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“Could Ya Do The Woo Woos?”

A Withered Hand LIVE Bootleg


Recorded at The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle.

The Band:

Dan Willson – Guitar and Vocal
Malcolm Benzie – Electric Guitar and BVs
Fraser Hughes – Bass
Owen Williams – Drums
Pete Liddle – Keyboard and BVs

Released May 1st, 2020

Special love and thanks to: The band and our families, all friends and fans, Chris Trew at Prancy Dog for being a true believer, Chinny Reckon for the laffs, Ian, Peter and Joe for capturing us all lost in song that night. Always a pleasure, see you all farther along…

Hello! Just a head’s up for a limited edition commemorative EP to mark 10 YEARS?! since the debut Withered Hand album Good News was released.

I hope some of you will find these new treatments of old familiars touching. I marvel at Pete’s Harvey’s string arrangements and it was fun to be reunited with Pete at his studio in Perth where the strings were recorded. I laid down new ten-years-older vocals on four songs and spoke about my attempts at creative and broader recovery.

Here’s the official blurb:

The Springsteen of self-deprecation (!) celebrates the tenth anniversary of his debut long player by re-working four of the album’s finest tunes. They were handed over to Pete Harvey (who was involved in the genesis of the original recordings) to re-arrange, lovely new melancholic string sections were recorded, and Willson re-sang his vocals – effortlessly moving the anti-folk classics towards anti-chamber pop.


Dan Willson – vocals and guitar
Strings arranged by Pete and performed by the Pumpkinseeds:
Kate Miguda – violin
Liam Liam Lynch – viola
Harriet Davidson & Pete Harvey – cello

Album releases November 25th, 2019

Thanks to Wiaiwya and Fika Recordings for their help in making a vinyl incarnation available. With a limited edition meaning only 300 copies of this Vinyl and 500 CDs will ever exist,

The two great men in tandem, Dan Willson of Withered Hand lore is the best writer of melodies currently alive (believe me, I’ve looked). He hasn’t written a song I don’t adore. The streak continues here. I’m also happy to report that the songs from a Singer of Songs are also quite lovely, especially the last.

I spent a few days on a small organic farm in Barcelona at the end of last year. Although I did do some garlic planting, I was invited there by my Belgian friend Lieven, with the intention of us both writing songs from scratch. I had no great expectations. I tried to relax into the pace of life at the farm, and the couple who lived and worked there left a great impression on me. I managed three songs, Lieven managed three and a half. We recorded the six songs on the farm before I left, using the little studio there and with help from Frank, the engineer/drummer. We played on each other’s songs where it seemed right. This will hopefully continue to be possible with new artists taking our place.

The project is called Among Horses and the ltd edition EP is out on CD with a little Spanish label called Son Canciones.

The recordings are the result of recordings on the final days of this retreat. Some represent unfinished business maybe but this is the fruit of our time together. A brief harvest. New songs dreamed up on the farm, recorded on the farm. It is all in here somehow, from the dark nights to the dogs on the dusty road and the saints of the holy mountain. We remain, at your service, ghosts of two friends laughing in the yard with an old guitar while dogs sleep at our feet.


An organic farm in the middle of nowhere. Dry wind through dry leaves. Dogs sleeping a siesta in the sun. Rain that never comes. And horses. Always horses. This is the scenery in which Withered Hand and a Singer of Songs wrote and recorded the EP “Among Horses I”. They did it all in one week, and even had time left to plant some garlic. “After The Rain” is the first single of the EP. Buy “Among Horses I”

taken from the latest album “NEW GODS” new album from Scottish singer songwriter, Dan Willson, better known by his stage name Withered Hand,  he is a Scottish indie rock musician. His first studio album, Good News, was released in 2009 in Scotland, and was re-released on 15 March 2011 on Absolutely Kosher Records in the United States. His new album, entitled New Gods, was released in March 2014 through Fortuna Pop Records in the UK