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The Australian-born Julia Jacklin released her debut full-length, “Don’t Let the Kids Win”, back in October and she’ll be playing selections from that album during the night’s set.

Julia Jacklin had the Lincoln Hall crowd wrapped around her finger by the end of her 8-song set this past Saturday night. Kicking off at 8:30PM, Jacklin immediately snagged the audience’s attention during the initial song, “Hay Plain.” The song starts off slow and creeping, adding vulnerability to Jacklin’s haunting vocals, but eventually builds up towards the later half of the song. The crowd began to sway along as the set moved right along into “Leadlight,” one of the singles from Jacklin’s 2016 debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win.  “Thank you for coming early. That’s really kind of you,” Jacklin humbly told the crowd before diving into the next song, “Motherland,” another one that begins more stripped back, eventually adding additional layers.

As the set reaches the halfway mark, Jacklin’s band leaves the stage for her to perform “LA Dream” solo, her candid lyrics, rich voice, and her guitar playing mesmerizing the audience. Jacklin introduced her band at this time, mentioning she’s played in Chicago once before, but there were “400 times more people” there than the last time. The mood remained mellow and slow for the next song, “Eastwick,” but the pace immediately picked up with the entirety of the band in full swing for Jacklin’s latest single, “Coming Of Age.”

Julia Jacklin performs “LA Dream” filmed live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on May 13, 2017.

Jacklin thanked Andy Shauf before playing her debut single, “Pool Party,” one of her singles that she’s also directed the music video for (the other being “Leadlight”).  The beautiful performance closed out with the title track from Jacklin’s album. Live, Julia Jacklin executes her warm and full tone flawlessly.