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Zola Jesus signed to Sacred Bones in 2008. In the seven years that followed, we released eight albums together (three LPstwo EPs, two 7”s, a CD-R, and even a DVD). We discovered her via Myspace, which was the common A&R vehicle of the early- to mid-Aughts. Nika is the sole member of Zola Jesus.

On the heels of her Conatus world tour, Nika Roza Danilova was offered an opportunity to perform at one of the most prestigious modern art museums in the world, NY’s Guggenheim. Rather than doing her standard Zola Jesus electronic set she decided she wanted to work with a classical composer who could arrange her songs for a quartet. She recruited legendary industrial pioneer JG Thirlwell (Foetus) to do the arrangements. If there is a common thread to Thirlwell’s varied musical styles, it is dramatic intensity and evocative, cinematic quality.
Originally released August 19th, 2013

The Leaf Library – Versions , When a band releases 3 versions of the same album, I usually let out a big sigh. We see it far too often: Remastered, reissued, special edition, live version, demo version, 20 year anniversary edition etc…
The Leaf Library is one of the few bands that can make 3 versions of one album, and still make it really interesting and highly creative. The three versions, “Daylight versions” (the original, full band album, – a wonderful release), “Nightlight versions” (an instrumental, droney, ambient version of the original) and now “Versions”, where we find 9 remixes of the songs on the album. Each one adds a new flavour to the original songs, and they are all very good.


On “Versions” we are presented with great remixes from artists like Cavern of Anti-Matter, Firestations, Deerful, Hong Kong in the 60s/A Taut Line,  Bit Cloudy, Hood and more. This is something rare, – a remix album with lots of different remixers, that still sounds like a consistent album where all songs have a similar feel and atmosphere.
A very pleasant and interesting listen.

Daylight Versions is a gorgeous album of woozy, drone-pop tunes about meteorology, the seasons and the incoming sea.
From songs about the ghostly Suffolk coastline to the slowly rising waters of London marshes, these ten tracks channel the warm fuzz of Yo La Tengo, the spacious repetition of Talk Talk and Movietone’s seaside melancholy to beautiful effect.


Matt Ashton – guitar, percussion, sonar piano, synth
Kate Gibson – vocals, synth, piano
Gareth Jones – bass, baritone guitar, percussion
Ben Smith – guitar, synth
Lewis Young – drums, synth, percussion

The Leaf Library make droney, two-chord pop that’s in love with weather, the seasons and buildings.