The PEACERS – ” Blexxed Rec “

Posted: March 27, 2021 in MUSIC
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What’s set The Peacers apart from other bands from that scene they’re travelling alongside (and exchanging members with) is a more baroque, acoustic approach to their garage vision; maybe a little more Pearls Before Swine in that initial mix than say, Bubble Puppy, maybe more ’66 than ’69.

It’s about time we had a third album from them; There was the 2015’s self-titled debut, full of lazy, glammy nuggets, and Introducing The Crimsmen, which followed two years on and well, whaddya know, the second Peacers line-up, the one that recorded that second album after exactly two-thirds of the album one version made for the out door – they’ve held firm to the tiller for this little beauty, “Blexxed Rec”, so props, Bo Moore, Shayde Sartin and Mike Shoun. Mike Donovan may have headed for the east coast and dropped a couple of solo sets, but they’ve kept a welcome in the Cali hillsides. Jolly good show. No time to shilly-shally. 

we are hyped that The Peacers return on Drag City with “Blexxed Rec”. Lush details and laid back psych-pop vibes. We really like this band. Irrepressible full-spectrum psych-pop. Suddenly, with three singer-songwriters, they’re the subterranean Beatles, a loaded Revolver. Strumming every guitar and every bass drum, rebuilding pop in it’s own fiendish image,Blexxed Rec is a blessed event for all you rock and roll people. Go knock on every door! Wake the world! The Peacers are at hand.

 “Ghost of a Motherfucker” takes us on deeper, every riff counting, Mike beaming in from AM radio in a rusty Chevy a la Christine; timeless. And it riffs up atonally and lazy ass deliciously while that motherfucker sleeps all day.

“Ghost of a Motherfucker” is a track from The Peacers album “Blexxed Rec,” . This long awaited album from The Peacers, Blexxed Rec, is out today! Full spectrum psych-pop for all. Strumming every guitar and every bass drum, rebuilding pop in it’s own fiendish image, Blexxed Rec is a blessed event. Wake the world!

The actual album came preluded by a single, “Irish Suit Oblique”, and that also came with a video; so why the hell not, you can take a squinny at that down by the sales kickers desk. It has an eerie little eddy, it does, with that oblique comment on the masked world we currently inhabit in that mesh fruit bag face covering, maybe; strange, cut-up sentences steal up the screen, all to visually inform a tune with bags of atmosphere and a deliciously baroque-psych vibe.

“Irish Suit” is a track from The Peacers album “Blexxed Rec,” out on LP, Cassette, & Streaming on March 26th, 2021, from Drag City Records.

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