ mind by this point…. This is pop music executed with the no-frills precision of hardcore

HINDS – ” Chilli Town “

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Not an EP either you say? Whatever. This compilation pulls together the first few singles by Hinds (previously Deers) and lets everyone share in the joy of their 60s infused garage rock. Through these songs Hinds seem to create a presence, an aura, a personality entirely of their own making and one that 99% of other bands will never achieve. They play like they’re the strongest gang, syndicate, cartel in music. Album out early 2016. Bonus points for being so enthusiastic about themselves that nothing that’s written about them ever matters.


Chili Town was born in a friday afternoon.
while drinking sangria we realized that if our songs were battles, we’ll always end up being the injured soldier.
then we were like “fuck it dude, why are we always the weak one in our lyrics??? what’s wrong with us???”
so yeaaaaahhh we made it! we wrote a winner song! …right?

Hailing from Spain, Hinds is a bursting ball of energy. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other act that is more excited than these four ladies. Their music parallels their free spirits, and that all jangles with controlled chaos.

HINDS – ” Garden “

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Believe it or not, this is the announcing of the Hinds debut album. ‘Leave Me Alone’, which will be released on January 8, 2016 on Lucky Number.

let’s start from the beginning. “Garden” is the first track of twelve songs.
do you know when musicians say they hate their songs? we don’t know if that’s true, we only know it’s not in our case.. ’cause we fucking love this song. and we knew it will open the album since the very beginning. please don’t say it was a shitty decision.

we’ve been one year writing this album only while we were home, and you guys know that didn’t happen very often. but the good part of having to write songs so separately in time is that we wrote about very different feelings we’ve lived. these songs try to represent the 12 faces of love we’ve experienced.
it’s funny ’cause we thought this album would be all party and cheerfulness but , Suprise it’s not!!!!! haha. feelings are more balanced, like in life. so suddenly we had a more sober -or even sad- album than we expected. please don’t think we’ve turned into depressive people or something, we’ve always been humans, it’s just we’re now showing it to you.



Deers aka Hinds performing a short version of ‘Trippy Gum’ from DEMO (2014).Hinds’ Carlotta Cosials has managed to perfectly sum up the spirit the Spanish four-piece have become renowned . It doesn’t matter what they’re up to – a raucous gig in the middle of a chaotic European tour, or an interview on a cold afternoon in Camden while they’re still in their pyjamas – Carlotta and her bandmates (co-singer/guitarist Ana Perrote, bassist Ade Martin and drummer Amber Grimbergen) seem to be in a perpetual state of giddiness. In the past few months, everyone from Mac DeMarco to Palma Violets to The Vaccines have been found at their feet when they roll into town, and it’s easy to see why – their very presence seems to incite a party.

Hinds’ motto epitomises their appeal: nuestras mierdas, nuestras reglas translates, quite literally, as “our shit, our rules”. And they are most definitely a band who do things their own way. “We want to play the music that we enjoy listening to,” Carlotta says. “When we try to write a sad song we always have it going well for a bit, but then someone will come into the room and we’ll all start jumping around until it turns into a happy song. We can’t help it!”

Photo: Thomas Canet /Press

Originally formed as a duo when Carlotta and Ana met through their ex-boyfriends, Hinds’ primary inspiration comes from scuzzy American outfits like the Black Lips (who they recently supported in London), but their history is largely steeped in their home city. “Madrid is our favourite place in the world,” Carlotta beams. It’s the city’s close-knit garage-rock community that provides the heartbeat to their energised lives.

Hinds and their talent thrives alongside their sense of fun, and as a result they’re one of the first bands to come along in years who are completely, gloriously free of pretension. It’s little wonder they’ve already got rock’n’roll royalty taking a keen interest in everything they do – and you can rest assured that the party won’t be stopping any time soon.


Madrid’s Hinds (formerly known as DEERS) share their perfectly ramshackle, very true-to-the-original rendition of Thee Headcoats classic track “Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey!)” that the group has been closing out their notoriously raucous and apparently insanely fun live sets with lately, Recorded and produced with Árni Árnason of The Vaccines, and taken from the group’s forthcoming Record Store Day exclusive split 7″ single with their BFFs and Madrid homies, the Parrots. The limited Hinds ♥ Parrots split is out in April on Lucky Number Recordsin the UK/Europe + via Burger Records in the US.


Hinds (formerly Deers) have a split 7″ with fellow Spaniards The Parrots that will be out on Record Store Day via Burger. For their side, Hinds are tackling Thee Headcoats‘ Farmer John-esque Davey Crockett (Gabba-Hay!) which they don’t change too much, but bring their infectious energy to it. You can stream it, and their two singles, below

HINDS – ” Barn “

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Following a quite-literally barn-storming mini-tour across Europe, featuring a sell-out appearance at Corsica Studios in London and debut UK festival appearance at Bestival, Deers now known as HINDS  , from Madrid, were last week described as “Europe’s most exciting new band” by the NME, and are Ana Garcia Perrote, Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen. ‘BARN’ comprises the first recordings that the group have laid down as a four-piece and follows their debut single ‘DEMO’ released in July. ‘BARN’ was recorded in Berlin and features the tracks ‘Castigadas En El Granero’, which loosely translates as ‘grounded in the barn’, and ‘Between Cans’.

Both songs retain the band’s loose and lo-fi charm, inspired by their undying love for contemporary American garage rock icons such as Mac DeMarco and Ty Segall. Having only been together as Deers for less than a year, ‘BARN’ perfectly displays their chemistry. The intertwining vocals, the warbling guitars, are all precariously held together to create two of the most refreshingly spontaneous pop songs you’ll hear this year.