HINDS – ” Chilli Town “

Posted: January 17, 2016 in MUSIC
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Not an EP either you say? Whatever. This compilation pulls together the first few singles by Hinds (previously Deers) and lets everyone share in the joy of their 60s infused garage rock. Through these songs Hinds seem to create a presence, an aura, a personality entirely of their own making and one that 99% of other bands will never achieve. They play like they’re the strongest gang, syndicate, cartel in music. Album out early 2016. Bonus points for being so enthusiastic about themselves that nothing that’s written about them ever matters.


Chili Town was born in a friday afternoon.
while drinking sangria we realized that if our songs were battles, we’ll always end up being the injured soldier.
then we were like “fuck it dude, why are we always the weak one in our lyrics??? what’s wrong with us???”
so yeaaaaahhh we made it! we wrote a winner song! …right?

Hailing from Spain, Hinds is a bursting ball of energy. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other act that is more excited than these four ladies. Their music parallels their free spirits, and that all jangles with controlled chaos.

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