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The Australian-born Julia Jacklin released her debut full-length, “Don’t Let the Kids Win”, back in October and she’ll be playing selections from that album during the night’s set.

Julia Jacklin had the Lincoln Hall crowd wrapped around her finger by the end of her 8-song set this past Saturday night. Kicking off at 8:30PM, Jacklin immediately snagged the audience’s attention during the initial song, “Hay Plain.” The song starts off slow and creeping, adding vulnerability to Jacklin’s haunting vocals, but eventually builds up towards the later half of the song. The crowd began to sway along as the set moved right along into “Leadlight,” one of the singles from Jacklin’s 2016 debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win.  “Thank you for coming early. That’s really kind of you,” Jacklin humbly told the crowd before diving into the next song, “Motherland,” another one that begins more stripped back, eventually adding additional layers.

As the set reaches the halfway mark, Jacklin’s band leaves the stage for her to perform “LA Dream” solo, her candid lyrics, rich voice, and her guitar playing mesmerizing the audience. Jacklin introduced her band at this time, mentioning she’s played in Chicago once before, but there were “400 times more people” there than the last time. The mood remained mellow and slow for the next song, “Eastwick,” but the pace immediately picked up with the entirety of the band in full swing for Jacklin’s latest single, “Coming Of Age.”

Julia Jacklin performs “LA Dream” filmed live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on May 13, 2017.

Jacklin thanked Andy Shauf before playing her debut single, “Pool Party,” one of her singles that she’s also directed the music video for (the other being “Leadlight”).  The beautiful performance closed out with the title track from Jacklin’s album. Live, Julia Jacklin executes her warm and full tone flawlessly.

Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin’s star continues to rise and we couldn’t be happier for the Sydney based singer-songwriter. Her latest video and single is “Eastwick” from her captivating record Don’t Let The Kids Win.

The video for “Eastwick” is self-directed by Julia

New single from upcoming 7″ “Eastwick/Cold Caller”

Out September 15th via Polyvinyl Records, Transgressive Records and Liberation Music

Julia Jacklin has shares new video for single 'Coming of Age'

Julia Jacklin has shared a new video for ‘Coming of Age,’ a track taken from her debut album, “Don’t Let The Kids Win”. A resolve to accept the passing of time, the snappy fuzz of ‘Coming of Age’ perfectly encapsulates the mood of Julia’s debut. Discussing the video, Jacklin offered the following:

“I spent a lot of my teenage years wandering the streets of my hometown Springwood, so it seemed fitting to make the music video for ‘Coming Of Age’ with my high school friend behind the camera and my younger brother and I in front,” she said.

“My first job was at the Springwood gardens Chinese restaurant and I managed to get my old boss in a shot. I didn’t think he’d remember me, it’s been a decade since I spent my weekends cleaning plates and putting prawn crackers in the deep fryer.”

About the track, Julia said: “It’s louder than my other songs… more guitars, more noise. It’s about the need for a new muse when one has given you all it can. It’s also like a mirror pep talk. Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, “Come on, girl!”, stop fretting over the passing of time and just get to work.”

Honest songwriting and insight beyond her years are at the core of Julia Jacklin’s debut album, Don’t Let the Kids Win. This Australian Sydney singer-songwriter’s lyrical prowess shines over understated guitar, making her exploration into the anxieties of growing older all the more compelling. ‘Don’t Let The Kids Win’ finds beauty in its universal truth. Its simplicity speaks louder than any metaphor ever could. Julia Jacklin’s structures centre around a rhetoric that encourages self-reflection, urging you to seek answers from the past that will eventually allow you to step into a unclouded and hopeful future. A wonderful album and one of the strongest releases this year she played a great set recently , So looking forward to her return early next year.

Don't Let the Kids Win - Ltd Blue vinyl LP

The Australian singer-songwriter’s rich vocals lead every track on her debut album “Don’t Let The Kids Win” to uncontested victory, without leaving a shred of evidence that this is her first time on the job. Instead, the album plays like it’s her 70th year on the rodeo circuit. It seems that in Jacklin, we’ve stumbled upon an artist who just gets it. Gets how to write and record a collection of songs that sway together in a perfect union of vintage and contemporary sound, how to creatively direct clever and visually stunning music videos, and today, how to sit down and pen a revealing track-by-track explanation of her brand new album. Anyway, the whole album is fucking incredible, and the fact that it’s the 24-year-old Australian’s debut record blows my mind.

Pool Party

I was still finishing the lyrics the night before we recorded it. I’d never really played it live so I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to sound like. We recorded it once completely differently, with a very different feel. I really liked it for the first couple of days but then was like ah this is a bit nuts. It was super-fast and drum heavy so it felt a little stressful. It’s about wanting someone in your life to get help if not for themselves then for you. Kind of inspired by the Girl Guide pool parties my family hosted when I was a kid.


This is one of my favourite songs and one of the first ones I wrote. Couldn’t really get it in the studio. Ben really helped out. I just remember mentioning something about how I heard a choir at the end and before I could say another word he was in there yelling his heart out into a microphone. It documents the tail end of a great relationship.

Coming of Age

It’s about hearing an artist you really like and then freaking out that you’ll never make anything anywhere near as good and no one will care about you or care about your music, you know the feeling. Then being like ah fuck it, just do it and see what happens. The heaviest the record gets I’d say.


This song I wrote about a good friend of mine. Just about encouraging your friends to keep pushing with music, letting them know you’re there with them. One of my favourite recordings.


This song nearly didn’t make the record. I don’t know why, l love it now and I love performing it. There was something missing in NZ and I didn’t really connect with it. But here it is! It’s about wondering if people I don’t know will ever come to my gigs and not my long suffering and completely amazing supportive family and friends.

LA Dream

I really love this song so of course it was super hard to record. I think I recorded this on the last day. I just had to get it down. Because it’s a live take it’s hard to ever feel super confident with the whole piece. I made Ben leave the studio, so it was just the dogs and me in there.

Small Talk

My dad resembles the actor Zach Braff and that was the springboard for this song. Real deep. I also just wanted to write a song with only 2 chords. Ben had some great visions for this track I think it was the first one we recorded over there. I was a bit nervous because Tom my drummer didn’t realise his passport was out of date so I had to get a session guy in to record it. He was so great though and brought something different to the recording.

Sweet Step

Hey what do you know, another song about not being heard and wondering if I ever will be! Come on Julia.

Same Airport, different man

This is where I get the bluesiest I probably ever will. Just a repetitive song about the issues that arise with mixing a love for travel and a love for loving people. Also how as I get older the less drama I need in relationships. That drama doesn’t mean it’s better.

Hay Plain

It was my first time driving back from Adelaide on my own. I had just gotten on to the Hay Plain and my petrol light went on. It was a scary but really beautiful drive. The sun was setting and I just think the Hay Plain is so spectacular. I wrote this song whilst driving, just singing away trying to distract myself from the looming empty tank situation.

Don’t Let The Kids Win

This was the last song I wrote for the album and it ended up being the title track. I think it sums up the theme of the record nicely and where I was in my life at the time. Doubting everything but a bit too tired to let it get to me too much. Just kind of going well…yeah I’m freaking out about getting older and running out of time but so is everyone! So just sing about it, move on and keep working.

Don’t Let The Kids Win is out now!

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The Aussie from the Blue Mountains is supporting the ace country-soul seven-piece Whitney on tour this autumn and her singles to date suggest her debut album will be just as perfectly formed as theirs. Not an album many would expect to see on an end-of-year list but it is there for a good reason. In a sea of solo artists laying down their songs and trying to impress – few make such a mark as Julia Jacklin. The Australian newcomer wrote the album in response to those around her growing-up and developing in life. Whether buying a home or moving abroad: Jacklin felt grounded and rootless by comparison. The songs address the need to make changes and the issue of age. The catchy single Coming of Age finds Jacklin tackling premature middle-age (Jacklin is twenty-five) and the necessity of making the most of time. The rest of Don’t Let the Kids Win is complex and diverse. The compositions are constantly agile, rich and unexpected – not what you’d expect from a debut album from someone entering the Indie-Rock milieu. Eccentric, charming and witty at times – various moments find Zach Braff cast as Jacklin’s dad and Catherine Deneuve as her mum – the shining star of the album is Jacklin’s voice. Quirky at various moments yet always heartfelt, spirited and beautiful. 2016 has seen many debuts and new artists emerge but few are as memorable as Julia Jacklin. The media and international radio have fallen for her music and no wonder: Don’t Let the Kids Win is a sensational album that deserves big big love.

“Leadlight” is taken from Julia Jacklin’s new album Don’t Let the Kids Win, out 10/07/16.

Rising Australian Folk-Rock Singer Julia Jacklin Releases Magnetic New Single, "Hay Plain"

Julia Jacklin, the Australian folk-rock singer who’s been shooting to sudden fame this year, released a new song this week titled “Hay Plain.”

It’s the fourth single from Jacklin’s forthcoming debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win, and perhaps the best yet. The track follows  Julia Jacklin as she contemplates her “new man” on a long drive, and it does so with a magnetic expansiveness. The song opens on dusty guitar strumming reminiscent of rolling wheels. Swirling layers of sound build slowly, evoking the power with which an enormous landscape—in this case a hay plain—overwhelms those who drive through it. Jacklin’s vocals are gentle one moment and forceful the next, with the unexpected shifts adding urgency to her words.

Julia Jacklin is currently on the North American segment of her international tour and preparing to release her album on October . 7th via Polyvinyl Records. She’s been working on these songs for years, but is finally committing to a full-time music career. Jacklin began studying music at age 10, when she decided that her tiny self had thus far been a useless deadweight in the world, unlike the illustrious child star Britney Spears. Spears inspired her to start taking voice lessons.

A decade and a half later, here we are. Jacklin is currently making her way around the world with Marlon Williams and Whitney, and may be coming to a city near you. But first, listen to “Hay Plain.”

From the opening notes coming out of her mouth,I had to check out Julia Jacklin. The smooth veil of her voice is pulled across me and I don’t ever want her to stop. Her interpretation just lingers in the air, the words moving as if slow motion.
“I love you my darling, I do. But I can’t let possession make a fool of you.”
Leadlight is the second single from Julia’s debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win, out October 7th, 2016 via Polyvinyl Records. This album sums up her ambitions and anxieties of being in her twenties and learning she can’t do everything she wanted with her life, becoming a musician and struggling but having no regrets with her choices. Memories of family and growing up with her sister and fast-forwarding to now and how fast everything just seems to happen.
“All my friends at this age are freaking out. Everyone’s constantly talking about being old. “Don’t Let The Kids Win” is saying yeah we’re getting older but it’s not so special. It’s not unique. Everyone has dealt with this and it’s going to keep feeling weird. So I’m freaking out about it too but that song is trying to convince myself: let’s live now and just be old when we’re old.”

Leadlight is the second single from Julia’s debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win – Out October 7th 2016