WITHERED HAND – ” Ten Years ” EP

Posted: November 9, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Hello! Just a head’s up for a limited edition commemorative EP to mark 10 YEARS?! since the debut Withered Hand album Good News was released.

I hope some of you will find these new treatments of old familiars touching. I marvel at Pete’s Harvey’s string arrangements and it was fun to be reunited with Pete at his studio in Perth where the strings were recorded. I laid down new ten-years-older vocals on four songs and spoke about my attempts at creative and broader recovery.

Here’s the official blurb:

The Springsteen of self-deprecation (!) celebrates the tenth anniversary of his debut long player by re-working four of the album’s finest tunes. They were handed over to Pete Harvey (who was involved in the genesis of the original recordings) to re-arrange, lovely new melancholic string sections were recorded, and Willson re-sang his vocals – effortlessly moving the anti-folk classics towards anti-chamber pop.


Dan Willson – vocals and guitar
Strings arranged by Pete and performed by the Pumpkinseeds:
Kate Miguda – violin
Liam Liam Lynch – viola
Harriet Davidson & Pete Harvey – cello

Album releases November 25th, 2019

Thanks to Wiaiwya and Fika Recordings for their help in making a vinyl incarnation available. With a limited edition meaning only 300 copies of this Vinyl and 500 CDs will ever exist,

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