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Katie Ellen’s debut album, 2017’s Cowgirl Blues, saw frontwoman Anika Pyle kicking against the traditions and norms that come with adulthood—namely, love, major life changes, cohabitation, and domesticity. She penned the anti-marriage anthem with “Sad Girls Club,” a standout track that featured the defiant heartbreaker of a chorus: “Sad girls don’t make good wives.” On the Philly band’s new, five-song EP, Still Life, Pyle is still trying to wrap her head around these things.

On opener “Lighthouse,” Pyle reckons with warring thoughts—wanting to be brave enough to swim into life’s uncharted deep end, but feeling tied down by the anchor of fear and anxiety. Later, on the EP’s title track, she surrenders to the idea that love is more powerful and wild than our capacity to tame it: “You can’t make love stay / Do your best to hold it in place.”

Musically, Pyle flexes a few new tricks she’s trying out, like on “Still Life,” where her voice spirals into borderline operatic delivery, a far jump from the quick and dirty style she cut her teeth on in her former pop punk project Chumped.

Still Life is out on Lauren Records.


released June 3rd, 2018

Every now and then an album comes into your life that utterly wrecks you. It resonates with you on a level where you can’t tell if it’s easing the knife out of your wound or if it’s twisting it more. But you keep coming back even if it’s destroying you because as painful as it might be, Katie Ellen’s ‘Cowgirl Blues’ is one of those albums. From The Ashes of the band Chumped , their first and last album Teenage Retirement, Now comes Anika Pyle’s aka Katie Ellen first solo foray.
Its great Alt-Indie Pop/punk flow with the same biting lyrical content that made her former band a joy to behold with just enough edge to keep things real.

Anika Pyle was a songwriter with much to say and an electrifying way of saying it. She’s extremely good at writing about her personal life in a way that feels vital and universal. Fortunately, although Chumped are dearly departed, Pyle and former Chumped drummer Dan Frelly have relocated to Philadelphia and reemerged as Katie Ellen, a new project for a new phase of life. On their debut album Cowgirl Blues, her old charged-up tales of quarter-life romantic longing and disillusionment give way to more measured tempos and an overall more bleary disposition,  Despite the darker shading, her songs remain remarkably catchy and alive  perhaps painfully so,


Anika Pyle – Vocals, Guitars
Anthony Tinnirella – Guitars
Dan Frelly – Drums
Eric Sheppard – Vocals, Bass

All songs written by Anika Pyle

Of all the awesome DIY bands to emerge from that fertile sonic space between pop-punk and indie-rock in recent years, Chumped have been amongst the best. Teenage Retirement’s flurry of power chords and melodic insight portended a long, storied career for the band. Then they broke up, which for Chumped fans was the kind of miniature private trauma that Anika Pyle could write a fantastic Chumped song about. In a sense, she already had: The tremendous Teenage Retirement leftover “Not The One” takes on deeper resonance now that we know the band is over. “I’m not the one,” Pyle emotes. “I can’t give you what you want.” Technically that’s true — what Chumped Nation really wants is for the band to continue indefinitely — but as parting gifts go, they could not have done much better.


Pop-punk and juvenile points of view often go hand in hand, but Brooklyn band Chumped bring the sort of emotional depth that transcends mere declarations of, “I guess this is growing up.” Here, on their debut LP, Chumped give voice to those who feel tired and frustrated by their mid-20s, They’re clearly having a lot of fun with these songs, despite being full of questions about life choices. As with the words themselves, there’s a lot of dimension in Chumped’s gnarly guitar riffs and hard-hitting percussion: I hear influences that range from second-wave emo stars Get Up Kids to blink-182 to Letters to Cleo to early Weezer to their contemporaries in Swearin’.




To date with a couple of great EP’s Brooklyn’s Indie Pop and Post punk band charmers CHUMPED are now readying to release their debut album ” Teenage Retirement” due November 18th on Anchorless Records