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Keep it locked in your mind Corey Hanson’s band Wand’s incredible new batch of jams, called “Plum” is on track for release on September 22nd, Wand present the video for new single “Bee Karma,” and all its ascendant riffs! “Bee Karma” has everything you’d want from a music video,  beautiful shots, emotional narrative, Super 8 footage, and a clown! Say what? Yeah, as Wand’s Cory Hanson puts it: “The video stars my brother Casey as the clown that I drive around.  Abby Banks shot all the footage of him in the car, then I shot all the double exposure dancing parts on a high school assembly stage. It’s an age old story.  In the end, the good clown wins and gets to be free. He dances.” In the end, we’re all looking to win and be free, aren’t we.

Track from “Plum” by Wand, available on LP/CS/CD/Digital, released by Drag City Records on September 22nd, 2017. Video directed by Cory Hanson.

Bill MacKay and Ryley Walker inspired collaboration continues with a 2nd volume of freshly baked tunes.
They call it, “SpideBeetlebee” , It’s been nearly two years since their much-admired 2015 debut, Land of Plenty (Whistler Records), and SpiderBeetleBee more than makes up for the long wait with a rich, resonant batch of performances that elevate the guitar duo’s sound into an ever-widening panorama of styles.

Their first album was developed over a month-long live residency at Chicago’s Whistler, reflecting MacKay and Walker‘s joy in their newly found playing relationship.As kindred spirits, they found in their playing the ability to wordlessly finish a phrase or suggest a direction while speaking solely through their guitars. SpiderBeetleBee continues fluidly through and beyond a similar path of psych-folk-blues-raga, brewing further explorations in mixed-and-matched idioms, turning composed melodies inside-out via improvisation, and finding in the blend a shared Walker/MacKay pasture, serendipitously located somewhere between Appalachian and the Highlands.
SpiderBeetleBee radiates forth with equal parts austerity and whimsy, as evidenced in the lead single “I Heard Them Singing”. Generating a nimble tempo with the aid of MacKay’s requinto (a kind of 5-string Mexican guitar), Walker’s rolling chords and the percolating tabla of Ryan Jewell, “I Heard Them Singing” suggests an unknown short-cut from Brazil to India!

Bill MacKay: 6 string guitar, requinto, glass slide
Ryley Walker: 6 & 12 string guitars


In order to survive this long hot season of discontent, it’s vital to chew down on stuff that’s not just all negativity, you know? So if you’re fixin’ to stay positive, throw Ty Segall’sstrong “Fried Shallots” into your brain pan and flame on for a quick snack! “Fried Shallots” is a handful of numbers from different times and places over the past few years that all work together in a weird way. That’s something that we should all be striving for: all working together in a weird way!

But “Fried Shallots” isn’t simply good weird fun: the profits from this release will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union, whose defense of our rights is badly needed now – especially in the face of the government pigs who are don’t care about the constitution and are determined to thin our herd so that they and their corporate sugar-daddies can grow ever fatter off the deprivations of the common man-clan! Don’t you let ’em do it! Organizations like the ACLU help secure freedoms that allow individuals to stay individual in the face of the choking tides of oppression. Ty Segall‘s is here to help us surf those tides and not be swept under. is available for digital purchase exclusively on Bandcamp, but a physical release will follow on August 25th,


With Untouchable, Kelly has raised the stakes even more than his previous album “Goes Missing”, now fully embracing some of the more outwardly power-pop sensibilities he’d hinted at in previous records.

Kelly has become synonymous with L.A. fuzz-punk contemporaries like Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin, and has played in projects with both men. What’s remarkable about Kelly, though, is his confidence in his voice, and it’s a primary focal point throughout Untouchable. Kelly’s vocals are amped up to the forefront, a move that makes for more memorable, hummable moments, as is evident right out of the gate on LP opener “Broken Record.” The song’s slow-burn guitar progression is just monotonous enough to invite Kelly’s meandering melodies to enchant the vibe, as he sings “I took to making circles round the world/every time I run through/I take to making circles round some girl/Like a broken record I hear myself put it in a tune.”


Continuing onto the fantastic “Real Enough to Believe,” Kelly homes in on a perfectly proportioned ‘60s pop format, fully welcoming the dreaded “derivative” song. Rather than being careful to avoid direct aural influences from his favorite styles of music, Kelly embraces the nuances of decades of rock ‘n’ roll and reinvents it in his own smorgasbord of cool. “Real Enough to Believe,” against all odds, rivals the brilliant standout track “Be What You Are” from Goes Missing, a feat that once seemed near-impossible.

Untouchable revels in a generally lo-fi mix that sits well with the record’s found-sound ambiance, in another nod to Kelly’s nomadic muses. “That’s When It’s Over” writhes in a mid-song homage to “Hey Joe,” with Kelly’s scintillating guitar solos saluting both Hendrix and the wormy noodling of the Dead. Perched in the thick of the album’s more thoughtful tunes, “That’s When It’s Over” is a juggernaut of energy that perfectly splits the record into two parts. The song’s breakneck riffing explodes with a full head of steam, chugging along atop motorik drums and Kelly crooning, hooting and hollering to a repeated refrain of “In the heart of her heart, she don’t care.”

In its more tender moments, Untouchable unloads heavier pseudo-ballads like the titletrack. With little more than a reverb-y acoustic guitar and a plunky bass backing, Kelly lets his gorgeous voice take even more of a central role, stripped of the blistering leads that permeate most of the album. “Will It To Be” follows suit near the end of the record, a twisted ballad that finds Kelly cooing “I’m holding back now/but I’m getting closer/I am pretending I don’t need to know or even care at all.” The song’s moody, Velvet Undergroundian darkness comes through despite its Fleetwood Mac facade, with rhythmic instruments set deep and foreboding under Kelly’s fluttering melodies.

The magic moments found on Untouchable speak to Kelly’s swaggering confidence—as if that weren’t perhaps alluded to enough in the album’s very title. As a result, the ambitiousness of his work seems increasingly more destined to join the canon of timeless pop from which The Cairo Gang’s songs find their roots.

The spiny tingle of excitement, the building anticipation of ritual! Chord progressions in the key of the heart! Star-crossed breakthroughs and guitars cross-talking with a bejeweled ennui throughout interrelationships .

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Ty Segall has released a new music video for “Break a Guitar,” and it’s pretty wild stuff.

Directed by Matt Yoka, the never-ending barrage of spinning images starts off relatively normal and gets progressively weirder. We think it’s safe to assume that any music video that opens with Fred Armisen karate-kicking a guitar is going to be a trip. After that, we watch an increasingly bizarre kaleidoscope of Segall and his Freedom Band (Emmett Kelly, Mikal Cronin, Charles Moothart and Ben Boye) tumbling through space while Segall “elucidates on the universal absurdity of the rock and roll dream.”

According to a press release, the video aims to “distill the warped desires from Ty Segall’s twisted brain, providing true catharsis for performer and viewer alike.” We suggest waiting until you’ve had a cup of coffee or two at least to dive into Segall’s mind.

A clean flow; something real for a world that doesn’t know what it’s holding. Ty keeps us guessing while splashing our collective face with no shortage of astringent tunes of all colors.

Song from LP/CS/CD “Ty Segall”, released January 27th, 2017 on Drag City Records.

In the meantime, revisit Segall and his band’s recent live TV performance of “Break a Guitar” on Late Night With Seth MeyersTy Segall and his Freedom Band, made up of Mikal Cronin , Charles Moothart, Emmett Kelly and Ben Boye, performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers . They played “Break a Guitar,” the opener off of Segall’s recently released selt titled.

These last few years have seen a prolific amount of releases from the man Ty Segall’s  from “Goodbye Bread” , Ty Segall has his finger on it. digging into your vinyl, since 2008. Ty plays the show one-man-band style and goes home and plans the rest: the records you got, tunes in your head, the unpretentious display of rock wealth. It’s 2011. Ty is 23.

Twins, It ain’t two records, but it is called Twins. Ty‘s new mind-blow won’t just make you see double, it’ll make you be double! Fold in on yourself endlessly, hold your own hand, and leap towards the mega-Segall-meteor of 2012, Twins.

Sleeper, Ty as Warrior of Mars, here to save Earth’s soul with naught but his six-string resonating axe and freedom-inducing sleeping technique. Sleep with the Segall, dream your dreams!

Manipulator, The clarion call/siren sound of his guitar….the helium-steamed ride of the vocals….track after track, releasing the thought that have been holding us down, all in the name of getting higher on pop songs. Why have one when you can have two? It’s a big world, and Manipulator has only begun to fight.

Emotional Mugger  guitars sliced with scribble graffiti sprawled across the hemispheres;
stuttered, stunted, dual-mono machine dreams flashing sudden stereophobic and back again / two screens alone together squeezing shaking oozing metallic pool like brain blood, slowly draining away
all mental life. shaking ass / nihility at most corrodes candy’s gone no more fun.

Drag City Records  are making these available to you and your pals on sale for this limited time

Ty Segall - credit: Kyle Thomas

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The exploratory transition into solo song-scribe found on Cory Hanson’s “The Unborn Capitallist From Limbo” put newly formed strengths as a songwriter and lyricist on display with palpable acuity. After its release at the end of 2016 and the fantastic February tour of the Pacific Northwest that followed, it’s about time we approach The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo from a new angle, and through a lens: yes, Cory has a fresh music video ripe for consumption! “Garden of Delight” was shot earlier this year, blending cerebral melancholy and lush arrangements of song with the soothing western sun and earthly, botanical surroundings, guiding us on a trip through the looking glass.

Shot on 8mm and mini-DV, directed by Elise Tyler and edited by Wand’s Evan Burrows, “Garden of Delight” looks as timeless and wistful as it sounds.

Song from “The Unborn Capitalist from Limbo”, released on November 11th, 2016. Available on LP, Cassette, CD, and digital from Drag City Records.

purling hiss

We’re highlighting new music from Philadelphia’s Purling Hiss , so get ready to rock out with lots of fuzzed guitars.

The trio released their new album recently  “High Bias” this past Friday. They’re a band that seems to keep a steady stream of material flowing, as this marks their third record for Drag City in just four years. And yet they never feel thrown together or haphazard – everything Mike Polizze and comany put to tape is patiently coaxed out of a collection of years-old riffs and spur-of-the-moment jams. For its part, “Fever” showcases Hiss’ layered, full sound that is still nuanced. We get scuzzy guitars and a barrage of percussion right out the gate, with Polizze’s garage-fi vocals slinking in amidst howls and solos.


In preparing for the first album Six Organs Of Admittance new music since 2012’s Ascent, Ben Chasny had a think about what he’d be saying in his own tongue for the first time in a half-decade. As ever, a head-full of ideas were driving him to think and speak music as a spirituality superimposed onto a reality, with the ghosts of both whispering at each other. In the end, what sits in our listening ears is the sound of communion . Burning The Threshold brings a wealth of Six Organs-styled lightness into one of his sweetest musical meditations yet.

With a spacious acoustic sound stage, Burning the Threshold may actually more resemble 2011’s Asleep on the Floodplain or 2005’s School Of The Flower.  but our sense of what is true tells us that nobody plays acoustic music quite like Six Organs of Admittance, and that furthermore, nothing sounds so much like Burning the Threshold as Burning the Threshold.

Ben is in a particularly expansive mood this time around, singing and playing with all the thoughts affixed to a quiver of potent melodies launching forth and arcing out through dimensions, seeking infinite space. This space radiates out from the album’s first single, “Taken By Ascent,” a seven minute plus burner that engulfs the surrounding realm with empathetic waves. Featuring the thrilling vocal accompaniment of Haley Fohr, the massive drumming of Chris Corsano, and flourishing keys of Cooper Crain,

With this new music, Ben Chasny has created a potent tonic for our times. Looking at the world through clear eyes beneath a knitted brow, but with a laugh rising up from its heart, Burning the Threshold brings us a powerful draught of essence. 


First single from the forthcoming Six Organs of Admittance album entitled “Burning The Threshold”, Out February 24th 2017.

Garage wizards Ty Segall & White Fence unleash a tangle of snarling guitars and spirited rhythms in an exceptional live performance at Room 205.

If your musical tastes run from the guitar arsenals of Amon Duul II to the mind warps of The Animated Egg, then you might agree that Ty Segall and Tim Presley, from White Fence, who have just made one of the best new psych-garage albums of the early 21st Century. But for this episode, they teamed up with friends Mikal Cronin (bass) and Nick Murray (drums) to deliver a sonic freakout par excellence. That director Michael Reich and engineer Jon Gilbert captured them performing live together for the first time is just-in the truest sense of the word-awesome.

Whether you’re walking, rolling and tumbling, flying, driving your car, or sitting in meditation, wherever you go, You don’t always see the wild mystery of everyday life on this rock, but your connection to The Eternal is always present. You just can’t see it. Today, you’re in luck… up to your frontal lobes in luck. Ty Segall & White Fence have cast their X-ray vision upon you and can see the blood rocking through your veins and the blood vessels in your brain. Join them in joy as they blast live through three tracks from the new album Hair on Drag City Records.