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Radio Free Europe / Interview / South Central Rain

David Letterman’s departure has spawned a million top-10 lists, but there’s one thing everyone can agree on: One of the very best musical highlights was the first national TV appearance by R.E.M., back on Oct. 6, 1983.

R.E.M. played two songs — “Radio Free Europe” and a still untitled song that would later become “So. Central Rain” — and spent a couple minutes chatting with Letterman, who excitedly left his desk to talk with Mike Mills and Peter Buck.

Letterman would spend 33 years redefining late night. R.E.M. would spend 31 years reshaping American rock. The influence of both will resonate for years. Mike Mills had a fascinating view on it all — he not only talked to Letterman that first night, but he was playing on the show with Joseph Arthur on the evening when Letterman announced his retirement.

Mills’ perspective on Letterman’s last week, his stories from those many appearances over the years, and any advice he might have for someone walking away after three decades of success. Their first appearance on the David Letterman show was also their first national television appearance. This was not too long after “Murmur.” back then, it was really just Letterman, in that you’d never see a band on IRS play Johnny Carson.

Dave was always a big music fan and his staff always kept their eyes open for hot bands they could put on.

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As of late, it’s taken a monumental occasion for Tom Waits to come out of hiding; his last live performance took place nearly two years ago, at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit. Last night, the legendary singer-songwriter returned to the stage, this time to pay tribute to Dave Letterman. As a parting gift, Tom Waits debuted a brand new song entitled “Take One Last Look”, an acoustic ballad that appeared to be written with Letterman in mind.

Prior to the performance, Waits sat down for a brief chat with Letterman and George Clooney (earlier in the episode, the two were handcuffed to one another). Waits cracked several one liners about Letterman’s impending retirement, New York City salad bars, and antiperspirant.

Taken from their album, “Champagne Holocaust,” The Fat White Family perform “Is It Raining In Your Mouth?” Last night, Brixton’s Fat White Family played live on the famous David Letterman show in the US, putting in a powerful performance that almost certainly baffled a large chunk of the viewing public.

The band are familiar faces on the Brixton scene – they lived in the Queen’s Head and played our Offline club night at the Prince Albert – and they’ve created a real buzz from their wild stage shows.

Last night, the band performed “Is It Raining In Your Mouth?” from their 2013 album, “Champagne Holocaust” on what is one of America’s most popular chat shows.

The Brooklyn trio and friends performs “Then Came The Morning” on the David Letterman Show . We had the chance to play Late Show with David Letterman last night on the precipice of a winter storm that wasn’t. It was an incredible experience all around, from playing a TV show in our backyard, sharing the stage with amazingly talented musicians, and well, Dave gave us the horns.

This band, live, is incredible. They played Newport Folk Festival in 2013,  One of the best gigs I’ve heardon NPR radio. I will really miss Letterman promoting these non-mainstream acts such as Jason Isbell, The Lone Bellow, Trampled by Turtles and St. Paul and the Broken Bones. the Show features Blues, rock, gospel, country, folk -all of which the Lone Bellow does them all, on this record. Fresh melodies carry the same familiar flavor of their first release, and the same emotional lead vocals and delicate harmonies are just as present here. This band plays pure, raw music that comes from talented musicians and songwriters in a world where mainstream music is all over-produced,  Great sophomore record from an incredible band. I hope they continue to make music for many years.

Sleater-Kinney returned to David Letterman’s Late Show last night for their first public performance since reuniting, and hoo boy was it good. In his review of No Cities To Love, Tom mentioned that Corin Tucker handles almost all the lead vocals on the album, but they opted to perform the Carrie Brownstein-sung “A New Wave” on the broadcast, which proved wise. Every member’s skill set got a showcase, from Tucker’s fiery vocal harmonies to Janet Weiss’ sharp drum fills to Brownstein’s high kicks.


Already known as a core member of Arcade Fire, Will Butler reveals a deep reserve of feeling and nuance on his debut solo album, due in early March on Merge Records. “Policy” is a burnished gem that shares musical DNA with not only his main band, but also the Violent Femmes, Television, and Arthur Russell. The press materials describe it simply as “American music.” Butler’s elastic voice, which at times recalls that of his older brother, Win (Arcade Fire’s frontman), oscillates between world-weary croon and punk sneer. William Pierce Butler is an American multi-instrumentalist and composer who is best known as a core member of the indie rock band Arcade Fire. William plays synthesizer, bass, guitar and percussion.


A North Wales band poised to take the States by storm say it was “an absolute dream” to appear on an iconic late-night chat show.

Llandudno’s Catfish and the Bottlemen performed on the Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday night. The band, who won the BBC Introducing gong at the corporation’s Music Awards in December, will release their debut album titled “Balcony” in the US on Tuesday, before embarking on a major American tour in February .

Speaking after the Letterman performance, lead singer Van McCann said: “It was an absolute dream come true for us. We used to stay up dead late and watch when it was on ITV2 before school the next day. Loads of our favourite bands have done it. It was an absolute honour.” The band performed their single “Kathleen” on the show, which has launched the American careers of Adele and Ed Sheeran. Last year, Catfish and the Bottlemen received funding through the British Phonographic Industry’s Music Industry Growth Scheme to help them break into the US market.

When you can get a real reaction out of David Letterman, a jaded and sarcastic old motherfucker who’s probably seen everything, Whatever happens for the rest of their careers, the members of Foxygen can say that they did that. Last night, the L.A. psych-poppers made their TV debut on Letterman, playing How Can You Really,” the first single from their 2014 double album …”And Star Power”. They seized that moment for everything it was worth. They brought a huge backing band, including an energetically choreographed trio of backup singers, and they played with all the spazzy, erratic glam-rock energy they could summon. It was quite a sight. Letterman loved it: “That’s all we’re looking for, for god’s sakes! No more phone calls! We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen!” Watch it all happen below.

Hozier made his major american network this year on the Letterman Show, He performed the title track to his amazing debut EP , The signs were there in how his ‘Take Me To Church’ single broke big online at the tail end of 2013, but nobody could quite grasp how huge Hozier was about to become in the States. Andrew Hozier-Byrne has kept things modest. His mum designs the album art. His songs aren’t massively showy, instead shouting bold truths without being preachy. A self-titled LP made the top five on these shores, but it was in North America where things took charge. Charting at No2 in the American Charts was one thing, but it’s held the #1 spot on the Folk Chart for eight solid weeks, ranking as the biggest Irish breakthrough. Also  ‘Take Me To Church’ ended up ranking as the most-streamed single online. Jamie Milton


making his TV debut on the Letterman Show the powerhouse band of Benjamin Booker, from New Orleans Benjamin and his band play flat out Rock N Blues, check out his session on Spotify. Ps Watch The Drummer….