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Psych-stalwarts Brian Jonestown Massacre will release their 18th full-length album on Anton Newcombe’s own A Recordings label on the 15th March. The self-titled nine track record comes just seven months after their last one.

This is “Tombes Oubliées” from it. Brian Jonestown Massacre will release of their 18th full-length album, just 7 months after their last one. The self-titled 9-track album is released on A Recordings on 15th March 2019. It was recorded and produced at Anton’s Cobra Studio in Berlin. Recorded this time last year, the album features Sara Neidorf on drums, Heike Marie Radeker (LeVent) on bass, Hakon Adalsteinsson (BJM / Third Sound & Gunman & Holy Ghost) on guitar and Anton Newcombe on multiple instruments. Also making a guest vocal appearance on ‘Tombes Oubliées’ is Rike Bienert who has sung on previous BJM albums. The band performed songs from the album throughout the European leg of the 2018 tour.


Anton Newcombe has been a very busy man these past 5 years, having released 4 critically acclaimed Brian Jonestown Massacre albums and an EP, 1 soundtrack album and 2 albums with Tess Parks. All releases were fully recorded and produced at Anton’s studio.


The ever-evolving musical vehicle for notorious psych-rock brain trust Anton Newcombe, the Brian Jonestown Massacre has endured numerous phases and iterations since arriving in the mid-’90s, becoming something of an independent institution in the process.

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This is the new single which announces the band’s forthcoming two albums to be released this year. Are you ready for not one but two Brian Jonestown Massacre albums this year? Well get in the swing by buying this 10″ which contains a taster track.

The first track is “Hold That Thought” which comes from the album “Something Else” which is to be released on 1st June 2018.
The second track is “Drained” which will come from the self titled album that will be released in September of 2018.  Both tracks were recorded in Berlin & the band are announcing tours of the USA, Canada, Australasia & Europe throughout the year.
All tracks were recorded at Cobra Studios , Berlin in 2017 .

Booted with “Story Of Flowers” Directed by : Azuma Makoto Illustration by : Katie Scott Animation by : James Paulley

Brian Jonestown Massacre – ” Hold that Thought “

Brian Jonestown Massacre’s 70 minutes compilation which has misleadingly been called the ‘Peel Sessions’. As we’ve established before, This wasn’t actually recorded for John Peel’s radio show, but it doesn’t matter. This is still a great collection of early favourites. A quality recording of some classic songs. It can be found on one of those dodgy Russian Mp3 sites as a proper album with a track list, and track increments, but don’t ask me to find it now. A really solid batch of tunes, and well worth checking out if you haven’t before.
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Peel Session (1998), track listing :

1. Who ! 00:00 2. Hide and Seek 03:02 3. Feel So Good0 07:02 4. Jennifer 12:27 5. True Love 15:34 6. Stillborn 19:24 7. Nailing Honey To The Bee 23:47 8. Swallowtail 26:40 9. Sailor (Clip) 31:00 10. Free 34:48 11. Somewhere 37:35 12. Up 41:37 13. Feel it 47:57 14. Nailing Honey To The Bee (Again) 55:47 15. Tschuss 58:53 16. Good Morning Girl 01:03:47

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Yet another work in progress from Anton Newcombe… I try and write a song or two a day, this one took all day to create,most likely because I wrote and recorded 3 other ones that I didn’t like.
Hold That Thought.

 Who Dreams Of Cats?
Anton Newcombe and “Yet another work in progress… i try and write a song or two a day, this one took all day to create,most likely because i wrote and recorded 3 other ones that i didn’t like.”

 Anton Newcombe  “Work in progress, october 30th 2017 – working on words, i find it best to leave it for when i. I’m walking to the studio, and let my mind wander ..


After spending time writing and recording in Liverpool, England and Reykjavik, Iceland; “My Bloody Underground” is the thirteenth full length album released by the band, and is released on Anton Newcombe’s own record label A Recordings. Fans and critics of Brian Jonestown Massacre who have eagerly awaited a new album for a little over four years now will not be disappointed with its musical content, quality and controversy to follow.

The opening track titled “Bring Me The Head Of Paul McCartney On Heather Mill’s Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs On The White House)” begins and soars into an echoing wave of tambourines and trance like acoustics, that continues for 12 more tracks and 75.87 minutes, stirring visions of sunny Californian communes to New York City bars on the Lower East Side. From Rishikesh to Reykjavik, the entire album provides provocative glimpses into Anton Newcombe’s head, both the darkness and the light, so clearly and so beautifully self produced.

Perfect soundtrack for losing your mind. Released April 15th, 2008


1. bring me the head of Paul McCartney on Heather Mill’s wooden peg (dropping bombs on the White House) 0:00 2. infinite wisdom tooth / my last night in bed with you 6:27 3. who fucking pissed in my well? 12:35 4. we are the niggers of the world 17:07 5. who cares why? 22:26 6. yeah-yeah 30:41 7. golden frost 35:07 8. just like kicking jesus 38:50 9. ljósmyndir 43:27 10. auto matic faggot for the people 47:34 11. dark wave driver/big drill car 53:17 12. monkey powder 1:00:40 13. black hole symphony 1:07:24 The Brian Jonestown Massacre – my bloody underground (Full Album )


Julie Byrne – Not Even Happiness
For fans of the early work of Leonard Cohen, Vashti Bunyan, Joni Mitchell and Cat Power. American wanderer Julie Byrne’s second album Not Even Happiness comes 3 years after her debut. A more confident beast, Not Even Happiness adds atmospheric instrumentation and electronic flourishes to Byrne’s unusual guitar tunings and fingerpicked melodies, moving the songs from the front-porch into subtle anthemia. Julie Byrne has counted Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans and Northampton, Massachusetts as her transient homes in recent years. For now, she’s settled in New York City, moonlighting as a seasonal urban park ranger in Central Park. Whether witnessing the Pacific Northwest for the first time (Melting Grid), the morning sky in the mountains of Boulder (Natural Blue), or a journey fragrant with rose water; reading Frank O’Hara aloud from the passengers seat during a drive through the Utah desert into the rainforest of Washington State (The Sea As It Glides), Not Even Happiness is Julie’s beguilingly ode to the fringes of life. Her debut album was released back in January 2014 on Chicago based DIY label Orindal after initially being as two separate cassettes releases. Rooms With Walls and Windows went onto become a true modern-day word of mouth success story (it would have to be for an artist who shuns all forms of social media) and ended the year being voted number 7 in Mojo magazine’s best albums of the year, with the Huffington Post calling it “2014’s Great American Album”. A collection of hushed intimate front porch psych-folk songs, that unknowingly recalled the greats, but felt very much for our time. The album is the first release on a new record label Basin Rock, based in the Lancashire / Yorkshire border town of Todmorden.

The flaming lips oczy mlody

The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody

The Flaming Lips release their long-awaited new studio album, entitled Oczy Mlody, via Bella Union. Produced by the band and their long-time producer Dave Fridmann, the highly-anticipated LP is the follow-up to their globally acclaimed 2013 album, The Terror. On Oczy Mlody, The Lips return to form with an album no less experimental in nature, but perhaps more melodically song-oriented, recalling the best parts of their most critically applauded albums The Soft Bulletin and the gold-certified Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

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The Big Moon –  Formidable

Limited edition standard 7” vinyl with outer sleeve. Mostly, when bands talk about bringing something to their recorded output, they’re on about capturing the ferocity of their live performances. The claustrophobic sweat of the circuit stage, the immediacy of the moment. The Big Moon don’t have to worry about that. They’ve captured something even more magical. The best bands, see, are a gang. It’s them against the world. They’ve got their own personalities, their own sense of humour. Open up the door and they’ll drag you into their world. It’s that which runs through the core of Formidable. Even when not going for the sugar spun funhouse of Silent Movie Susie or Cupid, there’s still that nudge, wink and held hand into their magical kingdom. Switching between swooning verse and firmly planted chorus, there’s a steely defiance to Formidable, The Big Moon’s latest offering. Like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle, it’s the sound of something clicking. What was potential before is realised now. Supermoons be damned, this is one lunar cycle that’s going interstellar.

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Brian Jonestown Massacre –  Groove Is In The Heart

Limited Green Vinyl 10″. Groove Is In The Heart is the first of 3 singles from the forthcoming album Don’t Get Lost released in February 2017. Both tracks (Groove Is In The Heart and Throbbing Gristle) feature vocals by Tess Parks, these tracks give an idea of the changing rhythms of The Brian Jonestown Massacre for the new album. Heavy hypnotic beating drums, with smoky vocals provided by Tess Parks.

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R.E.M  – Radio Free Europe: Live From The Capitol Theatre, Passaic, Nj. June 9Th 1984

Live album from 1984 when they were just starting to really grow in stature. Tracks include Pale Blue Eyes, Radio Free Europe and another 11 tracks.

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R.E.M – Pretty Persuasion: FM Broadcast live in Orlando, Florida, April 30th, 1989

Another great radio show recording from 1989 – and they are on top form, playing Orange Crush, Crazy, Gravity and another 10 tracks.

Joel Gion; Photo Credit: Alex Hurst

Joel Gion continues to have a long and strange career being the legendary “Tambourine Man” with the Brian Jonestown Massacre. In recent years the percussionist has also emerged as a singer-songwriter in his own right, releasing various singles and the well-received full length album Apple Bonkers.

Gion has a follow-up LP scheduled for release in early 2017 on Acid Jazz Records label imprint Well Suspect.

Today we have a new song from Gion, titled “Tomorrow”, to help party out of the much maligned year that was 2016. This is an exclusive, non-album track available as a digital single .

The upcoming album was recorded in separate phases between legs of the 2016 Brian Jonestown Massacre world tour. The sessions involved BJM members Collin Hegna, Dan Allaire, Ryan Van Kriedt, and Robert Campanella, as well as other various friends from around the modern Psych and Indie scene. This time around, Soul Jazz, Tropicalia, and Italio Soundtrack sonics have been added to the album’s mix, making for a deeper dive into a world that sounds all his own.

But until then we have “Tomorrow”, tipping us off that it’s time to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and our booties in a world that is seemingly going mad in front of our eyes.

But until then we have “Tomorrow”, tipping us off that it’s time to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and our booties in a world that is seemingly going mad in front of our eyes.

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Metal Box was the band’s second album, originally released on 23rd November 1979. Metal Box is issued in a square metal tin (CD and LP) (the 1979 original was issued in a round metal film canister) with an embossed PiL logo. Include a 72 page booklet together with an exclusive poster, art-prints (LP version) and postcards (CD version). With all lyrics written by John Lydon ‘Metal Box’ was recorded with original PiL members Keith Levene and Jah Wobble. Original drummer Jim Walker had left, to be replaced by a succession of drummers. ‘Metal Box’ came out less than a year after PiL’s debut ‘Public Image: First Issue’ yet it was nothing like its predecessor. Things had changed, and so had PiL. While outside pressures mounted PiL channeled their energies (negative and positive) into a record that would set them apart back in 1979, and indeed today in 2016. Whether it be John’s powerful and passionate vocals; Keith’s wailing guitar and melodic synths; Wobble’s sub-disco reggae basslines; or the crashing rhythm that holds it all together, ‘Metal Box’ has many strengths. The album was originally released as 3 x 45rpm 12″ singles, housed in a metal ‘film’ canister. As made by ‘The Metal Box Company’ in London’s East End; hence the name. The deluxe edition includes rare and unreleased mixes from the recording sessions, along with B-sides and BBC sessions, plus a live recording from a now legendary unplanned show at Factory Records Russell Club in Manchester arranged on the day of a Granada TV appearance in 1979.


Limited copies come with a bonus CD of Dan Carey dubs / mixes / re works of album tracks. Toy return with a new 10 track album Clear Shot on Heavenly Recordings. Splitting their time between Tom Dougall and bassist Maxim Barron’s place in New Cross and Dominic O’Dair’s flat in Walthamstow, where they set up a makeshift studio and laid down the early album demos, Clear Shot began to take shape in the first half of 2015. Taking inspiration from an esoteric blend – Radiophonic Workshop, Comus, the scores of Bernard Herrmann, John Barry and Ennio Morricone Fairport, Coum, Acid House, Incredible String Band, The Langley Schools Project, The Wicker Man soundtrack and even the direction behind Electric Eden, Rob Young’s book about the development of folk music in the U.K. – by the time they entered Eve Studios in Stockport in October 2015 with producer David Wrench, the band were clear about the direction the album should take. The result is their most coherent and confident album to date; lushly cinematic, shot through with their most expressive melodies thus far and coated with a ‘sheen’ courtesy of Chris Coady (Beach House, Smith Westerns, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), who mixed the album in LA with some of the reverbs and vocal processors used on Purple Rain, across the 10-tracks strands of ideas appear, sink and re-emerge in an almost modal jazz manner. Clear Shot sees Toy working both in bigger colours and more minutely crafted detail, achieving an altogether higher level of artistry than before


Midlake celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘The Trials of Van Occupanther’ with a deluxe reissue via Bella Union on 180 Gram gold vinyl, complete with a B2 pull-out poster, handwritten lyrics and previously unseen photos. The cover artwork has been reimagined in a fittingly flushed, hallucinatory painting by neo-impressionist (and pavement-scorching skateboarder) Brian Lotti. The original album is accompanied by a special bonus 7″ featuring two previously unreleased tracks, the plaintive rolling lament of ‘The Fairest Way’ and the revelatory psychedelic swirl of ‘Festival’, two tracks recorded before original vocalist Tim Smith departed the band. In 2006, Van Occupanther was hailed as an instant classic and over the course of the next year proved to be the band’s commercial breakthrough. While their debut, 2004’s ‘Bamnan and Slivercork’, had drawn acclaim alongside comparisons to Grandaddy and Radiohead, Midlake looked further afield and deeper within for the follow-up. Suffused with a romantic yearning for the simpler life, this was a record pitched between 1871, 1971 and somewhere out of time: between Henry David Thoreau and Neil Young’s ‘After the Gold Rush’, between 1970s Laurel Canyon thinking and a longing for something more mysterious. Rich reserves of wistful melody, dreamy horns, rolling guitars and plaintive pianos reflect its elusive, idiosyncratic narratives: a couple long to be robbed by bandits so they can start anew, an outcast scientist ponders his pariah status, a woman chases a frisky deer, a river leads who knows where yet leaves you little choice but to follow… Famous admirers included Thom Yorke, Beck, The Flaming Lips, Paul Weller, James Dean Bradfield, St Vincent, actor / skateboarder Jason Lee and The Chemical Brothers, and the album went on to secure high placings in the end-of-year polls. Since then, their influence has perhaps been felt in the breakthrough of many a band or singer at one with the stuff of beards, bucolic yearning and blissful West Coast harmonies, from Fleet Foxes to Band of Horses, The Low Anthem, Jonathan Wilson, Matthew E White and beyond. Not that Midlake stood still to lap up the praise: a band acutely attuned to nature’s shifts, they embraced change. In 2010 they ventured into darker psych-folk thickets for The Courage of Others and backed John Grant on his celebrated breakthrough album, ‘Queen of Denmark’. When Tim Smith subsequently departed, guitarist / singer Eric Pulido stepped up to the lead vocal role for 2013’s freshly exploratory ‘Antiphon’. Since then, Pulido and various Midlake members have embarked on a new musical project with a cast of all-stars including members of Grandaddy, Franz Ferdinand, Band of Horses and Travis, for an album due for release next year. All of this serves to reminds us what fertile seeds were sown with ‘The Trials of Van Occupanther’: a modern classic, made of vintage craft and timeless magic.

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Third World Pyramid is the first album that was fully recorded and produced at Anton’s new Cobra Studio in Berlin . It is the 15th full length release from the Brian Jonestown Massacre recorded from early 2016. Featuring Ricky Maymi, Dan Allaire, Joel Gion, Collin Hegna and Ryan Van Kriedt from the band. Also Emil Nikolaisen from the Norwegian band Serena-Maneesh joins the band on this album, plus vocal performance Tess Parks and Katy Lane.

Iggy pop live album

Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression album, a collaboration with co-writer and producer Joshua Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age, is his most critically acclaimed and commercially successful album for many years. On 13th May 2016, Iggy Pop brought his Post Pop Depression live show to London’s revered Royal Albert Hall and almost tore the roof off! With a backing band including Joshua Homme and Dean Fertita from Queens Of The Stone Age and Matt Helders from the Arctic Monkeys, Iggy delivered a set focused almost entirely on the new album plus his two classic David Bowie collaboration albums from 1977, The Idiot and Lust For Life. Fans and critics alike raved about the performance and this will definitely be remembered as one of Iggy Pop’s finest concerts.

Screen shot 2016 09 21 at 22.04.11

8CDs, Collectors Box Set with 16 Page Full Colour Booklet with Background Liners and Rare Images.
Exhilarating live performances across 4 decades of Bob Dylan masterpieces. Since coming to prominence in 1962, Bob Dylan has never ceased to create and innovate, his remarkable songwriting being matched by the quality and quantity of his live performances. This 8-disc set gathers several historically important sets, all originally recorded for broadcast on various different stations, including WBAI-FM, WNBC-FM and others. They find him playing intimately and in front of huge crowds, with material ranging from protest folk to rock’n’roll, and are accompanied here by background notes and images.

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Mapping The Rendezvous is the fifth studio album from Courteeners and follows the spectacular success of 2014’s Concrete Love and the subsequent tour that saw the band sell out venues all across the country before playing a record breaking seven nights at the Manchester Apollo last Christmas

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Psych-pop fuzz freaks The Lovely Eggs tell it like it is with their new single Drug Braggin. The Lovely Eggs are back again with another fuccked up, fuzzed out freak single . Released on eye-watering psychedelic swirl vinyl. The limited edition 7” sludge pop mind-melter sees the pair (Holly Ross and David Blackwell) take on their latest pet hate: drug posers. Sick of hearing people crowing about how many drugs they’ve done on a night out or at a festival, The Lovely Eggs retort with a big fuck-you to the pricks with a typically surreal insight in to their crazy world. The B-Side On the Line is another new song, which was recorded with an electronic voice unit with a strange disembodied American accent after Holly was diagnosed with a vocal nodule. This brand new material represents yet another twist and turn in The Lovely Eggs‘ musical odyssey, cementing their reputation as one of the most exciting, innovative and genuine bands on the UK underground scene. In keeping with their other recent releases, Drug Braggin is accompanied by artwork and video by cult underground artist and baboon keeper Casey Raymond. The artwork has been created so that it seems never ending as it is joined at every corner in a self repeating pattern, keeping the viewer trapped inside The Lovely Eggs self contained world. It shows Holly and David having a mental meltdown as a result of too much exposure to drug braggin’.


Wyatt At The Coyote Palace is a book of essays and lyrics with two CDs included. It gets its name from an abandoned apartment building behind Kristin’s studio that her son Wyatt spent the majority of this recording session exploring.

With the full studio album on CD, photographs and artwork by Dave Narcizo and Kristin Hersh. Lyrics for each song stories and essays by Kristin Hersh to accompany each track

Brian Jonestown Massacre announce new album Third World Pyramid, check out new single Sun Ship 

On the 28th of October 2016 Brian Jonestown Massacre will release Third World Pyramid on A Recordings, the lead single Sun Ship will be released next Friday on 10” honey coloured vinyl backed by new track Playtime which will be exclusive to this release. The release of Third World Pyramid sees Anton Newcombe’s prolific streak that has seen working on a number of projects in recent times.

Third World Pyramid was recorded at Newcombe’s studio in March 2016, and The Sun Ship is a classic psychedlica Brian Jonestown Massacre track with an added Eastern influence. Anton’s inimitable vocal style is instantly recognisable, as are the beautiful swirling guitars whilst B-Side Playtime is a more subdued affair.



Over the past few years, Anton Newcombe and company’s brand of 60’s-infused psych-rock has taken on a more electronic vibe, while still retaining much of the classic BJM sound they’ve patented over the years. The two songs here find the band both looking back to their 90’s work–with the shambling west coast melodies and head-bobbin’ grooves we know and love–as well as to the propulsive Eastern-tinged sound of much of last year’s ‘Aufheben,‘ only sans electronics, and way more stretched out and jammed out. Not to mention some brand new touches.

“Food for Clouds” is instantly recognizable as a BJM track, with a laid-back, drugged-out catchiness that many bands have imitated–especially during the recent psych resurgence–but few can match. There’s a definite surf-rock feel here in the guitars, but with background horns giving it a rather unique sound that’s totally unlike the surfy psych that’s abundant today with bands like Allah-Las, Holy Wave, and The Growlers. Anton’s vocals are the strongest they’ve been in years, imo, and more upfront as opposed to being buried in the mix like on the past few albums.

File:BrianJonestownMassacre(by Scott Dudelson).jpg
The nearly ten-minute “Everything Fades to White” has more of the ‘Aufheben’ sound, with Indian-style melodies and hypnotic rhythms, but without the electronic accompaniment so prevalent on that album, although the kick drum beats may be artificial (or enhanced). Eastern-y, “devotional”-type chanting/singing provides the only vocals on this trance-inducer, and when combined with the droning atmospherics, makes for an excellent “headphone journey” track, with the sound falling somewhere between 1996’s ‘Satanic Majesties’ and the aforementioned ‘Aufheben

After releasing a dozen albums since 1995, the ever-enigmatic San Francisco psychedelic icon
Anton Newcombe & cohorts are back with a new 3-song EP. You get a slinky, rhythmic, Bowie-
esque psych/pop ballad. The 2nd track has a more rhythmic beat that recalls Pulp/Jarvis Cocker/
Dexys. Both are prominently punctuated with horns. The `B’ side is a long Middle East/Indian
influenced psychedelic number with a 60s mystic Beatles flow. The 12″ EP was a “Record Store Day” release on
purple/pink vinyl, limited to 2000 copies.