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With Joy, Ty Segall & White Fence’s new collaborative set of songs accelerate wildly from where we last found them, sharing one debaucherous mind. Their hits are like mementos buried in the ground, crawling up from the earth with attractive deformity – an auditory return to Salem’s Lot with fresh, mutated sounds bubbling from beneath the surface!
The new album drops July 20th and whatta Joy it is! Patience is a virtue, good things come to those who wait blah, blah, blah— all that’s totally overrated, and it’s why the Presley/Segall hive-mind is dropping “Body Behavior” today, no waiting required! “Body Behavior” absolutely rips, a shock-and-aaahh-hell-yeah clocking in at just over two minutes! It’s damn catchy, some of the purest post-punk-pop imaginable that only two of the most prolific living musicians can offer! Activating the undeniable chemistry you’ve come to love from Ty and Tim, “Body Behavior” roughs up the edges with jagged results that hurt Too good – but we know you can handle it!

Listen to “Body Behavior” now and hang on for the release of Joy, coming July 20th



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In 2013, when last we heard from No Age, the duo were tearing down the mid-’00s drone-punk sound they helped define. Five years later drummer/vocalist Dean Allen Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall came back together to rebuild it into something even bigger and more self-assured. Snares Like A Haircut plays almost like a revue of the band’s career, with all-out punk stompers nestled next to shimmering instrumental meditations, shoegaze ballads, and combinations of the three. Most striking, though, is the poise with which the band has returned to this material, assembling this worthy comeback with even more confidence and musical depth than they showed off at their peak.

Track from LP/CS/CD “Snares Like a Haircut”, released January 26, 2018 on Drag City Records.

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Interdependence Day comes late this year – it won’t be until July 20th that it comes down, and we’re celebrating with a new Ty Segall & White Fence album! Ever since 2012, we’ve been asked when there might be another one from this duo – that was how compelling their Hair album was (and is). If you loved Hair, you’ll definitely be jumping for Joy in late July. Given that Tim Presley aka Mr. White Fence‘s – collaboration with Cate Le BonDrinks’ 
Hippo Lite, is still cooling on the sill, this is pure bonus, and we dig it for that, just as we feel great for scoring bonus Ty too – but when we do this, we’re really missing the point. Having made one record together already, Ty and Tim know what it’s like to bring themselves into a project like this. In fact, they’re transcended it. This time, they came to collaboration expecting to find themselves there. And darn if they didn’t – in shared space, as one entity. It’s interesting to see them mingled amoebically, and as a result, Joy has a whole new thing about it that takes it far beyond any “Hair 2”. Come July, you’ll know what we mean by this. For now, just get “Good Boy” on repeat – before you know it, Joy will have arrived!

Something has been missing from the last few mini-millennia we’ve all been living through here in the two-thousand-teens, but it is a discreet thing; have you noticed at all? . If you can raise your thousand yard stare from the heart of the campfire embers, you might be roused by the sign that’s been posted on your cabin wall: our old favorite neo-troubadours Espers are manifesting once again!.

Re-birthed into an inextricably changed world after the interminable gap of nearly a decade, Espers mean to bring their kaliedoscopic folk vibe back with a vengeance – while not committing to a world tour , their three shows in the Northeast will doubtless be a potent presentation of their earthy-yet-expansive style! The classic sound of Espers is intact (Greg WeeksMeg BairdBrooke SietinsonsHelena EspvallOtto Hauser) and you know what that means; impeccable live performance of an almost timeless vintage.


  • Espers (2004)
  • The Weed Tree (2005)
  • II (2006)
  • III (2009)

It’s summer at last and with all this fresh energy transferring through the air, none is fresher than that of Wand the Los Angeles psych-rock band’s video for “Pure Romance.” 

Both previously released singles from Perfume, Wand’s forthcoming 30-minute EP, show off the band’s range, from the hyperactive strobe-light-psych of the title track to the oh-so-pretty kaleidoscopic-pop of “The Gift.” “Pure Romance” features Wand in a floral strut that winds outward, reminiscent of The Left Banke’s fanciful baroque-pop minus the strings and French horns. “We both act very funny / The expressions that we hid,” Cory Hanson sings of timeless moments of desire, his voice hanging over guitars that interlock in and out of each other like new lovers. Within that span we’ve seen the line-up expand and evolve, as Wand enter a phase of maturation that must be seen to be believed. The sound, the energy, and the magic all held within Wand‘s orb are at full capacity – it’s a mesmerizing, super-sonic quake, are you ready for it?

Official music video for Wand’s “Pure Romance”, off of their Perfume EP.  comes out May 25th via Drag City.

Freedom’s Goblin is honkin’ down the highway as we speak. With axes, electric keys, vocal cords and full batterie, natch (plus saxophone), Ty Segall and the gang on the Freedom’s Goblin World Freedom Tour (with the Europe legs kicking in late May) are lifting up our people one city at a time, with music played in exchange for a slice of OUR LIVES (and a measly few bux)! What better a time for a new single! It’s a different take on the album-opener (and live fave) “Fanny Dog”! Recorded with Boo Mitchell in Memphis at Royal Studios, the chooglin’ groove, dancing barrelhouse piano and fat horns on this version send a ‘specially warm, soulful vibration out to the listener everywhere! GO see the show – get tix for the one coming down the road – but if you’re out of the way, or just simply can’t, why not give “Fanny Dog” a walk – she’ll love you for it!

Oooh-ooh that smell, can’t you smell that smell? The smell of Wand surrounds you! Yes – “Perfume” is on the wind, and time is inching closer and closer to the much-anticipated May 25th EP drop, but how about another snoot-ful to carry you through until then? A bit of “Pure Romance” perhaps, with chimes of guitars, crisp and fresh melodies and a core-shattering thump that takes hold with an iron grip, drawing you tight into a dangerous liaison of pop and rock, as both long for one another powerfully. Wand paints electrifying hues, beaming shocks of light that flagrantly provoke the dark with a bright balayage of sound and vision for your ears.  YES!  “Perfume” is coming soon, so take in the creamy, spiky aroma of “Pure Romance”.


You may now listen to “Perfume”, the latest single off our “Perfume EP”. Perhaps you’ve heard us play it live the last couple of tours and been like “what the heck iz that song?” well now you know!
Smells like 30 new minutes of new music via seven new electric hues, shocks of light that flagrantly provoke the dark, a posy’s clutch of purple, fuchsia, green and snowy white that curl against the stench of plague. With “Perfume”, Wand presents olfactory events that recall futures and pasts.
releases May 25th, 2018
Band Members
Sofia Arreguin,
Evan Burrows,
Robbie Cody,
Cory Hanson,
Lee Landey,

Don’t call it a comeback, but nearly five years after their last record, LA duo No Age has returned with its fifth full-length. Since 2005, guitarist Randy Randall and drummer/vocalist Dean Spunt have toyed with the idea and the definition of punk, always redefining it in terms of their sound but never wavering from the ethos underpinning it. With 2013’s An Object, for example, the pair physically made ten-thousand copies of the record themselves, despite the fact that it was being released on Sub Pop Records, a label more than capable of manufacturing those copies itself.

Of course, the world has changed a lot since then, and it seems that No Age are poised to confront it with these twelve songs. That said, this album doesn’t rage against the machine with visceral aplomb, but given that this is No Age, that’s perhaps not surprising. Instead, the pair provide a disturbing and unsettling soundtrack to reflect these disturbing and unsettling times—a fuzzy, fizzling backdrop to the chaos and trauma that surrounds us at the moment.

The record begins on a somewhat antagonistic note, with the rambunctious and frenzied surge of “Cruise Control.” But even in that rush of buzzsaw guitars and charged feedback, there’s an unavoidable warmth, one that both reflects but then transcends any problems at hand, be they personal or political or a combination of the two. This is the case for many of the rest of these songs—“Stuck in the Changer” is wistful but forceful, “Popper” doom-laden but also optimistic, and the instrumental title track a soothing flood of comfort. It’s both a non-song—an interlude, an afterthought—and the most important track on the record, offering, as it does, some time to reflect, a moment of near-meditative calm.

There is—as there always has been on No Age records—a sense of almost naïve innocence. This is a band continuing to make music the way it wants to make music with no concerns for how other people will perceive it, and that approach serves them just as well here. Because this is a record that—subtly, subconsciously—offers some kind of solace while also invoking the unnerving and disquieting times we live in. A song like “Sqashed,” for example, with its nod to The Velvet Underground, simultaneously puts you on edge and gets you through it. For better or worse, it’s the perfect backdrop to life in 2018, and for as long as we need it, this album will be here to help.

In certain musical circles, the word “accessible” is a death sentence, a Judas-esque betrayal. Or worse, a synonym for “sell-out.” For noise-punk veterans No Age, it means their best release in recent memory. With recurring choruses and a selection of guitar riffs you can actually hum, much of Snares Like a Haircut feels like a new era for Dean Spunt and Randy Randall, who got their start doing time at L.A.’s The Smell, a grotty, sweat-marinated touchstone of DIY legitimacy. “Cruise Control” signals this change, as the duo turn their churning, rumbling noise into an almost hooky(!) melody, and introducing the positive feeling of release that characterizes the album

Track from LP/CS/CD “Snares Like a Haircut”, released January 26, 2018 on Drag City Records.

19 tracks strong, with an unrestricted sense of coming together to make this album. It wants you to get your head straight – but first, the process will make your head spin. Back in the ‘Twins’ days, there was talk about the schizophrenia of Ty’s outlook; today, it’s super-dual, with loads of realities all folding back on each other. We’re tracking five or six full-blown personalities, unconcerned with convention or continuity.

The songs came in the flow of the year: days of vomit and days of ecstasy and escape too and days between. The rulebook may have been tossed but ‘Freedom’s Goblin’ is thick with deep songwriting resources, be it stomper, weeper, ballad, screamer, banger or funker-upper, all diverted into new Tydentities – each one marking a different impasse, like a flag whirling into a knot, exploding and burning on contact, in the name of love and loathing.

‘Freedom’s Goblin’ wears a twisted production coat: tracks were cut all around, from LA to Chicago to Memphis, whether chilling at home or touring with the Freedom Band. Five studios were required to get all the sounds down, engineered by Steve Albini, F Bermudez, Lawrence ‘Boo’ Mitchell and of course, Ty himself. The goal was getting free, embracing any approach necessary to communicate new heights and depths, new places for the fuzz to land among octaving harmonies, dancefloor grooves, synths, saxes and horns, jams, post-Nicky-Hopkins R&B electric piano vibes, children-of-the-corn psycho-rebellions, old country waltzes and down-by-the-river shuffles. Basically, the free-est pop songs Ty’s ever put on tape and one about his dog too.

UNCUT – Album of the Month 9/10
MOJO – 4/5 Californian garage rock with themes from a multitude of influences for fans of Crazy Horse and Marc Bolan. Freedom’s Goblin’ via Drag City Records is the new Ty Segall album:


1. Fanny Dog , 2. Rain , 3. Every 1’s A Winner ,4. Despoiler Of Cadaver , 5. When Mommy Kills You ,6. My Lady’s On Fire , 7. Alta , 8. Meaning , 9. Cry Cry Cry , 10. Shoot You Up , 11. You Say All The Nice Things , 12. The Last Waltz ,
13. She Prison , 14. Talkin’ 3 , 15. The Main Pretender , 16. I’m Free , 17. 5 Ft. Tall , 18. And, Goodnight .