HINDS – ” Bamboo “

Posted: January 5, 2017 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Hinds at Fever- Shot by Mitch Ikeda

With their first ever album by the Spanish all girl band HINDS called “Leave Me Alone”, now are releasing a Super Magic Deluxe Edition. What is it gonna have ? Look, we don’t wanna spoil the party but… it will be full of amazing songs you’ve never heard, demos we probably shouldn’t be sharing and much more.

Why we shouldn’t be sharing those demos..? the thing is that – they’re not properly demos hahah. but we couldn’t find the correct way to call them. They never were thought to be shown to the world. while we are writing, we always record ourselves with our cellphones so we can listen to it again on the bus or wherever, and we think new ideas an how to make the song better and stuff.


All Of the demo’s we’ve chosen happened when the song was just born, so we are making english words up or hardly reading the notebook while we’re trying to remember the chords and the structure. But mysteriously, even thou all this shit, we love them. ’cause they take us exactly to the moment we wrote them. like a time machine. and we seriously hope this magic happens to you too and brings you to drink sangria at 1am sitting on a carpet with us.


Hinds, four young women from Spain writing music that is both sunny, catchy, but most of all startlingly authentic feeling.  In my opinion authenticity is at a premium in this year of our lord, and any group that can effortlessly evoke something like real, actual life should be worth their weight in gold.  If anything, the lesson to be learned from Hinds is that writing a good song is something very rare, but you know it when you hear it.  How simple it might be hardly enters the equation.

The band are also releasing an animated video with our song “Bamboo”!! do you like cartoons? ’cause you’re gonna love this toon version of Hinds haha.


Leave Me Alone Deluxe

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