FOXYGEN – ” How Can You Really ” Live On David Letterman

Posted: January 9, 2015 in MUSIC
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When you can get a real reaction out of David Letterman, a jaded and sarcastic old motherfucker who’s probably seen everything, Whatever happens for the rest of their careers, the members of Foxygen can say that they did that. Last night, the L.A. psych-poppers made their TV debut on Letterman, playing How Can You Really,” the first single from their 2014 double album …”And Star Power”. They seized that moment for everything it was worth. They brought a huge backing band, including an energetically choreographed trio of backup singers, and they played with all the spazzy, erratic glam-rock energy they could summon. It was quite a sight. Letterman loved it: “That’s all we’re looking for, for god’s sakes! No more phone calls! We have a winner, ladies and gentlemen!” Watch it all happen below.

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