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Jacco Gardner playing the Heineken tent at Lowlands 2015, 

Jacco Gardner’s debut album, “Cabinet of Curiosities”, the evening became just that, full of detailed quirks and psychedelic discovery. Jacco Gardner’s sixties’ influences, laden with baroque pop and epic psychedelia, shone brightly through the band’s set. Clear the Air was full of enough whimsy and jaunty bursts of wurlitzer organ sounds and  harpsichordal keys to rival bands like the Zombies. Also I could hear sounds of Arthur Lees Love.

The modest audience was immersed in Gardner’s modern take on psychedelia. The multi-instrumentalist’s performance became as intricate and elaborate as his recordings, but naturally, those tiny extra details were sometimes lost on stage. It was the bigger tracks, swelling the room, which revived the set.

Tales of hazy days and slain dragons created larger-than-life pictures and a shield of comfort for Gardner’s timid, ethereal vocals, with Another You’s unsettling synth whistling through tubular basslines and syrupy harmonies.

00:00 Hypnophobia
4:36 Clear The Air
8:07 Summer’s Game
11:07 Notus
14:10 Face To Face
17:32 House On The Moon
22:04 Another You
26:10 Outside Forever
29:20 Puppets Dangling
33:05 Chameleon
36:58 The Ballad Of Little Jane
41:31 Find Yourself
44:50 Lullaby
54:36 Where Will You Go


Jacco Gardner is a neo-psych/baroque pop artist from the Netherlands. Like his debut album. 2013’s underground favourite “Cabinet of Curiosities”, Jacco Gardner’s new full-length was recorded at his home studio in a quiet village 40 minutes north of Amsterdam. Handling nearly all of the instruments (including vintage Wurlitzer and mellotron) himself, Gardner creates a collection of “catchy, baroque-psych concoctions” that “plays like a daydream twisted through Joe Meek-esque production”
Jacco Gardner will be playing the Bodega social later this year

Jacco Gardner is a neo-psych/baroque pop artist from the Netherlands. Gardner debut Album “Cabinet Of Curiosities” came out February 11th 2013 on Trouble in Mind and Excelsior Recordings in Benelux. Biography Jacco Gardner is a neo-psych/baroque pop artist from the Netherlands. Check out his newly released single “Where Will You Go”. Description He creates a unique sound by combining the sounds of Harpsichord, Strings, Flutes and other classical instruments with raw psychedelic effects


My new album “Hypnophobia” is coming out on may 4th (5th in the US) and here’s the new single “Find Yourself”. Jacco Gardner is from Zwaag, in the Netherlands. Gardner was born in the late 80s but sounds as though he came of age in the late 60s. It’s a very specific stylised 60s that he evokes on his debut album, “Cabinet of Curiosities”: the ornate, lushly orchestrated, psych-inflected “soft rock” or “baroque pop” of British groups such as Nirvana and the Zombies, and American bands such as the Millennium and Sagittarius.

These are the models for this 24-year-old from the Netherlands: as Gardner explains, those “mostly studio projects where the songwriter or artist also took over the role of producer and could really start experimenting and work out everything they could think of themselves. Important artists/producers in this genre would be Curt Boettcher, Billy Nicholls, Syd-era Pink Floyd, the Zombies, Brian Wilson and Love.” Gardner recorded and engineered Cabinet of Curiosities at his Shadow Shoppe Studio in Holland, playing every instrument himself save the drums, having mastered recorder, clarinet, bass, guitar, keyboards and violin as a child. As an adult he also appears to have got to grips with the harpsichord, mellotron, flute and organ, because they’re all part of his chamber-pop palette.

He hasn’t just got the instrumentation and overall sound right, using all the right analogue equipment. He’s got the right voice as well, Expect charming chord sequences and unexpected key changes, and don’t be surprised when things take a turn for the melancholy, even sinister.