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Take It from the Man! is the third studio album by American psychedelic rock band The Brian Jonestown Massacre. After recording their shoegaze-influenced debut album Methodrone (1995) and releasing a collection of early recordings, Spacegirl & Other Favorites, the band took influence from 1960s British psychedelic garage rock and recorded Take it from the Man! from November 1995–February 1996.

After recording the entire album with an unnamed producer who scrapped the recordings, the band re-recorded the album on a minimal budget, mostly at Lifesource Studios in Emeryville, California with production from Psychic TV’s Larry Thrasher, whose usual “studio” approach was vetoed out by the band’s back-to-basics approach.

The album’s psychedelic garage rock has often been compared to the Rolling Stones. Released by Bomp! Records on May 28th, 1996, it is the first of three full-length albums released by the band in 1996, preceding Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request and Thank God for Mental Illness. The album was released to critical acclaim, with journalists praising the exuding of its influences and spirit. Anton Newcombe has since named the album as one of his favourites by the band. The album has featured in several “best of” lists and has been cited by several musicians as an influence. “Straight Up and Down”, which is featured in two alternate versions on the album, later became the theme music for Boardwalk Empire.

According to the liner notes, “Take it from the Man!” was recorded “live” between November 1995 and February 1996 at Dance Home Studio and Larry Thrasher’s Lifesource Studios in Emeryville, California, with digital editing undertaken at Music Box, Hollywood. The band initially recorded Take it from the Man! with an unnamed producer who, in wanting to “get on board”, recorded the album and “chopped it up to make it like so perfect” and then requested 3% of the royalties, leading the band to “just [laugh] in his face.”

As a result, the producer, as Newcombe recalled it, “got so pissed and he said he was going to destroy the recording. I was like, ‘Fuck you dude. Then I’m gonna kick your ass the minute I see you on the street.’ He did end up destroying it but I let him off the hook as far as the violence.” With the band needing to re-record the album in its entirety, Larry Thrasher from Psychic TV became interested in the band and producing the album, and borrowed a recording studio, possibly belonging to the Counting Crows, for the band to record in, presumably his Lifesource Studios credited in the liner notes.

Newcombe stated that, with a line-up of Newcombe, Dean Taylor (guitar), Matt Hollywood (bass) and Brian Glaze (drums), the band showed up on the day of recording without guitarist Jeff Davies because “he was a junkie” and so Newcombe’s girlfriend Dawn played guitar instead. The album was recorded on a minimal budget. When the band turned up to the studio, they were surprised to find that Thrasher had “about sixteen microphones set up for the drums,” because the band preferred a stripped down studio approach; Newcombe stated that “I asked him, ‘What the hell is this?’ and he said, ‘Well, these are for the drums…’ and I was like, ‘We don’t need sixteen mics for the drums. Take all of these away. I’m gonna use three mics for the drums and we’re gonna record it live, all at once. We’re just gonna put all the guitar amps down the hallway, the drums will be in here, and we’ll put on headphones and we’ll just play our set.’

We record everything the same way, so that’s what we did and then at the end he whipped out all of these effects when mixing at his studio and I just asked him, ‘What are all of these for?’ and he said, ‘You can’t have it sound the same on every song’ and I’m like ‘Bullshit, that’s the charm of this,’ we just try and get a certain sound.” Newcombe noted that “Straight Up and Down” was mixed to cassette. The band were recording their follow up album Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request (1996) concurrently with Take it from the Man!, although not in the same studio or with the same producer. Newcombe recalled “recording “Take It from the Man” in the day time and then recording Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request in the night time.

I was doing them simultaneously. I would go and stay at this one studio and then take the train out to the other one so instead of being homeless I was going between these two studios and crashing on the couches and doing two, 18 song records at the same time. Released May 28th, 1996

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Seigner may not see herself as a femme fatale, but Diabolique, the debut album by new collaborative band, l’Épée (the Sword), certainly does. A heady combination of 60s psych, yé-yé, lounge and drone rock, over which she purrs lyrics such as “I’m the Queen of Furs/The Earthquake Lady”, it’s as seductive as Serge Gainsbourg and as druggily alluring as the Velvet Underground. It also comes with the obsessive eye for detail you would expect from her collaborators on the project. L’Épée is a four-piece band comprised of Emmanuelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) and Lionel + Marie Limiñana (The Limiñanas).

The collaboration came about last year, when husband and wife duo The Limiñanas recorded an album (‘Shadow People’) with Anton Newcombe. A track featured French musician, actress, model and muse Emmanuelle Seigner on guest vocals. When she came into the studio to record the group dynamic clicked and a natural collaboration ensued. Inspired by melancholic movie scores and the mythology of Rock’n’Roll music, from Lou Reed to the Rolling Stones, ‘Diabolique‘ is infused with light, shadows and layers of psychedelic fuzzy guitars.

The title is a nod to Mario Bava’s 1968 cult movie classic Danger: Diabolik, while the lyrics – mostly by Lionel Limiñana – were written as musical short stories in the spirit of Italian film director Dino Risi.  “I come from a theatre background, but I grew up loving Lou Reed, the Stooges and the Rolling Stones,” she says. “I always wanted to be in a band like this, but I started modelling at 14 and my life took a different path.” Throughout her film career, Seigner has released commercially successful pop albums – with French outfit Ultra Orange in 2007 and her own solo records (Dingue in 2010 and Distant Lover in 2014). But it was only in 2016, when she heard the Limiñanas’ track Down Underground while watching an episode of Gossip Girl with her daughter Morgane, that she realised her musical ambitions might still be fulfilled. She got on a plane to meet Limiñana and his wife, Marie, who plays drums, at their studio in Cabestany in the south of France. They recorded a song for the band’s album Shadow People, with Newcombe producing. “The result was so good that he suggested we should all form a band together.” It was recorded between Lionel and Marie’s home place Cabestany (FR) and Anton’s Cobra Studio in Berlin. The collective have named themselves L’Épée, meaning “the sword” in English, after it came to Anton in a dream.  Newcombe provides the rock’n’roll credentials. As the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s charismatic leader during the 90s, he operated as, effectively, a one-man Rolling Stones. His status as rock’s most mercurial madman was captured in Ondi Timoner’s classic 2004 rockumentary, Dig!.

Emanuelle Seigner wife of Roman Polanski  new project in L’ Épée [The Sword]. Aside from being an actress and a model she had long been into the music game having released two solo albums herself and a collaboration with Ultra Orange. On this project, she teams up with Anton Newcombe, Lionel Limiñana, and Marie Limiñana, the latter of Les Bellas and Les Limiñanas. The record is a throwback to late 60s and early 70’s psychedelic rock with touches of dream pop and shoegaze. Drenched in feedback and reverb, the album is a wonder of neo-psychedelia and Seigner’s vocal delivery is a nod to chanson and yé-yé. From opener “Une Lune Étrange” to “Last Picture Show”, the album goes from psychedelia to shoegaze to gothic rock to dream pop only to end with a garage rock stomper.

I was aware of Emanuelle Seigner ever since Roman Polanski’s 1999 film The Ninth Gate and have loved her as well in The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, Frantic, Bitter Moon and 2013’s Venus in Fur. I had no idea she was such a great singer, and on Diabolique she proves in it spades in what is hands down one of the most impressive psychedelic rock albums of 2019.

L’Épée – “Dreams” first EP available on May the 17th L’Épée, the band are Emmanuelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Lionel & Marie Liminana (The Liminanas)

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When we first met The Brian Jonestown Massacre some years ago in Anton’s studio in Berlin, we were blown away by the bands’ live sound and not able to record it the best way possible. In October of 2018, the band played a sold-out two-hour-show in London, in the O2 Kentish Town. We took a car, started in Cologne, Germany, took the ferry, drove to London and shot this.

If you want to know more about The Brian Jonestown Massacre – feel free to listen to their 18 studio records, lots of EP’s, or watch the fantastic rock documentary “Dig!”.

This recording shows that they are still one of the most exciting live bands around – you can feel the energy, they sound incredible.


Check out the new track ‘Dreams’ to be released by L’Épée, the newly formed collective made up between Anton Newcombe , Emmaunelle Seigner and Lionel & Marie Liminana.

Sexy, Sassy and something very much sonically ‘in the know’, and it doesn’t hold back either with drums and bass firmly up front and all set off to one raucous riff. But perhaps the most significant things about ‘Dreams’ is the voice of Emmaunelle Seigner. The both very much acclaimed model and actress teams up with the Brian Jonestown Massacre singer-song writer Anton Newcombe as well as Lionel & Marie Liminana of  ‘The Limiñanas’, who last year released the amazing album ‘Shadow People’.. for the L’Épée’s new 12″ debut single which is to be released May 15th.


This is the debut single release from L’Epee. The band are Emmaunelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Lionel & Marie Liminana (The Liminanas). Recorded in Cabestany (France) and Berlin at Anton’s Cobra Studio, this three track 12” single comes in deluxe packaging & preceeds the full length album to be released in June this year.

The production on ‘Dreams’ is truly cinematic. An effect created between Newcombe’s own trademark backdrop of wild-frontier psychedelic rock guitar, but this time locked into the formidable rhythm and beat of  ‘The Limiñanas’. And over the top of all that complementing both with much finesse is the cool/seductive vocal of Emmaunelle Seigner.

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Psych-stalwarts Brian Jonestown Massacre will release their 18th full-length album on Anton Newcombe’s own A Recordings label on the 15th March. The self-titled nine track record comes just seven months after their last one.

This is “Tombes Oubliées” from it. Brian Jonestown Massacre will release of their 18th full-length album, just 7 months after their last one. The self-titled 9-track album is released on A Recordings on 15th March 2019. It was recorded and produced at Anton’s Cobra Studio in Berlin. Recorded this time last year, the album features Sara Neidorf on drums, Heike Marie Radeker (LeVent) on bass, Hakon Adalsteinsson (BJM / Third Sound & Gunman & Holy Ghost) on guitar and Anton Newcombe on multiple instruments. Also making a guest vocal appearance on ‘Tombes Oubliées’ is Rike Bienert who has sung on previous BJM albums. The band performed songs from the album throughout the European leg of the 2018 tour.


Anton Newcombe has been a very busy man these past 5 years, having released 4 critically acclaimed Brian Jonestown Massacre albums and an EP, 1 soundtrack album and 2 albums with Tess Parks. All releases were fully recorded and produced at Anton’s studio.


The ever-evolving musical vehicle for notorious psych-rock brain trust Anton Newcombe, the Brian Jonestown Massacre has endured numerous phases and iterations since arriving in the mid-’90s, becoming something of an independent institution in the process.

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Released today,

The 9-track eponymous album was recorded in Anton Newcombe’s Cobra Studios in Berlin last year and was mostly co-written by the duo and, to celebrate, the duo have revealed the new video for their lead song ‘Life After Youth’. 

The pair first collaborated in 2015 on the album ‘I Declare Nothing’,  Park’s vocals were desribed as “unique and smoke-laden, and hypnotic” .A native of Toronto,  Parks moved to London at the age of seventeen where she briefly studied photography before deciding to focus on music. Parks went on to make a lasting impression on Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, and she became one of his first signings on 359 Music, releasing her debut record ‘Blood Hot’ in November 2013 to excellent reviews. “She’s only 24 and is already an amazing songwriter,” McGee once said. She just doesn’t quite know she is yet,  her most beautiful quality is her lack of ego. Tess is an amazing lady”.

Tess said, this is my third record and second record with Anton Newcombe. We started recording this in February 2017, I ended up having to leave halfway through because my beautiful aunt Pina, my mother’s baby sister, passed away on Valentine’s day. I came home for her funeral, straight off the plane to her viewing. The funeral was the next day. I had one day at home and then I was back to Berlin, after a 22 hour day of traveling due to various stopovers, to finish recording. The preciousness of life and family and love and friendship gave me the momentum to try to put everything I could into this music. We finished the record in July 2017. I grew up making this record and I’ve grown so much as a person and as an artist after working with Anton.

I am forever grateful for him helping my little songs come alive. I have to thank Andrea Wright who engineered and co-produced this record and Ruari Meehan for writing ‘Right On’ with me, which is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever had the chance to be part of. I am currently in California driving through desert mountains and if anyone had told me when I started writing songs that I’d have had three records out by the time I was 27 and traveling around to play those songs I would have laughed and shook my head and cried.

Thank you to all of the friends and family that have carried me through, and everyone who has believed in me, even when my belief in myself has wavered. I hope you like this record and it adds something to your sweet life.

from the new self- titled album “tess parks & anton newcombe”  out on October 12th 2018 on ‘a Recordings’

Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe will release their second full-length album on 12th October 2018.

The nine-track eponymous album was recorded in Anton Newcombe’s Cobra Studios in Berlin last year and was mostly co-written by the duo.  Now, the band have unleashed the video for new track ‘Please Never Die’ made by Parks herself alongside Ruari Meehan.

The pair first collaborated in 2015 on the album ‘I Declare Nothing’, which saw Park’s vocals as “unique and smoke-laden, and hypnotic” when it was named Album of the Month. A native of Toronto,  Parks moved to London at the age of seventeen where she briefly studied photography before deciding to focus on music. Parks went on to make a lasting impression on Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, and she became one of his first signings on 359 Music, releasing her debut record ‘Blood Hot’ in November 2013 to excellent reviews. “She’s only 24 and is already an amazing songwriter,” McGee once said. She just doesn’t quite know she is yet,  her most beautiful quality is her lack of ego. Tess is an amazing lady”.

Her partner in crime, Anton Newcombe, is a man who needs no introduction as Founder Of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. A man who offers insight into a musical mind who has done so much but strives for more. And more is what he keeps on producing.

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BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE  are set to release the first of two expected new albums in 2018
‘Something Else’ Is out on  Out On 1st June 2018, On his own imprint A Recordings.

Hear first single ‘Hold That Thought’

Brian Jonestown Massacre will release the first of 2 new albums in 2018; ‘Something Else’ is out on 1st June on A Recordings. The album, which is available on 180grm white vinyl, was recorded and produced at Anton Newcombe’s Cobra Studio in Berlin. The second album of 2018 is self-titled and will be out in September, more details to come on that at a later date…

‘Something Else’ is the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s 17th full-length release, the style of which is less experimental than more recent records and harks back to the traditional sound of the band. Recorded between 2017 and 2018, this 9-track album will please old and new fans alike.

Following a relatively quiet 2017 – the band did a tour of the US East & West Coasts and Mexico City to support last year’s album ‘Don’t Get Lost’ – the band have now announced tours of the USA, Canada and Australasia, and will shortly be announcing a tour throughout the UK and Europe.

Anton Newcombe has been a very busy man these past 4 years, having released 3 critically acclaimed Brian Jonestown Massacre albums and an EP, 1 soundtrack album and 1 album with Tess Parks, the follow up to which will be released in between the forthcoming BJM albums this year. All releases were fully recorded and produced at Anton’s studio.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre track ‘Straight Up and Down’ was used as the theme tune to the multi-award winning Boardwalk Empire. Anton penned the soundtrack for ‘Moon Dogs’, a film directed by multi-BAFTA nominated Philip John (Svengali, Downton Abbey, Being Human).

Track Listing
1. Hold That Thought
2. Animal Wisdom
3. Psychic Lips
4. Skin and Bones
5. My Poor Heart
6. My Love
7. Who dreams of cats?
8. Fragmentation
9. Silent Stream

‘a reaffirmation of their cult status.’  – Guardian
‘’Twenty years of enthusiastic participation in the rock’n’roll lifestyle may have cemented Anton Newcombe’s legend, but sobriety – he’s been clean for five years – clearly suits him.’ – Q Magazine
‘BJM delicately balance classic 60’s songwriting and woozy shoegaze…. they still inhabit a different, more enticing cosmos to their peers.’ – Mojo
Anton Newcombe is one of those rare artists who manages to stay prolific without compromising his output.’ – NME
‘astonishingly relevant in psych-obsessed 2014’ – Time Out
‘As notorious as he is prolific, Anton Newcombe has been creating shoegaze-inflected psychedelic jams for the best part of 25 years.’ – Record Collector
‘Anton Newcombe’s garage psych troupe excel on 14th LP’ – Guitarist
‘BJM are a fucking great band.’ – CRACK
‘Long Live Anton Newcombe, we still and will always adore you.’ – 1883

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Yet another work in progress from Anton Newcombe… I try and write a song or two a day, this one took all day to create,most likely because I wrote and recorded 3 other ones that I didn’t like.
Hold That Thought.

 Who Dreams Of Cats?
Anton Newcombe and “Yet another work in progress… i try and write a song or two a day, this one took all day to create,most likely because i wrote and recorded 3 other ones that i didn’t like.”

 Anton Newcombe  “Work in progress, october 30th 2017 – working on words, i find it best to leave it for when i. I’m walking to the studio, and let my mind wander ..


After spending time writing and recording in Liverpool, England and Reykjavik, Iceland; “My Bloody Underground” is the thirteenth full length album released by the band, and is released on Anton Newcombe’s own record label A Recordings. Fans and critics of Brian Jonestown Massacre who have eagerly awaited a new album for a little over four years now will not be disappointed with its musical content, quality and controversy to follow.

The opening track titled “Bring Me The Head Of Paul McCartney On Heather Mill’s Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs On The White House)” begins and soars into an echoing wave of tambourines and trance like acoustics, that continues for 12 more tracks and 75.87 minutes, stirring visions of sunny Californian communes to New York City bars on the Lower East Side. From Rishikesh to Reykjavik, the entire album provides provocative glimpses into Anton Newcombe’s head, both the darkness and the light, so clearly and so beautifully self produced.

Perfect soundtrack for losing your mind. Released April 15th, 2008


1. bring me the head of Paul McCartney on Heather Mill’s wooden peg (dropping bombs on the White House) 0:00 2. infinite wisdom tooth / my last night in bed with you 6:27 3. who fucking pissed in my well? 12:35 4. we are the niggers of the world 17:07 5. who cares why? 22:26 6. yeah-yeah 30:41 7. golden frost 35:07 8. just like kicking jesus 38:50 9. ljósmyndir 43:27 10. auto matic faggot for the people 47:34 11. dark wave driver/big drill car 53:17 12. monkey powder 1:00:40 13. black hole symphony 1:07:24 The Brian Jonestown Massacre – my bloody underground (Full Album )