JULIA JACKLIN – ” Leadlight “

Posted: November 12, 2016 in MUSIC
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The Aussie from the Blue Mountains is supporting the ace country-soul seven-piece Whitney on tour this autumn and her singles to date suggest her debut album will be just as perfectly formed as theirs. Not an album many would expect to see on an end-of-year list but it is there for a good reason. In a sea of solo artists laying down their songs and trying to impress – few make such a mark as Julia Jacklin. The Australian newcomer wrote the album in response to those around her growing-up and developing in life. Whether buying a home or moving abroad: Jacklin felt grounded and rootless by comparison. The songs address the need to make changes and the issue of age. The catchy single Coming of Age finds Jacklin tackling premature middle-age (Jacklin is twenty-five) and the necessity of making the most of time. The rest of Don’t Let the Kids Win is complex and diverse. The compositions are constantly agile, rich and unexpected – not what you’d expect from a debut album from someone entering the Indie-Rock milieu. Eccentric, charming and witty at times – various moments find Zach Braff cast as Jacklin’s dad and Catherine Deneuve as her mum – the shining star of the album is Jacklin’s voice. Quirky at various moments yet always heartfelt, spirited and beautiful. 2016 has seen many debuts and new artists emerge but few are as memorable as Julia Jacklin. The media and international radio have fallen for her music and no wonder: Don’t Let the Kids Win is a sensational album that deserves big big love.

“Leadlight” is taken from Julia Jacklin’s new album Don’t Let the Kids Win, out 10/07/16.

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