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After 4 strange and bewildering years, I can confidently announce that my new album “Love, Death & Dancing” will be available May 29th. and watch the video for Time 

Jack Garratt’s long-awaited return is just as powerful, meaningful, and spectacular as we could have imagined. Released this week, “Time” arrives (alongside “Mara” and “Return Them to the One”) as the first of three tracks taken off Garratt’s forthcoming album “Love, Death & Dancing” (out May 29 via Island Records). “Why is it not enough to be fine?” Garratt asks within the song’s first seconds, his emotive voice aligning with effusive, jumpy keyboards and frenetic guitars. A groove sets in as he begins a rhetorical pondering of big, existential topics for which he will never find a satisfying answer: “You’re overthinking, in a rut and terrified of giving in to who you are and losing your mind,” he continues.

At five and a half minutes in length, “Time” is demanding of its listener in more ways than one. An uptempo, pulsing track, the song encourages us to move and shake while we confront demons of self-doubt and inertia. A very personal, intimate song taken from what promises to be a very personal and intimate album, “Time” is a window into Garratt himself – of the depression he struggled with in the wake of his critically-acclaimed 2016 debut album, of the pressure he put upon himself and felt from others, and of the journey that took him from this dark space, into one that was perhaps a little brighter and healthier for the soul.

This guy is mega talented I mean he plays drums, keyboard, guitar, vocals all while keeping on time shows so much passion and hard work. I really hope you have seen or heard Jack Garrett! he really is a special talent

We’ve had the pleasure of working with multi-instrumentalist and synth wizard Jack Garratt since the beginning, watching him develop into an artist with stage presence like no other. Now, with a nomination for the Brit Awards’ Critics’ Choice Award, BBC Sound of 2016 poll, and so many sold out shows under his belt, he’s set to release his debut album ‘Phase’ on 19th February.

Phase is the debut album for British songwriter Jack Garratt. After a meteoric 18 month rise which saw him pick up industry accolades and fans worldwide (including heavyweights like producer Rick Rubin), the pressure was on to deliver the goods with his debut record. Written, performed, recorded and produced by himself, Phase is an album that firmly cements Garratt as a creative force to be reckoned with.
Check out this recent live performance of ‘Worry’ that should get your senses primed and ready for the rest of the record.

Music video by  multi instrumentalist Jack Garratt performing “Weathered”. released through Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited,

If there’s a message to be found in Jack Garratt’s sun-lit “Weathered” video, it’s one of simple and inarguable liberation  just get out there. The latest release from the No Ceilings alum finds its adventurous protagonists, whether best friends or brethren, living life to the fullest. The trio takes to the outdoor world without hesitation. They weave through forests to uncover glow-in-the-dark marvels, practice tossing punches, climb stone peaks, and care for each other without fail.

The video, a precious and pure encapsulation of youth and exploration, could act as an outtake from Richard Linklater’s Boyhood. Watch the heartwarming “Weathered” above.



This track was created with the same intentions that I approach making my music it doesn’t have objectives or agendas,” warns Jack Garratt, the rising British R&B singer behind “Chemical.” My connection to the story and the images of it could be completely alien to yours. It could mean nothing to you whatsoever, and mean something truly valuable to someone else,” Jack Garratt says. “Chemical” will be featured on Garratt’s upcoming album   “The Synesthesiac” EP, which is set for released on 13th April via Island Records.


Jack Garratt is the latest all-singing,wonderful talented 23-year-old musician and producer with a flexible, affecting voice and a way with electronics that will doubtless soon have him crowned the new James Blake or Jamie Woon. His debut “Remnant” EP came out on Island Records in the summer, ahead of sold-out gigs in London, and now he features on Zane Lowe’s Future 15 of 2015 . Garratt’s bass-heavy ballad-tronica has also earned the attention of producer Rick Rubin. Check out Jack Garratt’s latest single, “The Love You’re Given”.


Ive seen Jack Garratt a fair few times this summer and he is such a talented SingerSongwriter that covers such a wide range of genres, the guy crafts the songs using loops and different instuments as you watch the song bloom, he is also a great guitarist who I think has a love of Stevie Ray and the Blues,Ive heard his music likened to Space R’n’B funk Folk, This track “Worry”



Jack Garratt will be at the Bodega Social later this year, please try to catch him, he really crafts each song before your eyes playing all the instruments, looping it all together with guitars and keys

this video of Jack Garratt shows his unique and immense talent of his uses of loops, with such an interesting sound and with his soulful vocals, mixing lots of genre into his music. jack will be at the Bodega Social later this year.

Ive been lucky enough to see exceptionally talented singer songwriter Jack Garratt a few times over this summer at different festivals, not is he only a gifted songwriter but his musicianship on piano or guitars is tremendous, His performances involve looping with percussive elements with guitar or keys, this is a session recorded for Burberry Acoustic.



the incredible talented Jack Garratt one man band,