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Zola Jesus’ Okovi was forged from a depressive episode, the kind that forces you to reckon with your small place in this great, big universe and wonder whether or not your presence in it is needed. On the towering single “Siphon” Nika Roza Danilova wills a friend lost to suicide back to life, while “Remains” untangles the moments after someone dies over a skittering backbeat. That beat is impossibly heavy, as is all of the production on Okovi, and Danilova’s voice barrels forth with an unparalleled strength that dominates your brainspace and makes it near-impossible to do anything other than listen.

Zola Jesus signed to Sacred Bones in 2008. In the seven years that followed, we released eight albums together (three LPstwo EPs, two 7”s, a CD-R, and even a DVD). We discovered her via Myspace, which was the common A&R vehicle of the early- to mid-Aughts. Nika is the sole member of Zola Jesus. 

From ‘Okovi,’ out now on Sacred Bones Records.


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A few weeks ago Zola Jesus  released the track “Exhumed”, as well of details of new album Okovi,

Now we’ve doubled up on that excitement with the release of the second song from the upcoming album, entitled ‘Soak’, which cuts straight to the personal in Zola’s idiosyncratically powerful way. Check it out below, and get ready to see it blasted straight into your face at one of her newly announced UK tour stops in November.

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From ‘Okovi,’ due out September 8th on Sacred Bones Records

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Purveyor of gothic pop Nika Roza Danilova, who you better know as Zola Jesus, makes an ominous return this June with “Exhumed.” Featured on her forthcoming fifth album Okovi (the Slavic word for “shackles”), “Exhumed” begins with doom-laden strings set against Zola’s operatic vibrato. Industrial-tipped electronics then enter to ramp up the sense of menace, giving life to images like: “The knife deepens, spit or swallow/Smoother, knocking, impalpable/Sever in two and fuse to both/Dull throat, you let it go.”

“Okovi” is released on Sacred Bones Records in September.


“Nail” is the fourth single from the latest album  TAIGA, from Zola Jesus.

Directed by frequent collaborator Jacqueline Castel, the clip sees Zola Jesus (Nika Roza Danilova) performing the song in the claustrophobic confines of a sensory deprivation bed. In addition to the video, she’s also announced a fall tour that includes dates in the Midwest and Europe. Check out the video and tour itinerary below.

In a press release, Castel explained the intense stunt Danilova pulled off for the video:

The video for “Nail” conceptually explores the dualistic themes of vulnerability and strength, bondage and freedom, death and rebirth in parallel to the lyrical content of the song. Performing within a custom made sensory deprivation bed built by S&M pioneers Kink Engineering, Zola Jesus was sealed between sheets of opaque black latex with a high powered shop vac for each take – a physically aggressive and demanding form of restraint that requires breathing through rubber tubing constructed within the bed. Stripped of the superfluities of the flesh, her performance reveals the surreality of the dehumanized form.

Zola Jesus performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded January 9, 2015. Last year, Zola Jesus returned to the scene with a new look, a new label, and new vastness that she’s never shown off before. “Taiga”, her first LP on Mute Records, puts Nika on a new plane of existence, much more natural and much stronger than she’s ever presented herself to be before. And with it, she has created the biggest, best live Zola Jesus experience to date. The Taiga  tour shows off a new side for Nika, not only in the music it uses, but in the interactive experience and the presentation of her entire body of work. Truly, this is a more vibrant, more magnificent picture of the whole that we are ecstatic to see here for Zola Jesus.


Dangerous Days

“Hunger” is the third single from “TAIGA”, the latest album from Zola Jesus, has just revealed the brand new video for ‘Hunger’ – which will be out on Mute Records on 9th February . The statuesque & frenetic video was directed by Allie Avital Tsypin / BANGS, who described it as “…a sculpture project… an exploration of a life form: both raw and refined.”. it features a new mix of the track by Zola Jesus bandmate Alex DeGroot & Mute founder Daniel Miller.

Zola Jesus has shared the video for “Hunger,” a track off of her shoot-for-the-mainstream record Taiga.  sees Nika Roza Danilova standing in a series of statuesque poses while the camera sweeps around her. “The video for ’Hunger’ is essentially a sculpture project … an exploration of a life form: both raw and refined. A negotiation between form and inner life, movement and stillness, desire and satiation,” BANGS explained in a press release. “Working with Nika is always an honest and satisfying collaboration … it was really fun to interpret the song and Nika’s aesthetic sensibilities through film.” The video features a new mix of the track, which will be featured on a new digital single along with a B-side called “Compass.”


Zola Jesus has a new album called “Taiga” out , and from everything we’re hearing, it continues her move away from operatic noise-goth and toward a glossy sort of darkness. The album’s first single was the grand, triumphant  track called Dangerous Days.” She’s now followed it up with “Go (Blank Sea),” a glimmering, heavy piece of synthy pop melody that sounds closer to the Weeknd than I ever imagined Zola Jesus would come. But there’s a pulsing heart at the center of the song, and that’s been a part of Nika Roza Danilova’s sound since the beginning.

love this stunning video and the song is just wonderful from Zola Jesus,with a huge sound and Brass with massive beats and crystal clear vocals from Roza Danilova taken from the new album TAIGA due for release 6th October


from the forthcoming album TAIGA this is the first track to be released as a single. An inspiring growing Anthem with a great hook and a stunning bass and drum beat throughout