Posted: July 4, 2021 in MUSIC
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March 2021 American singer/songwriters Matt Sweeney and Bonnie Prince Billy (who seems to sleep with his guitar lately. He’s everywhere) joined forces in 2005 for a long player release called “Superwolf” .They got together again to can another LP, titled, “Superwolves” due out 30th April 2021.

Billed not just as a follow-up but a direct sequel to its predecessor. It’s perhaps no surprise that they’ve managed to recapture that same energy – their nearly 25-year-old friendship has only sharpened their ability to play off each other’s strengths, becoming the sole constant character throughout the album’s loose and ambiguous narratives. But Superwolves is also marked by a newfound sense of vitality and purpose: these are crisp, buoyant songs that eschew the introverted, solitary qualities often associated with the singer-songwriter tag without stripping away the unique intimacy that can arise from it. There’s still a lot to unpack, but the ease with which the two artists exchange ideas is accompanied by song writing that, at its core, is stronger and more direct than before, relying on emotional impact rather than ambivalence. “Got no friends, got no home/ There must be a someone I can turn to,” Oldham sings on highlight ‘There Must Be Someone’; Sweeney steps in for a brief solo halfway through, but his playing remains less an answer than a constant, reassuring presence.
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One of the 14 tracks is MY BLUE SUIT. A characteristic troubadour ballad. Smooth, mellow, and romantic.

Track from the Matt Sweeney & Bonnie “Prince” Billy album “Superwolves,” out on Digital & Streaming on April 30th, 2021 and LP/CS/CD on June 18, 2021 from Drag City/Palace Records and Domino Recordings.

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