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Plenty of bands have long histories, forged from bonds of friendship formed in a distant childhood past. Shared upbringings, shared surroundings — these can provide good raw material for a couple artists to come together and define their identity within and against the rest of the world. In the case of Isaac deBroux-Slone and Raina Bock, the duo behind Disq, those roots go way back. In fact, the two met when they were still babies.

For a while, she and deBroux-Slone were more like family friends, seeing each other on holidays and such. As they approached their teenage years, it became clear that their musical interests and ambitions didn’t line up with a lot of their peers. So they began playing together and set off to establish their name in the local scene in Madison, Wisconsin.

As it turns out, that origin story doesn’t start all that long ago. Neither deBroux-Slone nor Bock is yet 20 years old. The two of them work on Disq music together, with deBroux-Slone serving as frontman and often bringing in the skeletons of the songs; live, Bock plays bass in a band that’s now grown to members onstage. Over the last couple of years, they’ve been expanding their songwriting range and gradually garnering attention around the States. Bock focused on the latter, attending music camps and workshops from a young age but quickly discovering she didn’t have much of a taste for technical traditions and theory. Meanwhile, deBroux-Slone taught himself to produce in his mom’s basement, using demo software given to him by his father, who used to run a theater in Madison.

Disq’s new sound was evident on two recent singles, “Communication” and “Parallel.” The tracks were released as part of Saddle Creek’s Document series, Compared to the reverb- and effects-laden sounds of Disq I, “Communication” and “Parallel” are more of a hint at where deBroux-Slone and Bock are now as songwriters. The former begins as a fizzy alt-rock jam that eventually bursts into a plaintive chorus grappling with the inherent distance between us even as try to relate to one another. “Parallel” carried their older aesthetic forward, a blooming psych-rock track in which deBroux-Slone’s sunny vocals are underpinned by more ragged instrumentation than in the past.


This is the first album we made, it has 8 songs which appear here. Disq I was a psych-pop recording of above-average competence considering what you might picture when something’s described as “a pyshc-pop album heavily inspired by Tame Impala made by small-town teenagers.
In the early press Disq have received, they’ve often cited or been compared to names like the Beatles, Todd Rundgren, Weezer, and Big Star. (The latter was more of an influence attributed to them, which has since spurred deBroux-Slone to dig into Big Star’s catalog, in turn promising even more power-pop in the Disq material to come.) “When we wrote that first album we were in 8th grade, freshmen,” Bock remembers. “[We’re in] a much different place with our musical influences now for sure.”

released July 11th, 2016

Songs written by Isaac deBroux-Slone and Raina Bock

Superb 1995 broadcast recording from PAGE & PLANT Initial plans for a reunion of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were made in 1993, with discussions between the two of collaborating emerging from casual small talk and then an invitation to perform on MTV Unplugged. Music producer Bill Curbishley, who had been managing Plant since the 1980s and who assumed management of Page in 1994, was integral in the reuniting of the pair. Despite failed attempts by others to reunite Jimmy and Robert, Curbishley was able to persuade the previously reluctant Plant into working with Page again.

On 1st May 1995, Page and Plant performed at the Bradley Centre in Milwaukee for a show that was recorded for live FM Broadcast around the greater Wisconsin area, and which proved to be one of the finest on the tour. Featuring a sterling selection of Zeppelin classics, the odd solo-cut and even a cover of The Cure s Lullaby , the show was a roaring success which is available finally for fans to hear via this delightful  2 cd set, available now for the first time.

The gig itself contains many classics and some deep cuts and i’d love to know how Jimmy Page got Plant to agree to perform the Coverdale/Page track ‘Shake My Tree’.overall the sound quality as is with most of these releases average and you wont listen to it over and over again but it does highlight a missed opportunity from Page/Plant they should have had an official live album issued.

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Live at the Bradley Arena, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA May 1st, 1995

Set: The Wanton Song Bring It On Home Ramble On Thank You Shake My Tree Lullaby No Quarter Gallows Pole Hurdy Gurdy Solo When The Levee Breaks Hey, Hey What Can I Do The Song Remains The Same Since I’ve Been Loving You Friends Calling To You (Break On Through/Dazed And Confused) Four Sticks In The Evening

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Isaac deBroux-Slone and Raina Bock, are the duo behind Disq, they grew up together as family friends, but joined forces later in middle school after discovering they liked the same music. Those influences haven’t steered them wrong. Disq sound like they took meticulous notes on Todd Rundgren instead of the modern-day bands influenced by him, like Tame Impala or Quilt. They’re a young band (they wrote their first album in eighth grade), but Disq already know how to mellow out on the weird side of ’60s psych-pop

Band members

Isaac DeBroux-Slone,-Guitar and Vocals Raina Bock -Bass, Brendan Manley -Drums, Logan Severson -Guitar and Vocals, Shannon Connor -Guitar and Keys

Disq – Communication from the Communication b/w Parallel 7″ vinyl on Saddle Creek Records

Before we leave for SXSW2019 tomorrow, we thought we’d go ahead and release a lil’ acoustic dual single! So, if you ever wanted to hear what “Power” and “Secret Feelings” sound like Nebraska-style with just me and my tenor guitar,
A dual single featuring acoustic versions of “Power” and “Secret Feelings” from Labrador’s debut EP, “Tell Me About Your Dad” 
released March 10, 2019
Vocals, Tenor Guitar – Hannah Switzer 
All Songs by Hannah Switzer


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The hypnotically snaky guitar line in Slow Pulp’s “At Home” recalls the spare majesty of bands like Bedhead, but lead singer Emily Massey elevates it by lending the song a certain melancholy swirl. She’s the newest member of Slow Pulp, having once been brought in to sing backup and play rhythm guitar. But given that the other three players have been collaborating since elementary school, it’s no surprise that the group performs its dreamy, subtly forceful rock songs with great clarity and chemistry.

Chicago is an inspiring place, and there’s a lot of really good shows happening all the time, it’s invigorating…” Henry says. They bring an electric but dreamy energy to the scene that is quickly at home. Joining the ranks of Lala Lala, OHMME, Grapetooth, and many others, Slow Pulp brings to the table their exploration of dreamy psychedelic punk. And they seem to be taking to it well too—they played their first headlining show in Chicago on January 4th and are in the studio working on a new EP.

Hannah Switzer’s band Labrador describes its songs as “wry and melancholy meditations on all the ways the Patriarchy creeps into relationships and ruins everything.” The group’s debut EP, Tell Me About Your Dad, pairs those meditations with brightly rendered, strangely moody, slightly countrified arrangements that meet somewhere between Neil Young and the stormier reflections of Big Thief. Switzer herself looms largest over the proceedings with a rangy and evocative voice that can haunt, lament and sneer, sometimes all at once.


Hypnotic vocal melodies, intricate undercurrents of drums and bass, and the unusual touch of finger-picking tenor guitar.
Labrador The Band
Vocals, Tenor Guitar – Hannah “Sundance Lass” Switzer 
Drums – Lawrence “Casio Kid” Gann 
Bass – Kent “2 Moist” Genis 
Guitar Solo on “Dumb” – Grant Kempski 
All songs by Hannah Switzer
released November 16th, 2018.

DUSK – ” Dusk “

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The Wisconsin based Dusk’s self-titled full-length debut is nothing short of spectacular, a record that combines folk and country music with a slacker pop drawl and a dusty nuance of Americana storytelling. It sounds modern with a call-back to the easy going days of folk music’s roots, a collection of songs that would sound as great being sung around a campfire as they do on your headphones walking through a crowded city. Dusk can transport you from where you are to where you wish you were; the open air, endless freedom, and thick harmonies of a better life. Traveling from red barns to monster trucks, bolo ties to bald eagles, this one plays up their surroundings with gorgeous images and the band’s slow-dripped twang in impeccably lackadaisical form


Band Members
Julia Blair
Ryley Crowe
Tyler Ditter
Amos Pitsch
Colin Wilde

Go Slow Down

Released 25 years ago today, “Go Slow Down” was the fifth studio album from Wisconsin quartet BoDeans. The Slash collection was executive produced by T-Bone Burnett, who’d helmed the group’s acclaimed debut, and the set has a relaxed, acoustic feel well-suited to the dozen Neumann-Llanas originals here. The best-known of these songs is surely opener “Closer to Free,” which became the band’s biggest hit after it was used as the theme to the TV series Party of Five in 1994, but as “Idaho,” “Save a Little” and the title track illustrate, there’s no shortage of fine material here. This hook-filled, heartfelt set is easily among the best BoDeans albums, and Go Slow Down will reward any fan of American roots rock.

The band wanted to return to a simpler more rootsy sound and record an album that they were truly happy with. They began setting up a studio in a rented storefront and called upon T-Bone Burnett who had produced their debut album to work with them once again, this time in an executive producer role. They originally tracked 30 songs live as a full band, but under the advice of their record label, all except for “Closer to Free” were re-recorded with Kurt Neumann playing most of the instruments himself. The resulting album was more acoustic and laid-back.

From the Party of Five Soundtrack.

Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner Detail New Album as Big Red Machine.

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and the National’s Aaron Dessner have detailed their debut album as Big Red Machine. The self-titled LP is set to come out August 31st via their PEOPLE digital platform, as well as on vinyl, CD, and cassette in partnership with JagjaguwarBig Red Machine includes the four songs that Vernon and Dessner released last month (“Forest Green,” “Lyla,” “Gratitude,” and “Hymnostic”).

Vernon and Dessner developed Big Red Machine over the last two years. They produced the album together with frequent collaborator Brad Cook. Big Red Machine was recorded and mixed by Jonathan Low, mostly at Dessner’s Long Pond studio in upstate New York (where the National also recorded much of Sleep Well Beast).

In a press release, Dessner stated, “I don’t think the record would exist without the community that came together to make it.” He continued, “We took the music to a certain point, and then we reached out and sent it far and wide, inviting friends to contribute any and all ideas. We’ve viewed the record and the process from a community standpoint. We’re incredibly excited about it, as excited as we would be for any album we might make in another situation that’s more conventional. But this feels like something new the process felt different and the outcome felt different.”

Releases August 31st, 2018

Zola Jesus signed to Sacred Bones Reords in 2008. In the seven years that followed, She has released eight albums together (three LPstwo EPs, two 7”s, a CD-R, and even a DVD).  Discovered by her via Myspace, which was the common A&R vehicle of the early- to mid-Aughts. Nika is the sole member of Zola Jesus.

Sacred Bones is proud to present “The Spoils” from Zola Jesus. Hailing from the unsuspecting locale of Madison, WI, Zola Jesus—the alter ego of Nika Roza Danilova—occupy a sphere of sparse industrial rhythms, no-fi drones, and ethereal femme vocals. Those who have seen her handful of live shows, heard her WFMU set, or caught any of the acclaimed, sought after, and now mostly out of print releases on Die Stasi or Troubleman Unlimited already know. For those uninitiated The Spoils may be the most fully realized representation of her sound. Zola Jesus have two previous releases on Sared Bones, the Souer Sewer single and a limited CD of a live performance from WNYU. The CD contains the entire “Soeur Sewer” 7-inch as well as the three songs from the Die Stasi single.
Released June 21, 2009