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On their debut LP Swear I’m Good at This, this New Paltz, N.Y., duo strike a winsome balance between sugary, sometimes plaintive vocals and serrated guitar riffage over galloping drums on catchy songs that sift through the tumult and confusion of young adulthood. Onstage, Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman add explosive energy: Luciano scarcely stands still, bouncing around the stage like she’s spring-loaded and pausing occasionally for leg kicks worthy of the Rockettes. The result is a communal catharsis that is upbeat, life-affirming and a hell of a lot of fun.

Friendship is a dance; an awkward, often frustrating, extremely gratifying dance. And once you’ve learned all the moves and settled into a groove, there’s a natural tendency to want to go a little faster. On “Sleep Talk,” Diet Cig’s Alex Luciano stresses about taking the next step. Lines have been blurred, feelings developed and turned into subconscious desire. Familiarity dissolves into something else. “We’re so good at being alone, but we’re always together,” she sings, knowing how comfortable being with the other person makes her feel. But… “If I told you I loved you, I don’t know who it would scare away faster.” Sometimes what we want is not want we need, and the best action is probably inaction. And so the song ends, no resolution. Luciano said it a little while back: “Fuck all your romance, I just wanna dance. From the ‘Sleep Talk / Dinner Date’ 7″ available September 18th, 2015 on Father/Daughter Records (US) and Art Is Hard Records (UK).

Diet Cig let it all hang out: The good, the bad, the ugly parts of Alex Luciano’s personality are unabashedly displayed on their debut EP Over Easy. That, paired with their ability to craft narrative pop songs using only a guitar, drums, and an unapologetic emotional overload is what makes Diet Cig’s music such a joyful thing to experience for the first time. It’s hard not to fall for a band that is so completely unafraid of giving all of themselves over to you